50 Photos that Will Make You Sweat in Fear and Wonder

05 Jul 2023

1. Over the Abyss

You are on a straight rock, in complete solitude, above incredible fjords and lakes – this is the kind of photo that travelers dream of when they come to Troll's Tongue Cliff in Norway. Crazy photos that take your breath away. Tourists resort to all sorts of tricks to get an original shot: somersaults, dance moves, acrobatic stunts – all this over the abyss. 

1. Over the abyss-2.png?format=webp@Daredevil performs: Backward somersault on edge of 700-metre high cliff edge/SPOT NEWS/YouTube.com

However, there is one more detail: the number of people who want to take a crazy photo is incredibly high. People stand in long queues and wait for their turn to impress their friends with their bravery and get a dose of adrenaline.