Disney Cartoons: 50 Details That Change the Way We See Them

06 Jul 2023


It is difficult to find an adult or a child who would not like at least a few cartoons from the American company Walt Disney.

However, there are tons of little nuances in these great movies that you might not have noticed. Here are some of the coolest aspects of Disney's animated movies that will change the way you think about them.

Based on The Rock's Grandfather, Maui

It looks like Dwayne Johnson had a lot more creative input into his character in Moana than previously thought. The successful actor was able to convince the filmmakers to model Maui's appearance after his late grandfather. 

Screenshot 2024-02-22 at 18.54.58-2-2.png?format=webp@TophCookie/Reddit.com

Talented Samoan wrestler Peter Maivia. Maivia helped The Rock become a WWE Superstar, which eventually opened the door to his acting career with Dwayne Johnson's father, Rocky Johnson.