50 Everyday American Things Locals Take for Granted But Blow Tourists' Minds

25 Apr 2024

America is undoubtedly one of the most diverse nations in the world. These are a few instances where non-Americans expressed their gratitude for the country and its citizens through social media. Continue scrolling.

It's Not All About the Grades

There are various ways to find inspiration. That grades aren't important may be a major source of inspiration for pupils in school and at universities. 


Consider all of the accomplished high school and college dropouts who went on to achieve great success in their respective industries. In the West, this is feasible, but grades have a major role in the other direction.

Speech Freedom

Speech freedom is among the most fundamental civil rights. A nation's citizens need to have the right to critique their government whenever they see fit. In contrast, the situation in authoritarian and/or poor nations is very different.


It is practically impossible for people to say anything they want to say without worrying that the legal system will show up at their house for making fun of a higher authority. Although the FBI Agent meme is amusing, cursing the government won't make them appear at your house.

Essentials Available Without Cost

Since water is necessary for life, it is unfortunate that not all nations in the globe offer unfettered access to it. Everywhere you look in America, there's a drinking fountain to relieve the thirsty.


Additionally, there are public restrooms, which are spaced widely apart to maintain the health of the public and the surroundings. Since they typically don't know who to contact when the urge to relieve themselves becomes overwhelming and there are no restrooms nearby, tourists adore these amenities.

Free Life Elixir

The term "elixir of life" suggests a degree of complexity. It's water, which is referred to as the "elixir of life." Water is not supposed to cost money in the United States. This is true for many other countries, but it may come as a great shock to citizens of those countries where it is mandatory to buy a glass of water anywhere.


Many might contend that something as basic as water, which is required for life, ought to be provided for free everywhere, but that is a discussion for another time. Outsiders kind of like the fact that people in the area never charge for water.

Improved Synthetic Flavors

It's safe to say that some of the largest producers of flavor in the world are based in America. Who hasn't heard of Pillsbury, Cheerios, Doritos, or Cheetos? Because Americans love junk food and snacks so much, the process of creating and refining artificial tastes has become more efficient over time.

5 (3).jpg?format=webp@Senopsys on January 10, 2017/ senopsys.com

Some of them might even compete with the original right now. Is that encouraging? Maybe not, but that doesn't change the fact that artificial tastes made in the USA are some of the best.

Warm and Gregarious

Americans are renowned for being outgoing and gregarious. individuals in the US are often perceived to be happier and more carefree than those in nations like Canada or Japan, where individuals are thought to be much more reserved.


People note that most of their good encounters have been with American visitors. The visitors would initiate and maintain a conversation. Ultimately, the OP had some quite pleasant times with them.

How Could That Be Fixed?

Some Europeans commend Americans for having strong personalities. The claim is made that Americans have a solver's attitude. This could be because, according to a fundamental principle implanted in every American's mind, they will always have to work for what they desire because nobody will give it to them.


An further some people suggested that "E Pluribus Unum," or "If you're going to be dumb, you must be tough," should be the national motto of the United States.

The Shifting Terrain

Every other traveler's ideal destination is America. The region offers far more than can be expressed, with countless significant landmarks and breathtaking landscapes around every corner. For example, when you travel farther behind you, the landscape changes from verdant forests to cratered wasteland because of the immense diversity seen in nature.


It really is a visual delight. Texas is a land of canyons, plains, plateaus, and extinct volcanoes, while California is primarily composed of large, fertile valleys and mountain ranges!

Greetings from the USA

When Canada provides the confirmation, you can be sure it's authentic. Canadians are known for being kind and kind, but sometimes they can be too nice to themselves. Few nations have greeted them as warmly as America has.


It's true that most Americans are incredibly friendly. The original poster expressed their belief that they will always be greeted with a free slice of pie at a friendly restaurant in a different part of the nation.

Top Country for Road Trips

It doesn't get any better than the US if you have an unhealthy obsession with road travel. Highways, winding roads, and roads with countless twists and turns connect every corner of the United States. 

10 (1).jpg?format=webp@Phillippeggg/Instagram.com

They would rather not go by plane because they will be able to see more locations and amazing people. The number of gems that are waiting to be discovered in all of America's nooks and corners will astound you.

A Diverse Land

People from all over the world call America home, making it a true melting pot of cultures. Nearly every ethnicity, background, and religion may be found in the US. These amazing people bring with them cultures from all around the world.


This has brought greater depth and richness to American history, art, and gastronomy over time. Millions of immigrants also live in Germany and Britain, but nothing quite compares to the United States of America in this regard.

A Group of Amicable People

There's a solid reason why locals and non-Americans alike may argue for hours about which state is the friendliest. Every state's residents are generally friendly to some level, but some stand out for being very nice.


The phrase "Minnesota nice," for instance, is all too accurate. These people's kindness will make you feel warm and fuzzy even in the icy cold. Everyone is welcomed with open arms by Hawaiians. The friendliest people, according tour information, are those in Alaska, Alaska, Chicago, Atlanta, and Los Angeles.

Hawaiian Sweet Rolls from King's

Do you have a particular food from a past visit that you really miss? That would be King's Hawaiian Sweet Rolls for a lot of tourists. These mouthwatering dinner rolls are going to melt in your mouth because they are so fluffy and soft.

13.jpg?format=webp@KING'S HAWAIIAN 

You'll become addicted for life if you combine that with a hint of sweetness! Although we doubt you will be able to wait that long once you open a packet, they are ideal for constructing sliders.

Pick Up the Remainders

One of the worst possible cultural shocks could await an American who recently relocated to any nation in Europe! The waiter may reluctantly comply or refuse your request outright if you ask them to pack up the food that is left. Diets in America tend to revolve around leftovers.

14 (2).jpg?format=webp

With their hectic schedules, working adults rarely have time to prepare meals or dine out, so having leftovers in the refrigerator that they can pop into the microwave for a quick snack is helpful.

Only a Hobbit

America has huge portions, just like everything else. Larger parks, forests, and mountains will result from this. It also portends greater disasters and horizons. Nonetheless, the residents have become used to bearing every storm with a neutral face after years of experience.

15 (2).jpg?format=webp@taunyafagan.com

People remark on how the grand size left them feeling like they were just silent bystanders to the entire affair. It's common to be terrified by the true spirit of America that drives people to camp in the middle of a deep forest or engage in bear attacks. 

The Extraverted Extrovert Nation

For extroverts, America is the ideal place to be. Although it is a bit of a stereotype, the idea that all Americans are extroverts comes from their friendly disposition. Twenty people may be brought into a room, their accents neutralized, and blindfolded.

16 (2).jpg?format=webp

Since they would be the ones to introduce themselves and start a discussion, it would be very simple to spot the Americans. Being able to carry on a conversation with a complete stranger as though they had known them for decades comes naturally to them.

Feelings Communicated Through Words

People express themselves in different ways all throughout the world. Asians typically tend to keep their emotions inside in order to protect the sentiments of others, which frequently prevents them from being able to express themselves clearly. Not Americans, though.

17 (2).jpg?format=webp

Locals have excellent verbal communication skills, so they could explain any situation to you in the clearest possible terms. The Australian commenter presents an almost painfully true "yeah, nah" scenario. Australians might be looking at the world collapsing in front of them and calling it “pretty bad.”

Pop Culture Allusions

The entertainment sector was perhaps the main factor in the introduction of many non-Americans to this amazing country. Hollywood has emerged as the cinema industry's leader, and American films are almost omnipresent. The silver screen is also thriving, with numerous sitcoms and award-winning series capturing people's hearts across the globe.

18 (2).jpg?format=webp

You can all agree that Americans make the best films ever, even if you don't think much of them. Anyone can discover something to fit their taste in TV and movies because there is such a vast selection available.

Free Museum Admission

Museums are among the many free activities available in the United States that should not be missed. Regretfully, Gen-Z isn't particularly interested in physical history, yet these locations are amazing. They contain old legends about ancestry, customs, and cultures, as well as accounts of the people.

19 (2).jpg?format=webp

The Smithsonian Museums are open to the public for free. Remember that not every museum offers free admission. Even though tax dollars are typically used to fund them, free museums do offer donation boxes when you enter. Please consider promoting local heritage.

Numerous Parks

There are 423 national park locations in the US National Park System, which is dispersed throughout the nation. These parks cover an area of about 84 million acres and are located in all states as well as their neighboring territories. For some residents, going to parks alone is their leisure time pastime.

20 (2).jpg?format=webp

You may take in the view, have a lovely picnic, or even use binoculars to watch birds. Locals include some of the must-see locations as the Grand Canyon, the Petrified Forest, Mesa Verde, Yellowstone, Bryce Canyon, Crater Lake, and the Big Bend.

For Those Who Love the Natural World

America, being the highly industrialized country that it is, has lost most of its natural vegetation due to infrastructure. The southern zones do, meanwhile, nevertheless include stunning vegetation that will help you feel at one with the natural world. America is a country full of natural features, including mountains, valleys, forests, waterfalls, and more.

21 (2).jpg?format=webp

There are also places that have not been touched by civilization at all; you can go miles without hearing any traffic! Idaho is a paradise for nature lovers! The state's highlights include the magnificent Sawtooth range, the enthralling Salmon River, and the vibrant Frank Church Wilderness.

Any Climate You Desire

Being an American, you can travel to almost any climate without a passport. Because the nation is so large, nearly every type of weather can be found there. Although a surprisingly high proportion of Americans never leave their native state, it is always possible.

22 (2).jpg?format=webp

Consider Southern California as an example. If you have a good strategy, you can ride ATVs through the rugged desert in the afternoon, ski in the gentle morning light, and surf in the evening. That resembles a planned trip schedule.

A Massive Landmass

America covers an area of 9.8 million km². Aside from the enormous population it has, the nation is incredibly large and offers a wealth of fascinating prospects. First off, there's a reason why road trips in the US are so popular among tourists. You could drive from one coast to the other in roughly 45 hours.


According to experts, a proper visit to all 48 continental states takes at least three months. America offers a plethora of sights and experiences. If you're a local, think about seeing the entire nation before going elsewhere.

Plant and Animal Life

The wildlife is entirely normal to an American, but not to the rest of the globe. Newsflash: Most people don't naturally know that there are deer and bobcats roaming the forest behind the house. Again, this does not apply to densely populated areas.

24 (2).jpg?format=webp

But it thrives in the suburbs, where there are still forests and people prefer to let the wildlife alone. The typical American recalls seeing elks, raccoons, squirrels, or opossums playing in the neighboring meadows. They also benefit from maintaining their connection to nature, which is quite important.

Arts, Music, and Other Things

One element that defines American culture is music. People from many states are constantly connected by something common: their love of the arts. Sports, music, and other forms of art are examples of the arts. America's musical assets are its tunes and its gifted musicians.

25 (2).jpg?format=webp

The music industry was irrevocably altered by jazz greats like Frank Sinatra and Ella Fitzgerald, rhythm and blues pioneers like W.C. Handy and Son House, and rock and roll icons like Chuck Berry and Elvis Presley. These songs have been used in a variety of musical styles.

Delicious American Food

No thoughts, simply cornbread. Cornbread is a staple food for the majority of Americans. It is ubiquitous, appearing in everything from upscale brunches to streetside food carts. This fast bread, which comes from Native American or Southern US cuisine, is baked using cornmeal.

26 (2).jpg?format=webp

Chefs have used cornbread in incredibly inventive ways over the years. It's a staple in many sweet and sour recipes, including puddings, pies, sliders, and more. 

An All-Inclusive Drive Through

The goal of the twenty-first century is to simplify living as much as possible. Even the egg whites and yolks are now available for purchase separately. Drive-throughs are a national obsession. Many of the residents are too busy with their nine-to-five jobs to have time for dinner.

27 (2).jpg?format=webp

Rather, they choose drive-throughs. It's quick, easy, and incredibly time-saving. The drive-through elements of everyday life amaze non-Americans. You may expect to see everything here, including drive-through restaurants, banks, petrol stations, and pharmacies.

Increased Variety in Food

Visitors adore grocery stores in the United States. There is never a shortage of merchandise on the shelves. Everything appears to come in a variety of shapes and tastes to accommodate different digestive tract requirements. Sugar-free comes in 20 distinct forms and is more than just a component devoid of saccharine.

28 (2).jpg?format=webp

If you follow a particular diet, your neighborhood Target should carry the essentials. The various varieties of non-dairy milk, such as soy, almond, coconut, cashew, and even oat milk, are a prime illustration of diverse cuisine.

Delicious Food

The food in America is a masterful fusion of the world's diverse culinary traditions. Each state selects its "signature" dish, and the South's is definitely meat and barbecue. It goes beyond simply grilling a piece of meat over charcoal.

29 (2).jpg?format=webp

States have different barbecue traditions. Every state has a legend connected to its favorite BBQ. These styles not only reflect the various cuisines that the various settlers brought with them, but also the foods that the populace approved of.

Items' Availability

America most likely has anything you can think of. The substantial workforce pool is yet another benefit of having a large country. Almost everything is produced in America because of the country's abundance of land and opportunity, which makes goods and services easily accessible to the general public.

30 (2).jpg?format=webp

In reality, what Americans refer to as "drugstore" goods—cheap items—might be quite pricey in other countries. When shipping costs are included, availability turns into a bothersome problem. For Americans, skincare products and cosmetics are necessities but luxury items in many other countries.

Two Meals are Equal to One Entree

In the US, it's not unusual to witness a visitor straining to complete their lunch. America is a large country that doesn't believe in tiny portions. The majority of meals are substantial and sufficient for the average person.

31 (2).jpg?format=webp

Many become overwhelmed since they aren't accustomed to eating or being served in such large quantities in their native country. Given that you can take the leftovers home and eat the remaining dinner at a later time, there isn't anything to be upset about.

Coalition of States

The various states may seem like whole different countries to both Americans and non-Americans. If you visited every state and experienced the differences in customs and laws, you would have a deeper understanding of it. But did you realize that the initial idea included the contrast?

32 (2).jpg?format=webp

The American founders did not consider themselves to be Americans. Regardless of the state they were from, they saw each other. The founding government of the nation established the Articles of Confederation because the nation was first akin to a military or economic alliance.

NY I Love You

Many people love buying thirty "I Love NY" shirts from the Statue of Liberty stand to give to their friends and relatives. Americans adore their nation, whether it is because of the hot dogs, the warmth of the people there, the glamour of Hollywood, wakeboarding's popularity among Americans, or Long Island Iced Tea.

33 (2).jpg?format=webp

Stop into Joe's Stone Crab or Kermit's Key West Key Lime Shoppe in Florida for a slice of zesty, creamy delight and prepare to have your mind blown. 

Influence of Movies and Television

Nothing affects your life quite like a screen. People have learned new languages, been familiar with different cultures, and finally became friends based on shared interests thanks to television and movies. The Hollywood film and television industries have enormous power and quality.


These pieces have gone beyond the realm of possibility and posed the question, "What more can be done?" Just think of entire generations influenced by franchises like Star Wars, Jurassic Park, and MCU. Clips brought imaginations and dreams to life.

To Us, You Are Special

Making you feel unique is the one thing Americans will do for you. They don't have much work to do because they are naturally smooth talkers—sadly, not everyone is! They have the ability to initiate and guide conversations, something that people of different nations would find difficult.


Additionally, they appear interested in whatever it is they're listening about, even if it occasionally verges on being phony. American small chat would be the clear winner if it became an Olympic event.

Clearly Set Their Priorities

Give up on all the other internationally recognized foods and treats that America has to offer and indulge in Fruity Pebbles' crunchy texture and tart flavor. All around the country, this cherished cereal is a breakfast mainstay.


The vibrant taste stones burst into your tongue with just the right amount of acidic and sweet taste. The tastes are so well suited to one another that they taste even better with a little milk. You will never forget it once you taste it.

Experience Adrenaline

Are you an adrenaline addict who has an insatiable thirst for drop rides and roller coasters? You'll adore the United States! The nation is your source for adrenaline, the most pleasant drug in the world, with a plethora of theme parks and entertainment venues of all sizes.


Kingda Ka, the world's largest roller coaster, is a proud 456 feet tall. At Jackson, New Jersey's Six Flags Great Adventure, you may find that. America is home to seven of the world's ten highest roller coasters.

Give It Another Go

Thousands of individuals come to the US each year with the hope of becoming successful. People with a dream - entrepreneurs who wish to leave their mark - are drawn to the country of chances. Failure is a normal part of the process, though, because so many new firms are popping up all the time.


Failure is viewed as a springboard for success in America. Residents see it as an inherent aspect of the procedure. Sadly, people aren't nearly as understanding of failure in many other parts of the world.

Unending Possibilities for Academic Study

America is known for having top-notch educational institutions, several of which are included in lists of the "Best of the best." Forget Ivy League universities; pupils are encouraged to think creatively since the entire educational system has a strong foundation.


It makes sense that the nation draws bright brains from all across the world. People from diverse fields are needed in a variety of career areas because they exist. Every major on the planet is necessary for America to have. All you need is good fortune to discover a fit.

Adaptable to Concepts

In America, nothing seems to be off limits. There are advantages and disadvantages to this. Positively, people are free to express whatever they're feeling, no matter how intricate their ideas may be. If not tolerant, the typical American will not pass judgment harshly enough to cause discomfort for the other person.


Individuals from diverse backgrounds live together and tolerate one another's viewpoints and passions. In certain more conservative nations, it is socially unacceptable to discuss certain subjects in public. Additionally, hobbies are more uniform.

America's Undiscovered Treasures

You must visit Walmart if you live in America. While it may not seem extravagant, these supermarkets have everything from A to Z. Since everything is usually inexpensive, you might buy things in quantity if necessary. We are unable to live without Walmart's enormous ice cream buckets.

41 (2).jpg?format=webp@Reddit.com/@Squeezitgirdle

We should all give a round of applause to whoever thought of selling ice cream in buckets. These are usually only available in one flavor, but that's okay because they're quite cheap. 

The Spirit of the Holidays

The "Holiday Spirit" is something that Americans genuinely comprehend and participate in as a country. No matter the religion or culture, the nation celebrates holidays in great measure. People get just as excited about St. Patrick's Day as they do about Halloween.


Although the crowds around the holidays may suffocate visitors, we believe it is still worth it. The genuine enthusiasm in the hearts of the residents is far greater than the hectic hours. It's healthy to observe and rejoice in. You'll always feel connected!

Disperse the Infrastructure

Many of the largest companies in America had modest beginnings. These businesses are based in cities and small villages. Rather than being concentrated in two or three key areas, the infrastructure is dispersed throughout the nation.


No matter how far away they may be, major international corporations have their headquarters in their home states. Because most people live in a few major cities in nations like Australia, businesses must be established there in order to prosper. Americans choose to remain near their roots because they cherish them.

Being Aware of Their Identity

We are all aware of how self-assured Americans tend to be. While this may occasionally irritate you, their strong feeling of independence usually results in something better. They grow in integrity, self-awareness, and altruism.

44.jpg?format=webp@David Holt via Flickr

It's almost as though they make room for others to flourish around them once they understand who they are and where they need to be. These gentle spirits will make an effort to support you in your life. They have it together. Naturally, this does not include the intense corporate and political rivalry.

Great Opportunities

A first-world nation will, by definition, offer its people substantial advantages. Living in a third-world country presents a totally distinct set of circumstances. 

45 (5).jpg?format=webp

By the time they are well into their 20s, adolescents in third-world countries would have access to opportunities that Americans have at age 18.

24/7 Convenience Stores

The ubiquitous presence of 24-hour convenience stores like 7-Eleven and Wawa is something that locals hardly bat an eye at. 


However, for visitors from countries where stores have strict operating hours, the ability to purchase necessities at any time of day or night is a game-changer.

Generous Portion Sizes

From towering stacks of pancakes to oversized fast-food meals, American portion sizes are legendary. 

47 (2).jpg?format=webp

While locals may take these generous servings for granted, visitors are amazed by the abundance of food that seems to defy all logic.

Wide Roads and Spacious Parking

The abundance of wide roads and ample parking spaces in America is a luxury not found in many other countries.

48 (2).jpg?format=webp

Visitors are impressed by the ease of navigating expansive roadways and finding parking almost anywhere. For example, in many European countries, there is no such “luxury.”

Customer Service Culture

The customer service culture in the United States is second to none, with friendly staff and a willingness to go above and beyond to assist customers. 

49 (2).jpg?format=webp

For visitors accustomed to less attentive service in their home countries, the level of care and hospitality in American establishments is a breath of fresh air.

Cultural Festivals

Across the nation, communities celebrate a diverse array of cultural festivals and events that showcase traditions from around the world. 


While Americans may be accustomed to these festivities, visitors are enchanted by the opportunity to experience vibrant cultural celebrations firsthand.