50 Best Royal Outfits That Made History

30 Mar 2023

Royal outfits impress with their beauty, sophistication, and elegance. Many women worldwide dream of replicating these looks and immediately begin searching the internet for similar styles to look like princesses and queens. The royal looks we have curated in our article have sparked genuine admiration among fans of the royal families and beyond.

Kate’s effect

The Princess of Wales, Kate Middleton, has very good taste. Her looks have been dubbed the “Kate’s effect”: as soon as the princess steps out in an elegant outfit, it is immediately sold out online and swept off the shelves in stores. The black and white form-fitting evening dress that Kate wore to the premiere of Best Shooter: Maverick with Prince William and Tom Cruise caused an unprecedented sensation. And no wonder – the simple gown perfectly fit the princess's figure and accentuated her curves.

Kate’s effect.jpg?format=webp@SteffManners/ reddit.com

Diana as a style icon

Princess Diana became a true style icon throughout her life. Her looks remain popular today, with millions of women around the world aspiring to her fashion choices. The delicate blue short dress, which broke with the traditional dress code of the royal family, due to its length and deep neckline, was one of the princess's favorite dresses. The dress accentuated Diana's waist and her long legs.

Diana as a style icon.jpg?format=webp@Princess Diana dresses/Women of History/YouTube.com

Hollywood star

Kate Middleton, the Princess of Wales, occasionally repeats her outfits, adding a twist to them. She appeared in a white dress from her favorite brand, Alexander McQueen, for the BAFTA Awards. She added elegant black gloves and a white shawl that draped off her shoulders to her look. Many fashion experts noted that the Princess's look made her resemble a true Hollywood star. Judging from the looks of her husband, Prince William, which he often gave to his wife, he liked her look.

Hollywood star.jpg?format=webp@solid_snake8832/ reddit.com

Elegant pregnant 

Meghan Markle, a former actress who now holds the title of Duchess of Sussex, has a knack for exuding Hollywood glamour. One of her standout and refined looks during her initial pregnancy was a black Givenchy dress with one shoulder, which she donned at the British Fashion Awards. The dress accentuated her curves and gracefully emphasized her unique condition. This regal ensemble sparked enthusiasm among both the public and fashion connoisseurs, and it became a clear-cut winner for selecting an outfit for a highly popular occasion.

Elegant pregnant .jpg?format=webp@Megan Markle's best maternity looks in black| Stylish maternity outfits| #shorts/FACTS UNFOLDED/YouTube.com

Dress for the horse race 

The choice of a knitted midi dress from Alexander McQueen, which the Duchess of Wales wore to a horse race, once again won the hearts of the public. The dress was specially made for her. Kate complemented her outfit with beige accessories, including a handbag and high-heeled shoes. Additionally, she wore the traditional horse race accessory – a hat decorated with flowers and artificial pearls.

Dress for the horse race .jpg?format=webp@JerryT007/ reddit.com

Star of the red carpet

Lady Di became a true star on the red carpet of the Cannes Film Festival in 1987, thanks to the legendary evening blue dress created by her favorite designer Catherine Walker. Infused with both tenderness and grandeur, the dress was inspired by Grace Kelly's character in Alfred Hitchcock's 1955 film To Catch a Thief and has since become an iconic creation. After Diana's death, the dress was sold at an auction for 81,000 pounds sterling.

Star of the red carpet.jpg?format=webp@Princess Diana's best royal fashion moments | Bazaar UK/Harper's Bazaar UK/YouTube.com

Flower dress at the Flower Show

Since her marriage, Princess Beatrice, the granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth II, has undergone positive changes. In addition to losing weight, she has also revamped her wardrobe. She is frequently seen wearing elegant attire while carrying out her royal duties. In the photo, the Princess is pictured with her husband at the Chelsea Flower Show. She opted for a feminine white dress with blue flowers for the occasion. The outfit's standout feature was an elegant slit that accentuated Princess Beatrice's slim legs.

Flower dress at the Flower Show.jpg?format=webp@THE REMARKABLE LOOKS OF PRINCESS BEATRICE IN 2022/THE CROWN ROYALS/YouTube.com

The best royal look of a solo appearance

During her tenure in the royal family, Meghan Markle, who was married to Prince Harry, was known for her refined and sophisticated fashion sense. Specifically, for her initial solo appearance with Queen Elizabeth II, she donned a beige Givenchy gown with a cape draping over her shoulders. She emphasized her waistline with a delicate black belt and finished off the ensemble with stylish black high-heeled shoes.

The best royal look of solo appearance.jpg?format=webp@Inside Meghan Markle and Queen Elizabeth's 'Special Day' Together/Entertainment Tonight/YouTube.com

Bond Girl

Jenny Packham, a designer, created a magnificent golden dress inspired by the “Bond Girl” style for the Princess of Wales, Kate Middleton. The outfit was adorned with sequins and jewels, had a deep V-neckline, and short cape sleeves. The dress was so striking that it almost outshone the image of Prince William's mother, Princess Diana, who wore a silver dress to the premiere of the Bond film “A View to a Kill” in 1985. The press referred to the princess in the golden dress as a “Bond Girl.”

Bond Girl.jpg?format=webp@SteffManners/ reddit.com

Pink Outfit

One of her first public appearances as a royal family member saw the Duchess of Cambridge, Meghan Markle, dressed in a delicate pink outfit with a matching hat. The ensemble highlighted the former actress's slim waist and nice legs. However, at the same time, the choice of this outfit violated royal protocol. According to etiquette, members of royalty cannot wear clothing with exposed shoulders. Nevertheless, despite everything, the public responded very positively to the Duchess's look.

Pink outfit .jpg?format=webp@30 Meghan Markle’s Most EXPENSIVE Outfits You May Miss/Simplified Explanation/ YouTube.com

Spanish icon of outfits 

It's not just the British royal family members who can flaunt eye-catching outfits. The gorgeous Queen of Spain, Letizia, donned a backless dress with an open back for the opening of the royal theater season. The playful hem of the Miphai dress looked incredibly flattering on her, accentuating her athletic figure and well-toned body. The dress of a similar design quickly sold out within a few hours after Letizia's appearance in this outfit.


Princess of the ballet 

Princess Diana loved to dance and had been practicing ballet since childhood. She once said that if fate hadn't made her a princess, she would have become a dancer. Lady Di loved going to the ballet, and her outfits for these occasions always looked particularly elegant. However, this white, delicate dress that she wore to a ballet performance at The London Coliseum in 1988 surpassed all of her previous looks. In this dress, Diana looked like a ballerina who had come off-stage to watch the performance from the audience.

Princess of the ballet.jpg?format=webp@Princess Diana dresses/Women of History/YouTube.com

Red choice of love 

Red was Princess Diana's favorite color, as evidenced by even her car being painted in that hue. Her fondness for the color began in 1995, and from then on, she became more self-assured and committed to her royal duties. The strapless evening gown with sparkles in red became an iconic look that highlighted the princess's feminine charm and charismatic personality, while also emphasizing her boldness and determination.

Red choice of love .jpg?format=webp@Lady Diana beautiful Red and withe Dress collection/ princess Diana iconic looks in Red Dress/My Royal Princess/YouTube.com

Tender Charlene 

The fashion sense of Princess Charlene of Monaco, famously known as the tearful bride, has undergone numerous transformations over time. While not all of her public appearances were well-received, the audience was captivated by a long white dress embellished with four-leaf clovers. The dress's hemline cascaded down and swayed in the wind, making the princess look like a character straight out of a Disney movie. Her entire outfit exuded harmony and had no unnecessary elements. The delicate and lightweight design suited Charlene perfectly and drew a lot of attention to her.

Tender Charlene .jpg?format=webp@Princess Charlene's Most Beautiful Evening Gown Looks | ROYAL FLAIR/Royal Flair/YouTube.com

Elegant Beatrice

Princess Beatrice and her husband made another splendid public appearance, caught by paparazzi in a private ceremony near Windsor Castle. The Queen Elizabeth II's granddaughter looked stunning in a tight-fitted blue midi dress. Beatrice finished off her look with a unique hat featuring a bow and gray shoes. The outfit was elegantly understated yet gained royal admiration for its thoughtful details and stylishness.


Total red look

Over the past week in the royal family, Duchess Megan Markle has shown off her best outfits. There was no neutral color, only bright outfits. She wore an incredible red dress from Safiyaa worth £1,295 at the Royal Albert Hall event. The total red look suited Lady Di's daughter-in-law incredibly well. In it, she looks especially beautiful, even her eyes shine, just like her husband Prince Harry's eyes when he looked at his beloved during this event.

Total red look.jpg?format=webp@Meghan Markle Dazzle In Red Dress From Safiyaa./ELEGANT ROYAL CHANNEL/YouTube.com

Family look 

After getting married, Queen Elizabeth II's granddaughter Princess Eugenie started dressing very elegantly and femininely. Her attire has been garnering more and more public attention. At a recent private event, she donned a black, timeless evening gown with an open back and shoulders, topped with a broad white insert. The overall ensemble was in perfect harmony with her husband Jack Brooksbank's suit and shirt. The couple looked content and at ease in their stylish attire.

Family look .jpg?format=webp@The Full Timeline Of Princess Eugenie And Jack's Relationship/The List/ YouTube.com

Like Grace Kelly 

The royal appearance of Princess Charlene of Monaco in a brownish-cherry velvet dress accentuates his refinement and beauty. In this outfit, the wife of Prince Albert II resembles his mother, the famous American actress Grace Kelly: a delicate and gentle blonde with aristocratic facial features. Charlene completed her look with a light cape and a clutch in the same color as the dress.

Like Grace Kelly .jpg?format=webp@Princess Charlene of Monaco Striking Outfits/THE CROWN ROYALS & Hollywood/ YouTube.com

Modal behavior

Two beauties from the Spencer family, Princess Diana's nieces Lady Amelia and Eliza Spencer, stunned the audience with their bright appearance at the Cannes Film Festival Debut. The girls were dressed in elegant black floor-length dresses. Amelia chose a dress with an open asymmetric shoulder and a pleated skirt, while her sister Eliza wore a black dress with a slit at the leg, adorned with sequins.

Modal behavior.jpg?format=webp@Princess Diana's Twin Nieces STUN In Cannes Film Festival Debut/Access Hollywood/YouTube.com

Lovely Letizia 

Queen Letizia of Spain is a refined and graceful figure who never fails to capture attention wherever she goes. Her attire is impeccable and exudes an air of royalty. At the anniversary celebration of a prominent Spanish newspaper, the combination of a burgundy midi dress, golden sandals, and a clutch proved to be an outstanding choice, quickly becoming a popular outfit that sold out in stores. It's noteworthy that the Queen has a fondness for and actively promotes domestic brands, frequently opting for them at various royal engagements.

Lovely Letizia.jpg?format=webp@Queen Letizia Of Spain Looking So Beautiful In Midi Knee Length Dresses/World Fashion/YouTube.com

Historical dress 

The emerald-ruffled dress of the Princess of Wales has become an iconic garment. It was in this dress that the future Queen posed for a joint portrait with Prince William, which is displayed in the Fitzwilliam Museum. Previously, Kate wore this dress from The Vampire's Wife brand during a three-day historic visit to Dublin in 2020. The green color suits Kate very well, although she doesn't wear green outfits as often as one would like. It's a shame.

Historical dress .jpg?format=webp@SteffManners/ reddit.com

Exquisite gown of Kate Middleton 

The Princess of Wales looked stunning in an exquisite Alexander McQueen gown in gold and white, which left a lasting impression. Kate has previously worn this enchanting dress featuring gold embroidery on several occasions and paired it with accessories from her royal collection. In the photo, the princess completed her look with a set of long silver earrings and a clover chain. She chose this outfit for the BAFTA awards ceremony, which recognizes exceptional accomplishments in the world of cinema.

Exquisite gown of Kate Middleton .jpg?format=webp@Kate Middleton Re-Wears Stunning Alexander McQueen Gown To 2020 BAFTAs/Access Hollywood/YouTube.com

True princess look 

Swedish Princess Sofia is a bewitching and captivating royal personality, dressed in a magical long gown of pink-silver hue that exudes elegance and royalty. The dress's ornamentation highlights the princess's youthfulness without overwhelming her appearance. One can imagine the rustling sound of the dress's hem as Sofia walks. Against the majestic background of the royal chambers, Sofia looks both sweet and regal.

True princess’s look .jpg?format=webp@How a model become Princess of Sweden : Sofia Kristina Hellqvist/Luxlogy/YouTube.com

Combining the classic with contemporary design

The elegant Queen of Jordan, Rania often chooses white clothing. Truth be told, it incredibly suits her and adds freshness to her image. This dress highlights the Queen's natural beauty and grace, accentuating her figure with the golden belt. The gray cape adds a touch of sophistication and complements the white dress perfectly. Queen Rania's fashion choices are typically admired for their timeless elegance and modern flair, and this outfit is no exception. It's a perfect representation of her impeccable style, combining classic elements with contemporary design.

Combining classic with contemporary design.jpg?format=webp@The Stunning & Incredible Looks of Queen Rania of Jordan/THE CROWN ROYALS & Hollywood/ YouTube.com

Fashion details 

The dress that Princess Sofia wore for the photo of her husband was truly stunning. The intricate blue floral ornamentation on the white fabric perfectly complemented her natural beauty and elegance. It was clear from how she wore the dress that Princess Sofia had a true passion for fashion and a keen eye for detail. Her choice of dress for the occasion demonstrated her ability to select the perfect outfit for any occasion, whether it was a formal event or a casual outing.

Fashion details .jpg?format=webp@Some New and Cute Outfits PRINCESS SOFIA of Sweden Wore in 2022//THE CROWN ROYALS & Hollywood/ YouTube.com

Impeccable Rania 

Queen Rania of Jordan is known for her impeccable sense of style and her ability to pull off any outfit she wears effortlessly. Whether it's a formal evening gown or a professional business suit, she always manages to look stunning. The burgundy pencil skirt she wore in this particular outfit was the perfect choice to show off her slender figure. The skirt hugged her curves in all the right places, while the white and burgundy blouse added a touch of sophistication to the ensemble.

Impeccable Rania .jpg?format=webp@Queen Rania of Jordan's style evolution/HELLO! Canada Magazine/YouTube.com

Stylish queen 

Queen Letizia of Spain has always been known for her perfect sense of style, and her choice of a blue pencil dress for a public appearance was no exception. The dress was the perfect choice to highlight her athletic figure, which she has maintained through her love for sports and an active lifestyle. The dress had a sophisticated cut with a flattering pencil silhouette that hugged her curves in all the right places. The open shoulders added an element of sexiness to the outfit while remaining elegant, and the handmade flower added a touch of femininity.

27. Stylish queen .jpg?format=webp@Queen Letizia of Spain's Top Ten Most Iconic Looks/Royal Fashion and History/YouTube.com

Styled after the royal’s life 

After Meghan Markle, together with her husband Prince Harry, stopped officially performing royal duties and left Britain, her clothing style somewhat changed, but remained sophisticated. In particular, for one of her photoshoots in Los Angeles, the Duchess chose an asymmetrical dress of blue-gray color, swapping her shoes for silver sandals. Her fashion choices have continued to attract attention and inspire many, as she often incorporates bold colors, sleek silhouettes, and sustainable fashion into her wardrobe.

Styled after the royal’s life.jpg?format=webp@Meghan Markle's VERY expensive wardrobe $2,990 Carolina Herrera dress & $5,200 Jason Wu gown/Fashion and Style News/YouTube.com

Brave red 

The princess of Wales arrived at a charity meeting with TV presenter Ant McPartlin wearing a red pleated skirt by Christopher Kane for 845 pounds and a Ralph Lauren jumper for 225 pounds to discuss addiction issues. The incredible combination of noble colors – red and beige – added even more aristocracy to the future queen. Her outfit was simple yet elegant, and she wore minimal jewelry to keep the focus on the cause she was supporting.

Brave red.jpg?format=webp@LADY IN RED! Kate Stole All Spotlight In A Stunning Red Turtleneck Dress For An Event In London/Royal Magazine/YouTube.com

New Diana 

Princess Diana wore modest outfits at the start of her life in the royal family. Still, over time she began to experiment with her look and develop her style, which was adopted by millions of people around the world. Lady Di skillfully combined bright colors. The purple skirt, red jacket, and pale-yellow blouse created a cult outfit that remains popular today. This choice of clothing speaks to the independence and originality of the Queen of people's hearts.

New Diana .jpg?format=webp@Princess Diana's best royal fashion moments | Bazaar UK/Harper's Bazaar UK/YouTube.com

“The revenge dress”

Who could forget this legendary outfit created by Christina Stambolian, a Greek designer? Vanity Fair hosted a dinner at the Serpentine Gallery, and the rumor is that Diana planned to attend wearing a Valentino gown. Diana changed her mind last minute and went with Stambolian when Valentino issued a news release about the outfit. 

The garment earned the moniker "the revenge dress." The garment "shows Diana, Princess of Wales totally in possession of a feeling of her own importance," according to The Telegraph. 

The revenge dress.jpg?format=webp© Princess Diana's most iconic looks | The Sunday Times Style / The Sunday Times Style

Princess Margaret wearing a pink dress

Here is Princess Margaret in yet another gorgeous birthday photograph. The Princess' remarkable beauty is well captured in this photo, which was shot in celebration of her 19th birthday. Margaret is depicted wearing a blue butterfly-embroidered full-skirted tulle dress. She added numerous pearl necklaces as accessories. 

Princess Margaret wearing a pink dress.jpg?format=webp@Queen Elizabeth vs her sister princess Margaret/@wallpaperstatus858/YouTube.com

"Travolta Dress" - Princess Diana

This Victor Edelstein design was the "Travolta dress," and Diana once wore the "Elvis dress." When Diana went to the White House in 1985 to have dinner with President Ronald Reagan and his wife, Nancy, she wore an off-the-shoulder dark blue velvet dress. Diana, who was a major fan of Grease and John Travolta, amusingly requested that he be included. 

Diana created a memorable pop-culture moment as she spun around the dance floor with her childhood sweetheart. The outfit was auctioned off for $347,000. 

Travolta Dress’ - Princess Diana.jpg?format=webp@DIANA’S TRAVOLTA DRESS | Diana's famous fashion moments | most famous dresses ever | History Calling / History Calling

 The Queen in Norman Hartnell  

The American President John F. Kennedy and his wife, Jackie Kennedy, may be seen with Queen Elizabeth II (also known as The Queen) and her husband, Prince Philip, in this amazing shot from 1961. That picture contains a lot of history, I tell you!

The Queen wore a blue Norman Hartnell ballgown and white gloves for this particular event. While the First Lady's outfit was a straight-cut, icy blue ensemble, she also wore blue with white gloves. The Queen wore a lot of sapphire jewelry. 

The Queen in Norman Hartnell.jpg?format=webp@The Kennedys Get The Royal Treatment In ‘The Crown’ - Look Back At The Real-Life Visit | Access Holl/Access Hollywood/YouTube.com

Princess Margaret

Here's another iconic old shot, but this time it features Princess Margaret, the Queen's younger sister. Margaret is pictured in the White House clutching her evening gloves and wearing a pink jacket. She is joined by President Lyndon Johnson and his wife, Lady Bird Johnson, as well as her husband, Antony Armstrong-Jones. 

Because they must maintain modesty, royal women typically don't wear sleeveless gowns, according to royal protocol. They may, however, accessorize as much as they like! 

Princess Margaret.jpg?format=webp@Beneath The Crown | The Full Story Behind Princess Margaret's Tour of the USA/Still Watching Netflix/YouTube.com

The Duchess of Sussex in Safiyaa

The Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, is a contentious member of the British Royal Family. In the end, the American actress decided to leave the UK due to intense pressure and scrutiny. But Markle pushes the limits of royal fashion, just like her mother-in-law. 

On a royal visit to Fiji, the Duchess is seen here wearing a Safiyaa gown. British royals frequently honor the country they are visiting through their attire when traveling abroad. This striking blue garment pays homage to the flag of Fiji.

The Duchess of Sussex in Safiyaa.jpg?format=webp@Meghan Markle Rocks Her First Evening Gown Of Royal Tour In Fiji | PeopleTV/People/YouTube.com

Princess Margaret in White

Princess Margaret's love life was turbulent. She desired to wed Peter Townsend, a high-ranking member of the royal household who was 15 years older than her. She ultimately got married to Anthony Armstrong-Jones in 1960 despite the fact that the Church and the State were against the union. 

Margaret and her husband are shown in this 1974 photograph going to the ballet in New York City. The Princess chose a stylish white dress with cape and embroidery for the event.

Princess Margaret in White.jpg?format=webp@Princess Margaret from 0 to 71 years old/Women of History/YouTube.com

Emilia Wickstead and Meghan Markle

In September 2020, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle appeared in public for the last time as royalty. Along with the Queen and other senior royals, the couple attended a multifaith service at Westminster Abbey. Meghan looked gorgeous in this custom Emilia Wickstead dress in green. 

For ceremonial events like attending church, female royals are supposed to don caps. Meghan is carrying a Gabriela Hearst Demi Emerald Green Satin Tote and a William Chambers Veil Explosion Teardrop Hat as her accessories.

Emilia Wickstead and Meghan Markle.jpg?format=webp@Meghan Markle recreate Gigi Hadid in Emilia Wickstead Cape dress for Commonwealth Day/Catherine Princess of Wales/YouTube.com

Alexander McQueen - Kate Middleton

Catherine is a major fan of the British designer behind this formal prom dress, Alexander McQueen. Kate wore a magnificent tiara with this blue taffeta dress to a state dinner at Buckingham Palace. 

Although Kate received negative reviews for her dress, we still respect her sense of style. The Cambridge Lovers' Knot tiara, the Queen's royal family order, and the Queen Mother's pearl necklace served as the dress's accessories.

Alexander McQueen - Kate Middleton.jpg?format=webp@Kate Middleton's best evening gowns/Royally Obsessed/YouTube.com

Princess Anne in a tender dress

The only daughter of Queen Elizabeth II and the undisputed favorite of Prince Philip, Anne always dressed with restraint and taste. In particular, this delicate white dress adorned with flowers stood out prominently among the princess's wardrobe and emphasized her elegant figure and aristocratic stature. The dress suited Anne very well and was incredibly popular with the public.

Princess Anne in a tender dress .jpg?format=webp@Princess Anne from 0 to 71 years old/Women of History/YouTube.com 

Kate Middleton wearing Jenny Packham

In 2016, Duchess Catherine of Cambridge wore this royal blue Jenny Packham gown while on a royal trip to India. Middleton is commended for encouraging emerging British designers, and a variety of fashion blogs follow her every step in terms of style. 

To honor the host nation, this Jenny Packham gown was hand beaded in India. Along with the stunning gown, a handcrafted purse in the same color and materials was also included.

Kate Middleton wearing Jenny Packham.jpg?format=webp@Kate Middleton dazzled in Jenny Packham gown tonight for an event at Buckingham Palace/Catherine Princess of Wales/YouTube.com

The Queen in Norman Hartnell

Let's reminisce about Queen Elizabeth's stunning coronation gown from 1953. Norman Hartnell, a British fashion designer well-known for his work with the Royal Family, created this magnificent dress. Thousands of beads and pearls were used to embellish the outfit, which was constructed of white duchess satin and silk. 

In order to symbolize the nationalities of the commonwealth, flowers were also stitched on the garment. The Queen, like many other female royals, does wear her clothing again, and she did so following her coronation. 

The Queen in Norman Hartnell1.jpg?format=webp@The dazzling story of Queen Elizabeth II's crown that spans over centuries | Today Show Australia/TODAY/ YouTube.com

The Queen Mother in White Gown

Not just Queen Elizabeth II has been able to attend several events and dazzle red carpets in the most iconic of dresses over the years. With her numerous costumes, crowns, and overall grace, her mother, Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother, was known for frequently threatening to eclipse her daughter. For one of the iconic photo sessions for the royal family, she wore a jubilant white dress with tulle sleeves, embroidered with golden threads. She completed her look with precious jewels from the royal treasury, which were bestowed upon her by the Queen Mother.

The Queen Mother in White Gown .jpg?format=webp@The Queen Mother (1900 - 2002)/Women of History/YouTube.com 

Princess Margaret in Icy-Blue  

Princess Margaret never ceased to dazzle photographers and other guests with her stunning gowns in a variety of hues and styles, even later in life. 

When the sister of the Queen visited her mother, Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother's, 90th birthday celebration at the London Palladium in 1990, nothing had changed. Margaret donned an ice-blue dress with matching blue jewelry—blue earrings and a necklace. 

Princess Margaret in Icy-Blue.jpg?format=webp@Princess Margaret Transformation ⭐ The Queen's "Rebel Sister"/Top Famous Tube/YouTube.com

Camilla's wedding gown

Camilla Parker Bowles, now known as Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, wore a timeless and elegant wedding dress when she married Prince Charles on April 9, 2005. Designed by British fashion designer Robinson Valentine, Camilla's wedding gown was a reflection of her classic and understated style. The dress was made from a pale blue silk chiffon fabric with a matching coat in oyster silk basket weave. This choice of color was quite unconventional for a royal wedding, as traditional wedding gowns for royal brides are typically white or ivory. However, Camilla's decision to wear a pale blue dress added a unique touch to her wedding attire.

Camilla's wedding gown.jpg?format=webp@Camilla Parker Bowles Transformation ⭐ Duchess of Cornwall/Top Famous Tube/YouTube.com

Princess Diana wearing Versace

Even though Princess Diana briefly tried wearing short dresses, she continued to choose a full-length evening gown. Diana can be seen in this 1996 photo attending a gala dinner in Chicago. She accented her vivid purple Gianni Versace column dress with a pearl choker and sapphire jewels. The color of her clutch and shoes was purple. 

Diana changed her title from Her Royal Highness to Diana, Princess of Wales after her marriage to Prince Charles came to an end.

Princess Diana wearing Versace.jpg?format=webp@Princess Diana dresses/Women of History/YouTube.com

Meghan in a dress designed by Victoria Beckham

Meghan Markle donned an electric blue ensemble for her inaugural event in the United Kingdom since stepping back from royal duties. Accompanied by her husband, Prince Harry, she arrived at the Endeavour Fund Awards wearing a dress designed by Victoria Beckham. The dress accentuated all of Meghan's figure's advantages. Even the color was chosen very skillfully as if it added extra radiance to the duchess's eyes.

Meghan in a dress designed by Victoria Beckham.jpg?format=webp@Meghan Markle's BOLD Fashion Statement Before Official Megxit | ET Style Feed/ET Style/YouTube.com

Queen Elizabeth in Seafoam Green

Queen Elizabeth II was always dressed elegantly and regally by stylists. However, over time, a unique touch was added to her outfits, allowing her to stand out from the crowd. The Queen started wearing only vibrant colors, with exceptions made for mourning attire. This allowed Queen Elizabeth II to be easily recognized from a distance, thanks to her bright clothing. One of her absolute favorites was the color purple, and she often wore a coat with a matching hat in this shade. It's no surprise that it suited her so well. 

Queen Elizabeth in Seafoam Green.jpg?format=webp@Queen Elizabeth's fashion evolution | Secrets of the Stylish | Bazaar UK/Harper's Bazaar UK/YouTube.com

Kate Middleton in Jenny Packham

This photo was shot in 2013 while Kate and Will were in London for the Tusk Trust Awards at the Royal Society. The couple had gone out for the first time since the birth of their son, George, on that particular night. Custom-made for Kate, this exquisite pale gold sequined dress had a bateau neckline, an empire waist with a brooch, and a keyhole in the back. The Duchess of Cambridge accessorized with identical diamond earrings and a bracelet as well as her sparkling Jimmy Choo Vamp court shoes. 

Kate Middleton in Jenny Packham.jpg?format=webp@Princess Kate BEST Jenny Packham style moments/Royal Insider News/YouTube.com

Meghan Markle wearing an Oscar de la Renta gown

The stunning outfit Meghan Markle wore while she was in Australia and New Zealand had fashion websites buzzing. The white tulle gown has tweed laser-cut bird designs and is from Oscar de la Renta's Pre-Fall 2018 line. How exciting! 

Take note of Meghan's in-picture natural and understated makeup and hairstyle. Royal women are encouraged to avoid bold cosmetic appearances and to keep their hair "neat and natural." All eyes are on the dress!

Meghan Markle wearing an Oscar de la Renta gown.jpg?format=webp@Meghan Markle Wows In Oscar De La Renta Dress That's Being Called The Best Look Of Her Aussie Trip/Access Hollywood/YouTube.com