50 most beautiful pictures of the Internet

16 Mar 2023

What can excite people? Maybe there's something about the way our brains are wired that makes us stop looking at beautiful things. There is something visually appealing and rewarding about symmetry, order, balance, and detail. We have collected for you the most impressive photos from the Internet.

1. Fatih Mosque

Fatih Mosque is a remarkable work of architectural art! One ceiling is worth something! Following the invasion of Constantinople, the Fatih Mosque was constructed between 1463 and 1470. Upon their accession to the throne, all following padishahs made their way to this mosque first. Historically, the mosque was surrounded by a large complex of buildings, including an elementary school, a hospital, a visitor's yard, a bazaar, a canteen for the underprivileged, and a hammam. Also, the complex eventually included the sultan's tomb. So if you are in Istanbul, we advise you to visit this unique mosque!

Depositphotos_13470741_L (1) (1).jpg

2. Hedge maze

The hedge mazes give a hypnotic feel. And we can also assume that it is very cool to walk in such places! One of the longest hedge mazes is located in Wiltshire, England. There, near Longleat Castle, a labyrinth consisting of more than 16,000 English yews was sown. The length of this labyrinth is about 3 kilometers! Wow! I wonder what will happen if you get lost there? By the way, there is another amazing labyrinth in Hawaii. It is located on a Hawaiian pineapple plantation and consists of 14,000 pineapple bushes!

Depositphotos_33742741_L (1) (1).jpg

3. Here's what the leaf looks like up close!

It is unlikely that you have ever thought about how a leaf from a tree looks close up. And we encourage you to look at it! It`s really exciting, isn`t it? How perfect is nature! By the way, it turns out that it is impossible to find identical leaves even on the same plant. Leaves are as unique as snowflakes! By the way, the needles on the Christmas trees and pines are also foliage, just sharp and of a special shape. As you can see, our planet is amazing.

Depositphotos_340703412_L (1) (1).jpg

4. Road-snake

Just unbelievable! Take a look at this road, which is very reminiscent of a snake! In addition, there is an autumn forest around the road. Imagine how beautiful the scenery is outside the car window when you drive there. By the way, not every big city can be reached by road! The city of Iquitos, located in the Peruvian Amazon, can only be reached by river or air transport. This is surprising, especially considering that this is a large city and its population, together with the suburbs, exceeds 500 thousand people!

Depositphotos_315379692_L (1) (1).jpg

5. Grass circles

Most likely, the creators of this composition on the grass decided that just a beautiful lawn is not enough and it needs to be decorated. And they did it great. Surely, you have heard that there are also strange circles on the grass in the world, which were created not by a person...No one knows who did it. Some have suggested that this is the work of aliens! However, according to recent research, crop circles were not formed by aliens at all, but by small tornadoes. The air rotates clockwise and crushes the plants - that's the whole mystery!

Depositphotos_252957252_L (1) (1).jpg

6. Aesthetics of synchronized swimming!

Looking at this image, you can see that synchronized swimmers can create not only spectacular shows but also incredible photos! So if you suddenly opened your private country complex with a swimming pool, you can invite synchronized swimmers to an advertising photo session! But seriously, this sport is not only beautiful but also incredibly difficult! The volume of a synchronized swimmer's lungs is twice as huge as the average person's! They can hold their breath for more than four minutes! Naturally, for such results, years of hard training are needed!

Depositphotos_57275263_L (1).jpg

7. Perfect fall gradient

Many people adore autumn for its variety of colors. You can see the leaves of an incredible color on the trees - from yellow to bright red. However, have you ever seen such an autumn gradient as in the photo? It just looks mesmerizing! By the way, when the leaves turn yellow in houseplants, many housewives, on the contrary, get upset. What to do in this case? Most likely, your house does not have enough lighting for plants. You just need to increase the amount of light, but if it is impossible to move the flower closer to the window, we advise you to purchase an artificial light source. Then your plants will always look perfect!

Perfect fall gradient.jpg@Beautiful Examples of Symmetry In Nature 2022/ Captured Life/ YouTube.com

8. The symmetry of Paris is impressive!

It turns out that Paris is a city not only of romance but also of symmetry. Just look at the photo - the ideal development of this city is simply impressive! By the way, did you know that the center of Paris was built with houses in the Haussmann style? The name of this style comes from the name of Baron Georges Eugene Haussmann, prefect of Paris during the reign of Napoleon III. In the 19th century, he set himself the goal of modernizing Paris. It should also be noted that in Paris, most of the churches and other architectural buildings were rebuilt in the Gothic style.

The symmetry of Paris is impressive.jpg@Symmetry in Architecture Captured by Satellites - Art Seen from Space/ Safety in Numbers/ YouTube.com

9. A picture of needles!

Although the creator of this image is unknown, it was probably his intention to decompress. By the way, for some reason, you feel relaxed when you look at this picture. Most likely, people who enjoy using art to relax have created unique paintings using numbers. This is a large painting with numbers, therefore you must choose one or more colors. There is also paint that has numerical colors. We believe that this method of reducing fatigue is preferable to using alcohol or other hazardous substances.

A picture of needles.jpg@Adam Hillman: The Master of Symmetry and Visually Satisfying Arrangements/ My Modern Met/ YouTube.com

10. Firebird magic

As you can see, the arrangement of Gulou Square in Nanjing City (China) was approached with all seriousness! We saw different flower beds, but this composition in the shape of two fabulous firebirds looks special! However, driving near such chic scenery should be done with all caution, because it is very easy to be distracted by such beauty. By the way, many Chinese cities are famous for their flower beds. For example, last year large flower beds appeared in Beijing in honor of the Founding Day of the People's Republic of China, which is celebrated on October 1st.

Firebird magic.jpg@20211202: Day of Symmetry | Chinese Architecture/ New China TV/ YouTube.com

11. Amazing waves!

We can look at a photo of the sea or ocean for hours! Especially when you see an image of waves perfect in shape. By the way, the highest waves in the world can be seen in Portugal. From October to May, surfers from all over the world arrive in the city of Nazare, where you can not only have the biggest tidal waves in the world but also ride them. The official height of the biggest wave seen there is about 30 meters! British surfer Tom Butler rode such a huge wave, setting a record!

11. Amazing waves!.jpg

12. The symmetry of aloe

How symmetrical some plants look is simply amazing! It is hard to believe that nature has created such beauty on its own. By the way, let's remember interesting facts about this aloe. Many people know about the healing properties of aloe, but did you know that this plant begins to be medicinal only 5 years after the start of growth? The older the plant, the more nutrients it has. But how can you understand which aloe leaves are more suitable for treatment? The tips of the plant will help you with this. As soon as they begin to dry out, it means that they have accumulated a sufficient amount of medicinal properties.

The symmetry of aloe.jpg@Beautiful Examples of Symmetry In Nature 2022/ Captured Life/ YouTube.com

13. Perfect ladybug

To many, ladybugs seem to be very cute insects. Moreover, they are also so beautiful - you can look at the photo to see this again. By the way, these insects are not only red! It turns out that their color can be different: yellow, pink, orange, and even black! By the way, the ladybug is not at all a harmless herbivorous insect, but a real predator with a good appetite. In a day, a ladybug can eat about 50 small insects. Did you know about it before?

Perfect ladybug.jpg@A symmetrical world/ paula mcdonald/ YouTube.com

14. Even through the photo you can feel the power of the mountains!

We believe that this image perfectly emphasizes the power and beauty of the mountains! Many of us want to admire such a landscape again and again. But we are sure that looking at this photo, a lot of people hardly think that the mountains are also fraught with great danger. For example, Annapurna, located in the Himalayas, is considered the most dangerous high mountain. According to statistics, every 4th climber dies while climbing it! So we advise you to be extremely careful if you plan to conquer one of the mountain peaks.

Even through the photo you can feel the power of the mountains.jpg@Symmetry photography composition rules II Bengali Tutorial II PixelBee/ PixelBee/ YouTube.com

15. What does this book look like to you?

While some people use books exclusively for reading, others turn them into objects of art! What does this book remind you of? As for us, it is similar to the tail of a peacock or a firebird. It looks fabulous and is somewhat similar to origami. By the way, this art of folding paper figures without scissors and glue appeared in ancient China in 105 AD. Origami is said to improve memory, attention, imagination, and even speech! But how is this possible? The fact is that fine motor skills activate the work of the left hemisphere, which is responsible for the function of speech.

15. What does this book look like to you.jpg

16. And how do you photograph glasses?

Who said that glasses are made only to drink from them? Also, with the help of them, you can create a photo that demonstrates that even in the kitchen you can create perfect symmetry! By the way, did you know that, according to many researchers, champagne glasses were created in the Middle Ages (in the 17th century) in the form of a female breast? It`s so interesting! There is also a legend that a wide coupe glass is an exact copy of the chest of Louis XV's mistress, Madame de Pompadour!

And how do you photograph glasses.jpg@Symmetry Photography | 75 Ideas | Compilation/ DecorNation/ YouTube.com

17. Do you want some apples?

It turns out that a flower can be found even in the middle of an apple! Of course, not literally, nevertheless, it looks pretty. It is so wonderful to notice the beauty even in the smallest details! But we also want to tell you one interesting fact that few people know about. Did you know that apple pits are poisonous? Each bone contains 0.6% of a poison called amygdalin glycoside. This toxic substance is broken down in the stomach to hydrocyanic acid but can lead to severe poisoning. This can happen if you eat two kilograms of bones. We think that it is unlikely that anyone will decide.

Do you want some apples.jpg@Part 1: Symmetry in Nature/ Pinnguaq/ YouTube.com

18. We can look at these columns forever!

Buildings with columns look especially chic and majestic! Just look at the photo - isn't this the perfection of architecture? Researchers write that the first columns appeared in ancient Egypt. There they were allegedly first used during the construction of the Pyramid of Djoser in 2650 BC. In this pyramid, you can count 40 columns 10 meters high! Also, columns were often used by architects in ancient Greece. Such a strict and symmetrical architectural style is called classicism. Some luxury lovers use this style even when choosing a home design!

We can look at these columns forever.jpg@How To Use Symmetry For Stunning Architecture Photos/ iPhone Photography School/ YouTube.com

19. Strawberry heart

As you can see, even from an ordinary strawberry and a curved spoon you can make a real photo masterpiece! It's all about the right angle and the glossy surface of the table. And we advise not only to photograph strawberries but also to eat this healthy berry as often as possible. Strawberries have more vitamin C than citrus fruits! 100 grams of these berries contain 98% of the daily requirement of vitamin C. We advise you to take note if you want to improve your immunity!

19. Strawberry heart.jpg

20. Autumn composition

Why not decorate your yard with a handmade arrangement of wheels and autumn plants? This is most likely what the authors of this beautiful photo decided. And again you can see the perfect symmetry, which is so adored by perfectionists! By the way, since we remembered the perfectionists, let's say a few words about this type of person. According to some experts, excessive perfectionism is more negative than positive. Such people often suffer from increased anxiety and feel constant tension. And what about you? Do you think perfectionism is good or bad?

Autumn composition.jpg@Symmetry Photography | 75 Ideas | Compilation/ DecorNation/ YouTube.com

21. Bao`en tower

One of the distinctive features of Chinese architecture is symmetry, which is evident in the image. Bao'en Tower, which is in the Chinese province of Fujian, is positioned before you. The tower's floors have the same, clone-like appearance. The emphasis on symmetry, which is another word for balance, in Chinese architecture is a highly significant characteristic. From modest homes to palaces, practically all Chinese structures exhibit bilateral symmetry. In Chinese architecture, beliefs in numerous signs were also visible. For instance, Chinese roofs are turned up to ward off evil spirits.

Bao`en tower.jpg@20211202: Day of Symmetry | Chinese Architecture/ New China TV/ YouTube.com

22. Flamingo team

Whether these flamingos were very thirsty, or this is just a random photo, the image looks incredible! Well, one flamingo is good, but four is even better! We have prepared for you not only a cute photo but also some interesting facts about these amazing birds. It turns out that flamingos cannot take off from a place, they need to scatter. But in flight, they can reach speeds of up to 60 km per hour! By the way, pink flamingo feathers arise because the red crustaceans that these birds feed on contain carotenoid pigment. It paints flamingo feathers in a glamorous color!

Flamingo team.jpg
@Symmetry Photography | 75 Ideas | Compilation/ DecorNation/ YouTube.com

23. Mesmerizing architecture

As you can see, not only Chinese architects are thinking about symmetry. Even in big cities, you can find a beautiful landscape of skyscrapers! And now let`s speak a little bit about them. It's no secret that one of the most iconic skyscrapers is the Empire State Building in Manhattan. An incredible incident took place there in 1979! A woman named Elvita Adams decided to commit suicide. She climbed to the 86th floor of a skyscraper and jumped off, but a strong wind blew her back to the 85th floor! It`s a miracle!

Mesmerizing architecture.jpg
@Symmetry Photography | 75 Ideas | Compilation/ DecorNation/ YouTube.com

24. Reflection Lake

It might be challenging to distinguish between what is genuine and what isn't sometimes when everything seems to fall into place perfectly. In this instance, the lake's reflection has produced the ideal reflection, giving the impression that the mountains, forest, and sky are stacked on top of one another.

Of course, you'd be able to discern the difference if the individual had taken this picture a little sooner. If they took it a little later, the same would be true.

24. Reflection Lake.jpg

25. Cute giraffes

As you can see, giraffes can impress not only with majestic appearance but also with their photogenicity! There are also fascinating facts associated with these animals! For example, giraffes are the only animals that can't yawn! At least in the entire history of observing giraffes, scientists have never caught them yawning. But unlike other living creatures, giraffes can sleep standing up! Typically, such a dream lasts about 5 minutes, and the total duration of sleep per day in giraffes usually does not exceed 60 minutes.

Cute giraffes.jpg
@Symmetry Photography | 75 Ideas | Compilation/ DecorNation/ YouTube.com

26. It`s so beautiful!

Have you ever seen such a beautiful plant? We see this for the first time! And look how well the photographer managed to capture rain or dew drops on a flower. Just wow! At first glance, this plant looks like a beautiful snowflake, and what do you think? By the way, did you know that there are about 390,000 plants in the world, of which about 90,000 species are edible? However, 90% of plant food for us is provided by only 30 plant cultures.

It`s so beautiful.jpg
@Beautiful Examples of Symmetry In Nature 2022/ Captured Life/ YouTube.com

27. Residence of Leaves

Don't you just adore how nature and man-made constructions converge into a single, absolutely harmonious state of beauty over time? 

It's not just that the old home is covered with leaves; it's also the way the hues of the leaves transition from red to orange to green. Nature chose to decorate the front of your house for you just as you were preparing to hire a decorator.

27. Residence of Leaves.jpg

28. It's easy to fall in love with this glass ceiling!

The glass ceiling in the photo looks just impressive! You can only imagine what a panoramic view of the city and the starry sky opens from it! We would like to visit such a building, and even better to have such a ceiling at home! But perhaps one of the most famous glass buildings in the world is the pyramid near the Louvre in Paris. In 1983, the American architect Bei Yuming was appointed the chief architect responsible for the reconstruction of the Louvre - the glass pyramids were exactly his idea.

It's easy to fall in love with this glass ceiling.jpg
@Symmetry Photography | 75 Ideas | Compilation/ DecorNation/ YouTube.com

29. The sun is in the glass!

What a beautiful photo! Looking at it, we wanted to go on vacation - bask in the warm sun and drink delicious wine! But for now, it's just a dream. By the way, if you also like to take pictures of glasses, for example, while sitting in a restaurant, then we have a few life hacks for you on how to make such photos as beautiful as possible. The frame should not be too dark or too light - almost any photo editor has a brightness or exposure control. We also recommend that the photo has warm shades, which can emphasize the cozy atmosphere and the wine’s color.

29. The sun is in the glass!.jpg

30. A drop of water as art!

This photo looks great, but the facts that we will tell you about water will impress you even more! Did you know that a cup of coffee is 200 liters of water? Now let's explain what we mean. The fact is that while grains are growing for one cup of coffee, only for them the tree must consume 200 liters of water! And while in some countries people do not even think about it, about 400 million people live in conditions without regular access to drinking water, mainly in Africa.

A drop of water as art.jpg@Symmetry photography composition rules II Bengali Tutorial II PixelBee/ PixelBee/ YouTube.com

31. Pencil rainbow

Have you ever seen a pencil rainbow? If not, then make a wish! But seriously speaking, this image looks beautiful. And since we remembered the rainbow, we have some interesting facts about this amazing natural phenomenon. It turns out that the well-known scientist Isaac Newton was involved in the study of the rainbow. It was he who first made a detailed description of the colors of the rainbow. Then he singled out only 5 colors, namely red, yellow, green, blue, and purple. Now we know that there are 7 shades in the rainbow!

31. Pencil rainbow.jpg@alonemind/Reddit.com

32. City vibe

I wonder how long the photographers waited to capture this incredible moment. Even through the photo, you can feel the atmosphere of a big city - skyscrapers, the fast pace of life, and airplanes that quickly deliver people to the locations they need! By the way, about airplanes. Of course, we have prepared the most interesting facts about them that will complement the photo. It turns out that only 5% of the world's population has flown on an airplane at least once. And most of them are frequent flyers. And one more interesting and useful fact - the dirtiest place on the plane is not the toilet, but the folding table on the seat. It has 8 times more bacteria than an airplane toilet flush button!

City vibe.jpg@Symmetry photography composition rules II Bengali Tutorial II PixelBee/ PixelBee/ YouTube.com

33. The Ultimate Masterpiece

Sometimes, what matters most is how something appears rather than what it actually is. Yes, a donut may not be considered art in the conventional sense. But we can't help but be amazed by this amazing ring of dough and frosting.

We had no idea that a doughnut could be so aesthetically beautiful. Come on, we're frothing at the mouth over the shine alone. We would do anything to get our teeth into that.

33. The Ultimate Masterpiece.jpg@begmax/Reddit.com

34. Vibrant Chili Pepper

Then this bad boy decided to appear in the culinary world, just when you thought you had seen it all. What does this suggest for the chili's strength, then? Depending on the color, are some chili ingredients hotter than others?

In addition, why can't it happen to people if it can happen to fruits and vegetables? Why haven't we ever seen somebody with skin that looks like a rainbow? We often have trouble sleeping because of the questions like these.

34. Vibrant Chili Pepper.jpg@kentastickent/Reddit.com

35. Beauty in Bloom

There are other flowers from the Land of the Rising Sun that are very lovely, despite the fact that the cherry blossoms in Japan draw thousands of tourists every year. The Camellia japonica is aesthetically attractive, and to say that is an understatement of the century!

If you're curious about how a flower may have such a captivating pattern, the technical phrase is likely a fractal arrangement. Basically, this occurs when objects of the same size have the same statistical value as the group as a whole. Cool, huh?

Depositphotos_53580567_XL (1) (1).jpg

36. The pieces are falling into place

Isn't that something we all wish we could tell ourselves every day? Life unfortunately isn't that simple. However, you can use this term in your home if you have any interest in DIY, like this guy.

It's incredible to consider that a bookshelf might be constructed so that every book, regardless of size, stands at the same height!

36. The pieces are falling into place.jpg@dannylovesart61/Reddit.com

37. The Cold Fortress

We believed that a gate would be secure enough to deter intruders from entering the building. But when winter arrived, small ice picks began to develop on the gate, making entry a complete nightmare for would-be invaders.

Actually, we are lying. To the human touch, these ice formations feel quite delicate. The truth is that up close, they merely have a nice appearance. Who would have imagined a security gate could go through such a beautiful winter transformation?

37. The Cold Fortress.jpg

38. Diet that is perfectly balanced

When you visit the grocery store to get the minimal necessities, you probably don't anticipate a five-star experience. You just want to enter, acquire what you need, and leave as soon as you can.

However, how are we supposed to complete any shopping while we are fixated on the fruit and vegetable aisle? Some employees seem to have a very clear idea of how they want to arrange their vegetables.

38. Diet that is perfectly balanced.jpg@kcinc82/Reddit.com

39. It’s so romantic!

An unusual and imaginative gardening idea is growing a watermelon in the shape of a heart. You'll need a heart-shaped mold or container to mold a watermelon as it grows in order to encourage the fruit to assume the appropriate form. A heart-shaped mold or container is required. Plastic or any suitable material may be used to create this. Heart-shaped molds are available for purchase, or you can construct your own by forming a frame in the form of a heart. Place the young watermelon in the heart-shaped mold or container. Make sure the watermelon is in the center of the mold. With a little patience, the heart-shaped watermelon will be ripe!

39.It’s so romantic!.jpg@h2jp/Reddit.com

40. Colorful fields

How could there be such a diversity of vivid, gorgeous hues in a field? You can't help stopping to take a shot for Instagram when you are going through a field of flowers that are almost every hue.

It's amazing. There are several colors to choose from, including red, pink, yellow, blue, green, orange, and purple. The fact that every row lines up precisely makes the picture even more aesthetically pleasant. This image captures perfection at its finest.

40. Colorful fields.jpg@BunyipPouch/Reddit.com

41. Wow! 

A passenger saw an amazing event while traveling across the Atlantic and peered out of the window. Usually, just seeing a cloud is captivating enough.

It is truly astounding to consider hovering above one of these gaseous masses. But this cloud stood out from the rest in a small way. This cloud had a perfect straight angle, unlike most clouds, which have erratic shapes. It was actually entirely quadrilateral! How likely are things?

41. Wow!.jpg@Trosenator/Reddit.com

42. Perfect snowball

Ever since the first time that people noticed the white, frigid material falling from the sky, people have been practicing the art of resisting snow. Anyone can make anything that resembles a ball out of snow by taking a clump and rubbing it between their hands.

But we can't help but notice how round and attractive this particular snowball is. This snowball appears to be the perfect size to go into an ice cream cone. You can give it a flavorful syrup injection to turn it into a deserving winter treat.

42. Perfect snowball.jpg@impvette/Reddit.com

43. How to get great

One must take the required actions to place himself on the path to success if he is to succeed in life.

There is no denying, though, that the journey will be much more enjoyable if those steps look beautiful, are vibrant, and have plenty of exciting things going on. Consider this set of steps, which has been constructed in a really creative manner. They don't exactly have a beginning and an end, can they?

43. How to get great.jpg@BinBender/Reddit.com

44. Completely round

It's interesting to note that making a proper pancake can be quite challenging. To achieve perfection, the ideal combination of heat, time, and pancake mix must be used. Distinguished members - display A.

The center of the pan should easily accommodate the perfect pancake. The amount of browning on each side of the pancake is equally as critical as where it is placed in the pan. Again, everything about this sample is perfect.

44. Completely round.jpg@zinzy2005/Reddit.com

45. The Optimal Pebble

It seems sense that rocks, stones, and pebbles might be beautiful to look at. They can assume some very hypnotic forms, and some civilizations hold them in the highest regard.

This person couldn't help but pick up this perfectly spherical pebble while strolling along a pebbly beach. Not only has it changed into a circle over time, but it also precisely fits into this person's palm.

45. The Optimal Pebble.jpg@sancho43/Reddit.com

46. Super Winter

Our roads and driveways will frequently receive snowfall during the coldest months of the year, producing the most aesthetically attractive, white surfaces for us to enjoy. But eventually we will have to leave the house and disturb the serene snowy ground with our boots and vehicles.

Even though animal tracks can be adorable, it is undeniable that human footprints ruin what was once a stunning, winter wonderland-like scene. Simply stay inside and observe the outside this Christmas.

46. Super Winter.jpg@Additional-Age-7174/Reddit.com

47. That is a cheeseburger

To be fair, we've already got a lovely image of a gorgeous burger bun on this list. It was shiny, silky, and as enjoyable to look at as it would have been to consume.

However, we believe we may have discovered an even more appetizing image involving hamburgers. This time, a kind cook generously topped a burger with cheese, and the way the cheese melted over the beef patty is really stunning to look at.

47. That is a cheeseburger.jpg@Big-Zoo/Reddit.com

48. Through the looking glass: Cola

Don't you simply adore those Coca-Cola cups that have a can-like form but allow you to view the beverage inside? Well, someone made the decision to give something a try, and the results were really amazing, at least visually.

He picked up a can of his preferred soda, carefully opened it, and poured the entire contents into the glass. Not a drop was wasted after all was said and done.

48. Through the looking glass Cola.jpg@ShadowZale/Reddit.com

49. Aircraft sailing

Many ships throughout maritime history were forced to take protracted diversions around nations and even entire continents because there were no straits that were wide enough for them to pass through.

However, there must be those captains who were overjoyed to learn that their ship could navigate even the most treacherous straits. Consider this ship, which barely had enough room to transport its passengers to their intended location.

49. Aircraft sailing.jpg

50. The Iceberg's tip

Regarding everything coming together perfectly. It's not just how everything lines up exactly in a picture; it's also how the picture is framed, which gives the impression that everything is perfectly aligned.

Additionally, the interplay of ice, water, and air is well balanced as evidenced by the iceberg's and the water's shadow effects. Given that the image is square, a cross-like pattern can be seen where all the lines converge, giving the impression that a cube has opened up.

50. The Iceberg's tip.jpg@Browndog888/Reddit.com