Hollywood ignored the illness of Bruce Willis: the tragic story of the actor's life

13 Oct 2023

The cinema legend Bruce Willis had it all: fame, money, and the best women. But one day everything changed. He was diagnosed with an incurable disease. During his career, he saved the world millions of times, but now it seems that no doctor will save him.

Unexpected blow

In 2022, the world was shocked by the news: Bruce Willis ended his acting career forever. But it was an even bigger shock that the reason for such a decision was a serious disease - aphasia. Because of it, Bruce loses his memory and the ability to speak. The actor's daughter Rumor Willis shared this news on Instagram. But no one suspected that these symptoms were only a harbinger of an even more terrible disease…

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A disease for which there is no cure

The disease began to progress rapidly, and the prescribed drugs had no effect. Therefore, the actor underwent even more examinations. As a result, the diagnosis is frontotemporal dementia. There is no cure for it... But were there precursors of the disease? And why did Hollywood ignore the problems of Bruce Willis for so many years?

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Difficult childhood

Bruce Willis was born in Germany in the family of an American military man and a German woman. Later, his parents moved to the USA, to New Jersey. However, their life didn't work out, and a few years later, they divorced. Bruce stayed with his father, while his two brothers and sister went with their mother. The divorce deeply affected the future star, and the boy even began to stutter. 

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Teenage bullying

In school, the future star was a good student, but due to his stutter, he lacked confidence. Bruce began to be teased by classmates because of his stuttering. Sometimes it even led to fights, so the boy had to defend himself. To stand up for himself, the future actor even started attending wrestling classes. However, the real solution to the problem will come later.

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The decision that changed his entire life

Everything changed when the young man decided to try himself in the theatrical play Kentucky Yankees at the Court of King Arthur. Bruce realized that he was not stuttering during his speech. After that, his classmates began to perceive him in a completely different way.

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Pour alcohol? Many!

Whatever Bruce had to work for to survive. He was a security guard, a driver, and others. Eventually, Willis became a bartender and poured full glasses of alcohol every night for the local drunkards. At that time, he had no idea that one day he would drink even more than they did…

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An artist for drunkards

Bruce attended acting castings, but all in vain. And all that remained was to demonstrate their artistic talents in the bar. As the mass media write - he rode around the tables in pants like a parachute and a torn shirt, playing the harmonica, was joking. He had no idea that one day he would not be able to speak…

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The day fortune finally smiled upon Bruce

Finally, in 1977, when he was 22 years old, he was cast in an Off-Broadway play. He was very happy, not suspecting that his dream acting would ruin his health more than once…

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A dream that finally came true?

Work in the theater did not bring enough money. Therefore, Bruce had to continue working as a bartender. He was given the nickname Bruno, which will remain with him for the rest of his life. But very soon fate smiled again - he made his debut in the film The First Deadly Sin, 1980. The role was small: he played a guy who entered a cafe just as the main character left. At that time, he could not even imagine that directors would fight to invite him to the main role in their film.

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Four years of failure

For four long years, Bruce went to all possible castings but every time he was rejected. Is he going to spend his whole life in a bar? But later fate threw up an opportunity to get on TV. However, it was not a movie, but just an advertisement. Then Bruce had no idea that he would shake his ass in front of the screen of jeans of the famous Levi's brand. While everyone was watching his dance, Bruce had no idea that his name would soon be making headlines in the media!

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Was there a romance or just rumors?

A breakthrough in the actor's career occurred in 1985 when he got the main role in the TV series Moonlight. His partner was the actress Sibyll Shepherd. The couple played their roles so convincingly that rumors about their romance began to circulate in the newspapers. However, Bruce later admitted that he never dared to take the relationship out of the picture.

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Compromising confessions

Once in an interview with GQ, the Hollywood star admitted that there was a period in his life when he finally got fame, he drank a lot of alcohol.

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Is Bruce leaving the movie industry?

After the third season, the ratings for Moonlighting started to decline. Additionally, Bruce himself began to lose interest in the series as he wanted to take advantage of his popularity and move into feature films. Moreover, he stated that he would no longer work in television series, but later he had to backtrack on his words.

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The bets he paid for

To have some money, Bruce had to star in an episode of the series Friends. Then he and actor Matthew Perry made a bet. Perry believed that this series would be a huge success after the first episodes. But Willis disagreed. As it turned out, Bruce lost, therefore, according to the terms of the bet, he gave his fee to charity.

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No more castings

Bruce was already 32 years old, and he still did not have much success and was almost not called by directors. Even though fortune smiled on him and he starred in the movie Blind Date with the attractive Kim Basinger, he was not satisfied with everything. 

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Passion at first sight 

In August 1987, at the premiere of the detective comedy Blind Date, Bruce Willis saw his future wife, Demi Moore, for the first time, as she attended the event with her boyfriend. The actor was captivated by the beauty of the girl, although he didn't have serious plans for her initially. Demi responded with mutual interest, although she didn't know where this would lead. Passion engulfed the couple that evening.

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The passion that transformed into love

That evening, Demi forgot about her boyfriend. The new suitor deeply charmed her. As the mass media wrote, they went home together that night. They discovered many commonalities and decided not to part ways. Their friends didn't believe that Bruce was serious and for the long term, as he had a reputation as a playboy and a partygoer. However, Demi had a different opinion.

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An unexpected marriage proposal

Four months had passed since they met. It was November 1987. Bruce Willis and Demi Moore were on their way to Las Vegas. Suddenly, on the road to the Sin City, Bruce pulled out a ring and proposed to Demi. Without hesitation, she said yes. On that day, much to the surprise of their family and friends, the couple got married.

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Family man Bruce

Shortly after the wedding, the actress informed her partner that she was expecting her first child. Bruce was incredibly happy to become a father. Despite the reputation of a party man, the actor turned out to be a caring man. Demi was convinced that she had chosen the best father for her children.

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Expected child

Exactly 9 months after their wedding, Demi Moore and Bruce Willis welcomed their first daughter, whom they named Rumer. Their joy knew no bounds. Their love only grew stronger and flourished. Both dreamed of a large family. The couple began to bring their dreams to life.

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The role that made Bruce Willis a Global Star

At that time, the stars were Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mel Gibson, Clint Eastwood, and others. The producers originally envisioned them for the main role in Die Hard. However, none of them wanted to act in this film. But Bruce believed in the movie and happily started filming.

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During the filming, Bruce Willis almost went deaf

Filming of the movie Die Hard not only brought Bruce Willis worldwide fame but also caused his first hearing problems. The actor's daughter, Rumer Willis, said that her father lost his hearing a few days after filming. According to Hollywood Suite, director John McTiernan wanted to increase the realism of the film by using more sound effects and accidentally fired a shot near the actor's ear. In the combination of a very loud explosion and an enclosed space, hearing loss suddenly became a reality. Fortunately, after a few days, Bruce's hearing returned but he will feel the consequences of this incident in the future.

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Mind-boggling fees

Action movies with Bruce Willis in the role of John McClane brought him crazy popularity and incredible box office. Therefore, the producers decided to shoot a sequel. But Bruce set them conditions: he would act only if his fees were raised to 5 million dollars. The producers were shocked by such audacity but then agreed to Willis' terms.

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Savior of the World

After starring in Die Hard, a new role as the savior of the world became associated with him, and corresponding offers started pouring in.

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The story of the legendary baldness 

At the age of 30, the superhero on the screen Bruce Willis began to lose his hair. This greatly upset him and he tried various ways to restore his hair, but none of them had the desired effect. At that time, the actor had no idea that in the future baldness would become his calling card.

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Bruce as Othello?

Demi Moore's career was also on the rise. Her film Ghost broke the records of Die Hard. However, this fact did not discourage Willis. According to Hollywood gossip, Bruce once came to the set to discuss the relationship between his wife's co-star Patrick Swayze and Demi. As the journalists wrote, the action star was jealous of his wife.

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Don't do intimate scenes?

Bruce Willis said in an interview that he did not like to act in intimate scenes. But it seems that the actor was deceiving because he played such roles too realistically. Some fans still wonder if there was real intimacy between Willis and any of his on-screen co-stars.

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Naked for the whole world

Once, Demi Moore dared to do something that shocked the world. In 1991, during her seventh month of pregnancy, she posed for the cover of Vanity Fair magazine. The main goal of this photoshoot was to show the world that pregnancy is a beautiful and aesthetic state that one should be proud of.

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Parents for the third time

Later, Bruce Willis and Demi Moore became parents for the third time. They had a daughter named Scout. It seemed that there were no happier people in the world than them. However, they did not suspect that the collapse of their happy family life would soon be waiting for them.

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Brash behavior, arrogance... Bruce and Demi felt like Hollywood gods. In particular, after Die Hard, Bruce became quite brazen in communicating with journalists and looked for fights on any occasion. In the mid-90s, as the newspapers of the time wrote, he even hired bodyguards, whose duty was to... prevent another boss fight.


Perfect relationship?

Journalists wrote that Demi was jealous of Bruce's colleagues on the filming pavilion. He swore it wasn't true and she believed it until the next time. After all, the whole world thought they were the perfect couple... even though their marriage was beginning to end.

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Do everything to get the role

Bruce was very eager to be a part of this film when he accidentally heard about it from an acquaintance. As soon as Bruce found out that the film's director, Quentin Tarantino, would be at his friend's barbecue, he went there too. The actor talked to the director and shared his vision for the role, and Tarantino cast Willis in his film Pulp Fiction. The actor's intuition didn't fail him: the movie received numerous awards, including an Oscar, and positive reviews from critics.

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Oh, Great Bald One!

In 1995, Bruce starred in the dystopian film 12 Monkeys. It was there that he shaved his head for the first time. Brad Pitt, who also appeared in the movie, exclaimed upon seeing his star colleague: "Oh, Great Bald One!" From that moment, Bruce reconsidered his attitude towards his hairstyle, eventually deciding to keep his head shaved, and it turned out to be a wise choice – his bald look became iconic.

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The Fifth Element: when intuition did not fail

In the film The Fifth Element, director Luc Besson initially envisioned Mel Gibson in the lead role. However, Gibson turned down the part. Consequently, the director decided to offer the role to Bruce Willis. Remarkably, Willis read the script in a record two hours and agreed to be part of the film. This coincidence led to the creation of one of the most iconic roles in Bruce Willis' career.

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Armageddon: Bruce appeared in the film because he was at fault

In Armageddon, Bruce appeared in the film to... rectify his mistake. The thing is, before this, the actor was cast in the Broadway Brawler movie for Disney. However, he behaved on the set in a, to put it mildly, inappropriate manner, leading to the filming being permanently halted. So, the company sued him. As a compromise, Bruce signed a contract in which he agreed to appear in three Disney films for a fee of 3 million dollars instead of the usual 20.

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A crack in their family life led to a separation

The hectic work schedules of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore caused problems in their relationship. In her memoir, Demi Moore later wrote that the couple first faced a crisis in their relationship two years into their marriage. When Scout was born, Bruce began to reproach her, saying that she hadn't given up her ambitions and fully devoted herself to the family. The actress believed that the arrival of their third child would save their relationship, but miracles didn't happen. The couple divorced after 11 years of marriage. 

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Divorce with Investments

Despite their divorce, Bruce Willis and Demi Moore remained on good terms. The actor paid 38 million dollars to his ex-wife after their separation, considering it an investment in the well-being of their daughters. Since then, their relationship resembled the camaraderie of two former army comrades who had experienced and seen a lot together. As proof of this, Bruce even agreed to be the best man at Demi and Ashton's wedding.

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Happy Bachelor

The celebrity didn't hide his joy over the freedom he gained after the divorce. He started actively relaxing, having fun, and entering new romantic relationships. As a result, Bruce changed several partners over 10 years.

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Confrontation with the Press

Action star became the target of attacks and criticism in the press. Journalists constantly criticized the actor for his unsuccessful performances and spread rumors about his constant affairs. Eventually, Bruce withdrew into the shadows and appeared in public less frequently, except for work commitments. He referred to the press as "merchants of human tragedies, weaknesses, and guilt."

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Filming that ended in injuries

Bruce Willis has been injured multiple times during filming. Specifically, during the shooting of the fourth installment of Die Hard, the actor got injured during action scenes. However, he didn't end up in the hospital, he simply took a few days off and rested at home. In the end, such indifference to his health will cost him a terrible price...

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Fateful Meeting That Made Bruce Happy

There are several versions of how Bruce Willis met his current wife, Emma Heming, a model and British actress. According to the most popular version in the press, Emma was a devoted fan of the actor from childhood, and his posters adorned her room. Their first encounter reportedly took place during auditions for the film Perfect Stranger. Supposedly, she went there to see her idol in person but ended up in the movie. 

Fateful Meeting That Made Bruce Happy.jpg?format=webp

Perfect Family

Despite a 20-year age gap, the relationship between Emma and Bruce developed rapidly. In 2009, they got married. They share mutual understanding and respect. Currently, they are raising two daughters, Evelyn and Mabel.

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Great Relationship with husband's ex-wife

Emma managed to positively influence Bruce's life and make him believe in family relationships again. Not only did she successfully tame the celebrity, but she also became friends with his ex-wife, Demi Moore, and her children from her marriage with Bruce. They now often spend vacations together and even go through quarantine as a blended family.

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The first symptoms

The problems first started in 2015. During the shoots, Bruce increasingly struggled to play his role properly. He simply couldn't grasp the meaning of what was written in the script. That's why he had to use a special microphone in his ear, on which the text was read to him because memorizing the words had become impossible. Initially, everyone thought he was just tired, but later it became clear that these were the first symptoms of the illness.

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Bruce is forced to return to low-budget films

While shooting Glass in 2018, the scriptwriters had to condense David Dunn's lines due to Willis struggling with memorization. Consequently, the renowned actor shifted to low-budget films with single-day shoots, exemplified by Death Wish. This shift enabled Bruce to provide for his family and cover medical expenses. Initially, there were discussions about the actor experiencing age-related brain conditions.

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After some time, Bruce's wife finally convinced him to see a doctor. After the examination, he was diagnosed with aphasia. Difficulties in speech and memory characterize this condition. This happened in 2022. Treatment was prescribed, but it didn't help, and a year later, the couple returned to the doctor. The diagnosis was grim…

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Terrible Diagnosis

In February 2023 his relatives shared the heartbreaking news on social media: the actor had been diagnosed with a rare and severe form of dementia – frontotemporal dementia.

Unfortunately, there is currently no cure for this disease. So, Bruce and his family needed time to come to terms with this illness and learn to live with it. And he quits his career.

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Difficult decision

Over time, it became clear that Emma couldn't manage alone. She needed an assistant to care for her husband. In February of last year, the model sadly admitted that her husband's illness was incurable. During this challenging period, she found support from Demi Moore. There were even rumors that the actress had moved into Willis and Heming's home to take care of her former spouse.

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Bruce Willis' Family Finds Strength Amidst Challenges

British model Emma Heming shared in the Remember Me podcast that living with such a diagnosis is challenging. In particular, the disease significantly affected Willis. Moreover, the actor's diagnosis has changed both Emma and their two daughters. However, the model added that her husband wouldn't want to sadden the family, so they cherish every moment spent together.

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Family disease

Bruce Willis's family is actively trying to raise awareness about his illness. They believe it's crucial to openly discuss this issue because many people and their families are dealing with it. Bruce's wife, Emma Heming, even started her podcast, where she shares her experiences and coping strategies regarding her husband's illness. According to her, it's not easy, but she continues to navigate this situation because this illness affects the whole family. Supposedly, it's not only the patient who suffers but also his entire family.

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