Revealing the Secrets of 90s and 2000s Celebrity Lives

14 Mar 2024

Step back in time to the era of floppy disks, dial-up internet, and boy bands galore. The 90s and 2000s were an iconic period filled with unforgettable pop culture moments, and at the center of it all were the celebrities who defined the times. From heartthrobs to fashion icons, these stars captured our attention with their talent, style, and often, their scandalous antics. But what is happening with them now? Let's find out!

Nick Carter – Then

As the youngest member of the iconic boy band Backstreet Boys, Carter quickly captured the hearts of millions. With his piercing blue eyes and soulful voice, he became the ultimate heartthrob of the era, adored by fans around the globe.

Nick Carter – Then.jpg?format=webp

But Carter's journey to superstardom was not without its challenges. As part of the Backstreet Boys, he faced intense pressure to maintain the group's image of perfection while navigating the pitfalls of fame. From grueling world tours to relentless media scrutiny, Carter learned to weather the trials of stardom with resilience.

Nick Carter – Now

Despite the band's meteoric success in the '90s, Carter's career hit a rough patch in the early 2000s. As the popularity of boy bands waned, he struggled to find his footing as a solo artist. However, he did not achieve much success in this. Moreover, there are still a lot of scandals around his name.

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As reported by The Guardian on August 31, 2023, a woman has filed a lawsuit against Nick Carter, a singer of the pop group Backstreet Boys, alleging that he raped her. This is the third such lawsuit he is currently facing. The singer denies all allegations, but his image is suffering as a result.

Howie Dorough – Then

While often overshadowed by his Backstreet Boys bandmates' larger-than-life personas, Howie quietly captivated audiences with his smooth vocals and effortless charm.

Howie Dorough – Then.jpg?format=webp

Throughout the '90s, the Backstreet Boys dominated the charts with hits like Quit Playing Games (With My Heart) and I Want It That Way, catapulting Howie to international fame. Despite the group's meteoric rise to stardom, Howie remained grounded, often serving as the voice of reason within the band.

Howie Dorough – Now

Howie attempted to establish himself as a solo singer and even opened for Britney Spears several times, but he never became a superstar.

Howie Dorough – Now .jpg?format=webp@Gary Graff /07/11/2019/

Howie Dorough is happily married to Leigh Boniello, whom he wed in December 2007. The couple has two sons together, James Hoke Dorough and Holden John Dorough. Despite his busy schedule, Howie prioritizes spending quality time with his wife and children, cherishing the bonds they share.

Victoria Beckham – Then

Known to millions as Posh Spice, Victoria was the epitome of style, grace, and sophistication as one-fifth of the iconic girl group Spice Girls. Victoria's journey to superstar began in 1994 when she answered an ad in The Stage magazine, auditioning for a new girl group. 

Victoria Beckham – Then.jpg?format=webp

Little did she know, this audition would change her life forever. Alongside Melanie Brown, Emma Bunton, Melanie Chisholm, and Geri Halliwell, Victoria took the world by storm with smash hits like Wannabe and Spice Up Your Life. With their catchy tunes, empowering lyrics, and eye-catching ensembles, the Spice Girls became a cultural phenomenon!

Victoria Beckham – Now

Today, Victoria Beckham is not just a pop star turned fashion designer – she's a bona fide icon. With her impeccable sense of style and unwavering work ethic, she continues to inspire women everywhere to embrace their individuality and chase their dreams.

Victoria Beckham – Now.jpg?format=webp

It seems that Victoria is not afraid of any challenges. For example, recently she appeared on crutches at the show of her brand in Paris!

Shannen Doherty – Then

Doherty shot to fame with her portrayal of Brenda Walsh, the spirited and rebellious teenager navigating the ups and downs of high school life in the iconic '90s teen drama. Her chemistry with co-stars and on-screen love interest Dylan McKay, played by Luke Perry, captivated audiences. 

Shannen Doherty – Then.jpg?format=webp

However, it was her role as Prue Halliwell in the supernatural series Charmed that solidified Doherty's status as a television powerhouse. As the eldest of the Halliwell sisters, Prue possessed telekinetic powers and a fierce determination to protect her family from evil forces.

Shannen Doherty – Now

In recent years, Shannen Doherty has faced one of the toughest challenges of her life: a battle with cancer. In 2015, she publicly revealed her diagnosis of breast cancer.

Shannen Doherty – Now.jpg?format=webp

Throughout her treatment, Doherty has been open and honest about her struggles, sharing updates on social media and speaking candidly about the physical and emotional toll of cancer. Her willingness to share her experience has inspired countless others facing similar challenges, offering them hope and strength.

Alyssa Milano – Then

From the supernatural drama Charmed to the gritty crime series Mistresses, Alyssa Milano proved her versatility as an actress, earning praise for her nuanced performances.

Alyssa Milano – Then.jpg?format=webp

By the way, in 2003, she became a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador, using her platform to advocate for children's rights and humanitarian causes around the world. Her tireless efforts to raise awareness about issues such as clean water access and maternal health earned her widespread admiration and respect.

Alyssa Milano – Now

Perhaps Alyssa Milano's most impactful role is that of activist and advocate. In recent years, she has emerged as a leading voice in the fight for women's rights, LGBTQ+ equality, and social justice.

Alyssa Milano – Now.jpg?format=webp

By the way, according to Holly Combs, who portrayed the witch Piper, the decision to remove Doherty from the series was influenced by actress Alyssa Milano, who played the younger sister Phoebe. Holly Marie spoke about this in a new episode of Shannen Doherty's podcast, Let's Be Clear.

Holly Marie Combs – Then

As the middle sister of the Halliwell witches in the supernatural drama Charmed, Holly’s heroine Piper charmed audiences with her wit, strength, and unwavering loyalty to her sisters.

Holly Marie Combs – Then.jpg?format=webp

In addition to her successful career on screen, Combs also experienced many dramas in her personal life. She has been married and divorced twice, with her most notable relationship being with actor David W. Donoho, with whom she shares three sons.

Holly Marie Combs – Now

The 50-year-old actress has gained weight due to age-related changes, which often attracts criticism on social media. Now she appears less frequently in movies, devoting more time to her personal life.

Holly Marie Combs – Now.jpg?format=webp

In 2015, Holly met restaurateur Mike Ryan, and in September of last year, the couple tied the knot. In one of her interviews, Combs stated that she "intends to be with him for at least another 50 years." We sincerely hope that the actress's wish comes true!

Pamela Anderson – Then

Anderson has captivated audiences around the world, especially during the 2000s, where she became synonymous with one of the most beloved television series of all time - Baywatch. As the bombshell lifeguard C.J. Parker, Anderson stole the hearts of viewers with her stunning looks and charm.

Pamela Anderson – Then.jpg?format=webp

Her iconic slow-motion beach runs and daring rescues solidified her status as a sex symbol of the era. And while the tabloids may continue to speculate about her personal life, one thing remains certain - Pamela Anderson will always be a Hollywood legend.

Pamela Anderson – Now 

The actress still remains a favorite of millions, even though she's rarely seen on the big screen these days. Interestingly, last year saw the release of a documentary about her, where she delves into the details of her personal life and experiences.

Pamela Anderson – Now.jpg?format=webp

What's intriguing is that despite Pamela's candid image in the 2000s, she now exudes more elegance. She's one of the few stars who even show up to major events like the Oscars without makeup, emphasizing the notion that women don't have to conform to imposed beauty standards.  

Paris Hilton – Then

Ah, the early 2000s - a time of Juicy Couture tracksuits, flip phones, and the rise of reality TV. And right at the center of it all was Paris Hilton, the ultimate It Girl of the era. Paris burst onto the scene in the late '90s as the heiress to the Hilton hotel empire, but it was in the 2000s that she truly became a household name.

Paris Hilton – Then.jpg?format=webp

With her blonde locks, designer wardrobe, and penchant for partying, Paris embodied the epitome of Hollywood glamour. She skyrocketed to fame with the reality show The Simple Life, where she and bestie Nicole Richie traded their Beverly Hills mansions for small-town living.

Paris Hilton – Now

Gone are the days of endless club appearances and tabloid scandals. Instead, Paris has focused her energy on building her empire, which includes a successful line of fragrances, cosmetics, and fashion accessories.

Paris Hilton – Now.jpg?format=webp

Also, last year, 43-year-old Paris shared some joyful news with her fans: she became a mother for the second time, once again thanks to a surrogate mother.

Jessica Alba – Then

Throughout the 2000s, Alba starred in numerous successful films, including Sin City, Fantastic Four, and Into the Blue. Aside from her acting career, Alba is also a successful entrepreneur. In 2011, she co-founded The Honest Company, a consumer goods company that sells non-toxic household products. 

Jessica Alba – Then.jpg?format=webp

The company's mission to provide safe and eco-friendly products has earned Alba recognition as a leading businesswoman and advocate for environmental sustainability.

Jessica Alba – Now

In recent years, Jessica Alba has been appearing less frequently in movies; however, her life is filled with both interesting and challenging experiences. In an interview with Real Simple magazine, she admitted that motherhood hasn't been easy for her.

Jessica Alba – Now.jpg?format=webp

To improve her relationships with her daughters (two daughters and a son), Jessica decided to attend therapy sessions with them. According to Alba, the reason for seeking help from a specialist was the conflicts with her eldest daughter, Honor Marie. Fortunately, the therapist helped them learn to listen to and understand each other.

Tori Spelling – Then

When it comes to Hollywood dynasties, few names shine as brightly as Tori Spelling's. Born into the legendary Spelling family, she was destined for stardom from the start. Spelling rose to prominence in the '90s with her role as Donna Martin in the iconic teen drama Beverly Hills, 90210. 

Tori Spelling – Then.jpg?format=webp

After Beverly Hills, 90210 wrapped, she continued to make her mark on Hollywood with a string of successful projects. From reality TV shows like Tori & Dean: Inn Loveto guest appearances on hit series like Smallville and Jane the Virgin she proved that she is a cool actress.

Tori Spelling – Now

Today, Spelling continues to navigate the ups and downs of life in the spotlight with grace and poise. Spelling's personal life has been just as dramatic as any storyline on screen. From her highly publicized feud with her mother, Candy Spelling, to her tumultuous relationship with husband Dean McDermott, she's no stranger to tabloid headlines.

Tori Spelling – Now.jpg?format=webp

In the summer, the 50-year-old star began divorce proceedings with her husband, actor Dean McDermott. So, it seems Tori decided to get away and embarked on a journey across California with her five children. This was reported by the Daily Mail.

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen – Then

The 2000s marked a significant chapter in Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen's career as they transitioned from child stars to savvy businesswomen and fashion icons. In addition to continuing their acting endeavors, the twins ventured into the world of fashion, launching their own clothing line, Mary-Kate and Ashley: Real Fashion for Real Girls, which became wildly popular among young fans. 

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen – Then.jpg?format=webp

Also, in 2004, Mary-Kate and Ashley launched of their luxury brand, The Row, which quickly garnered critical acclaim and earned them accolades in the fashion industry.

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen – Now

The joint career concluded in 2004, with Mary-Kate's last film released in 2011 titled The Story of a Girl. Ashley hasn't appeared in films since then. The sisters gained fame for their remarkable privacy. They rarely give interviews, hardly make public appearances, and abstain from participating in fashion photoshoots.

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen – Now.jpg?format=webp

Despite their star-studded past, Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen are incredibly elusive and seldom seen in public. However, last year Ashley was spotted in public after a discreet childbirth. The former actress gave birth to a son named Otto with her husband, artist Louis Eisner, back in 2022. This was reported by the Daily Mail.

Melissa Joan Hart – Then

The star began her acting career at a young age, appearing in commercials and television commercials before landing her breakthrough role as Clarissa Darling in the Nickelodeon series Clarissa Explains It All in 1991. The show became a hit and garnered her widespread recognition among teenage audiences.

Melissa Joan Hart – Then.jpg?format=webp

Following the success of Clarissa Explains It All, Melissa Joan Hart starred in another iconic role as Sabrina Spellman in the television series Sabrina the Teenage Witch, which aired from 1996 to 2003.

Melissa Joan Hart – Now

Throughout her career, Hart has appeared in numerous television shows, films, and stage productions, showcasing her versatility as an actress. In addition to her acting career, Melissa Joan Hart has also ventured into directing and producing. 

Melissa Joan Hart – Now.jpg?format=webp

Also, she has been actively involved in philanthropic endeavors and has supported various charitable causes over the years. In terms of her personal life, Hart is married to musician Mark Wilkerson, with whom she has three sons: Mason, Braydon, and Tucker.

Kenan Thompson – Then

This American actor and comedian known for his remarkable contributions to television and comedy. He began his career in entertainment at a young age, participating in talent competitions and local theater productions.

Kenan Thompson – Then.jpg?format=webp

Thompson gained widespread recognition for his comedic talents when he joined the cast of the popular sketch comedy show All That on Nickelodeon in the mid-1990s. His versatility and comedic timing quickly made him a fan favorite on the show.

Kenan Thompson – Now

In addition to his work on television, Kenan Thompson has also appeared in various films, including Good Burger, Fat Albert, and Snakes on a Plane, among others. In recent years, Thompson has expanded his professional endeavors, venturing into producing and hosting.

Kenan Thompson – Now.jpg?format=webp

Kenan executive produces the popular NBC sitcom Kenan, in which he also stars as the titular character. He remains dedicated to his craft while also prioritizing time with his family. Kenan Thompson is married to Christina Evangeline, and the couple has two daughters.

Kel Mitchell – Then

The star's breakthrough came when he joined the cast of the Nickelodeon sketch comedy series All That in the 1990s. His dynamic performances quickly made him a standout on the show, earning him praise from audiences and critics alike.

Kel Mitchell – Then.jpg?format=webp

Following his success on All That, Mitchell co-starred with Kenan Thompson in the beloved Nickelodeon sitcom Kenan & Kel. The show, which aired from 1996 to 2000, showcased Mitchell's comedic prowess and established him as a star among young viewers.

Kel Mitchell – Now

In recent years, Kel Mitchell has experienced a resurgence in his career. Outside of acting, Kel Mitchell is also a talented musician and rapper. One noteworthy aspect of Kel Mitchell's life is his commitment to his faith. 

Kel Mitchell – Now.jpg?format=webp

He is a devout Christian and has spoken openly about the role of spirituality in his life and career. By the way, in 2012, Kel Mitchell married Asia Lee. The couple has two children together. They often share their family moments on social media, showcasing their love.

Jennifer Love Hewitt – Then

Jennifer began her career as a child actor, appearing in commercials and television shows. Her early roles include appearances on Kids Incorporated and Disney Channel Original Movies. Hewitt gained widespread recognition for her role as Sarah Reeves Merrin in the popular television series Party of Five in the 1990s. 

Jennifer Love Hewitt – Then.jpg?format=webp

In addition to acting, Jennifer Love Hewitt pursued a music career in the late 1990s and early 2000s and released several albums, including Love Songs and BareNaked.

Jennifer Love Hewitt – Now

In addition to her acting career, Jennifer has ventured into entrepreneurship. She co-founded and serves as a spokesperson for the maternity clothing line, L by Jennifer Love Hewitt. At 45, the actress looks absolutely beautiful! Although, in the Inside of You podcast, she admitted that aging in Hollywood is very difficult.

Jennifer Love Hewitt – Then (1).jpg?format=webp

Hewitt is married to actor Brian Hallisay, whom she met on the set of The Client List. The couple has two children together, a daughter named Autumn and a son named Atticus.

Brandy Norwood – Then

At the tender age of 15, Brandy burst onto the music scene like a supernova, captivating audiences with her powerhouse vocals and undeniable charm. With her debut self-titled album in 1994, Brandy set the music world ablaze, unleashing hits like I Wanna Be Down and Baby that became instant classics. The album catapulted her to stardom, solidifying her status as the reigning princess of R&B.

Brandy Norwood – Then.jpg?format=webp

But Brandy's talents weren't confined to the recording studio. She effortlessly transitioned to the small screen, stealing hearts as the titular character in the beloved sitcom Moesha. With her infectious smile and undeniable charisma, she endeared herself to audiences worldwide!

Brandy Norwood – Now

Brandy's music career has flourished, with each album showcasing her evolution as an artist. But her talents extend far beyond the realm of music. For example, last year the movie The Best. Christmas. Ever! was released on the big screens with her.

Brandy Norwood – Now.jpg?format=webp

As for her personal life, the singer has been in a relationship with Ryan Press for several years now, but they are now taking their relationship to a new level. Recently, the couple announced their engagement!

Amanda Bynes – Then

Born on April 3, 1986, in Thousand Oaks, California, Bynes began her career at a young age. She starred in the sketch comedy series All That and later in her own variety show, The Amanda Show. Also, Amanda transitioned to the big screen with roles in films like Big Fat Liar, What a Girl Wants, and She's the Man.

Amanda Bynes – Then.jpg?format=webp

However, despite her early success, Bynes faced different struggles. She made headlines for incidents involving reckless driving, substance abuse, and mental health concerns. About the drug problems that ruined Amanda's career, the actress told in a new interview for Paper magazine.

Amanda Bynes – Now

Amanda Bynes' life is far from easy despite her former fame. Last year, the star was sent to a psychiatric clinic after the police found her "naked and disoriented" on the streets of Los Angeles. Daily Mail reported on this.

Amanda Bynes – Now.jpg?format=webp

Furthermore, Amanda got a face tattoo, came under the guardianship of her mother after another altercation with the police, but she never returned to a previous life.

Frankie Muniz – Then

Muniz's breakout role came when he was cast as the titular character in the acclaimed television series Malcolm in the Middle in 2000. His portrayal of the precocious and gifted Malcolm earned him critical acclaim and multiple award nominations, including an Emmy Award.

Frankie Muniz – Then.jpg?format=webp

Despite his success in Hollywood, Frankie Muniz faced health challenges, including a series of mini-strokes, which he revealed in interviews. These health issues led to memory loss. Despite the challenges he has faced, Frankie continued to inspire fans with his resilience

Frankie Muniz – Now

In February 2024, Muniz signed a contract with Joey Gase Motorsports to compete in the NASCAR Xfinity Series championship. His debut race in NASCAR will be the first stage of the season, which will take place in Daytona. 

Frankie Muniz – Now.jpg?format=webp

Muniz revealed that he was inspired to fulfill his childhood dream of racing after his wife, Paige Price, gave birth to their first son, Mauz Mosley Muniz, in 2021. According to Frankie, he wants his son to grow up seeing his father pursue his dream and diligently work towards what he is passionate about.

Alyson Hannigan – Then

The actress gained widespread recognition for her portrayal of Willow Rosenberg in the cult television series Buffy the Vampire Slayer, which aired from 1997 to 2003. By the way, Hannigan is married to actor Alexis Denisof, whom she met on the set of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The couple has two daughters, and they often share glimpses of their family life on social media.

Alyson Hannigan – Then.jpg?format=webp

Also, Hannigan's breakout role came with the American Pie film series, where she played the endearing character of Michelle Flaherty.

Alyson Hannigan – Now

Today Alyson Hannigan has been known for her philanthropic endeavors and has supported various charitable causes over the years. She remains active in the entertainment industry, taking on acting roles and developing in producing and directing.

Alyson Hannigan – Now.jpg?format=webp

Also, Alyson Hannigan is her passion for cooking and baking. She has expressed her love for creating delicious meals and treats for her family and friends, often sharing recipes and cooking tips with her fans.

David Boreanaz – Then

Actor David Boreanaz spent several years playing only episodic characters until he landed one of the central roles in the series Buffy the Vampire Slayer. He transformed into Angel, the beloved of the main character. Interestingly, the character became so popular that in 1999, a spin-off series titled Angel began airing. The project lasted on screens until 2004.

David Boreanaz – Then.jpg?format=webp

However, in real life, the actor was not as perfect as the press portrayed. In 2001, the actor married his longtime friend Jaime Bergman, whom he had known since childhood. They had two children together, but in 2010, just a year after their daughter was born, Boreanaz publicly confessed to his infidelity. This was reminded by Hello magazine on September 7, 2022.

David Boreanaz – Now

After his role in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, David Boreanaz unfortunately disappeared from the spotlight for a long time. Nevertheless, David Boreanaz continues to act in movies to this day. He has been starring in the series SEAL Team for many years, but his popularity in this role cannot compare to the cult vampire series. 

David Boreanaz – Now.jpg?format=webp

As for his marriage to Jaime Bergman, whom the actor cheated on, they are still together to this day. It turns out the girl gave him a second chance.

Sarah Michelle Gellar – Then

Sarah Michelle began acting at the age of four - however, her first role was not in a movie but in a commercial for Burger King. Later Gellar's role of Kendall Hart in the soap opera All My Children earned her a Daytime Emmy Award in 1995. However, she rose to international fame as the vampire-slaying heroine in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, which aired from 1997 to 2003.  

Sarah Michelle Gellar – Then.jpg?format=webp

To land this role Sarah Michelle went through sixteen auditions. She started acting in this series when she was nineteen, and during the seven years the series aired on television, she was the most popular actress among young people - audiences adored her.

Sarah Michelle Gellar – Now

In addition to acting, Gellar is also a successful entrepreneur and philanthropist. She co-founded Foodstirs, a company that produces organic baking mixes, and has been involved in various charitable initiatives over the years.

Sarah Michelle Gellar – Now.jpg?format=webp

Sarah Michelle Gellar is married to actor Freddie Prinze Jr., whom she met while filming I Know What You Did Last Summer. The couple has two children together and has been known for their strong and supportive relationship in Hollywood.

Freddie Prinze Jr. – Then

This famous actor is the son of the late comedian and actor Freddie Prinze, who was best known for his role in the television series Chico and the Man. Prinze Jr. gained widespread recognition for his role as Zack Siler in the teen romantic comedy film She's All That (1999). The film's success helped propel him to stardom in the late 1990s and early 2000s. 

Freddie Prinze Jr. – Then.jpg?format=webp

Also, Freddie Prinze Jr. has been a lifelong fan of professional wrestling. He worked as a writer and producer for WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) from 2008 to 2009, contributing to various storylines and creative aspects of the programming.

Freddie Prinze Jr. – Now

Freddie is not only an actor. Prinze Jr. is known for his passion for cooking. He released a cookbook titled Back to the Kitchen: 75 Delicious, Real Recipes (& True Stories) from a Food-Obsessed Actor in 2016, sharing his favorite recipes and culinary experiences.

Freddie Prinze Jr. – Now.jpg?format=webp

As you've already understood, Freddie is a wonderful family man - he's been married to Sarah Michelle Gellar for almost 20 years! By the way, they went through a tough trial together. In 2014, the actor literally had to learn to walk again after undergoing a complex spinal surgery.

Joshua Jackson – Then

With his boyish charm and undeniable talent, Joshua Jackson captured hearts as the lovable Pacey Witter in the iconic teen drama Dawson's Creek. Since then, this Canadian-born actor has seamlessly transitioned from small-screen heartthrob to big-screen leading man, carving out a successful career in Hollywood. 

Joshua Jackson ¬– Then.jpg?format=webp

Following the success of the film Jackson solidified his status as a Hollywood leading man.

Joshua Jackson – Now

This was reported by the Daily Mail. The last time the former star of Dawson's Creek could be seen on screen was in the movie Sky in 2015. However, the Canadian actor will be appearing in a film for the first time since 2015, namely, in the new movie Karate Kid - People reports.

Joshua Jackson – Now.jpg?format=webp

He dated actress Diane Kruger for a decade before their split in 2016. However, Jackson found love again with actress Jodie Turner-Smith, and the couple tied the knot in a secret ceremony in 2019. But their marriage also ended, and Joshua Jackson, after a scandalous divorce, began dating Marvel star Lupita Nyong'o.

Alicia Silverstone – Then

She burst onto the silver screen with a radiant smile and an undeniable charisma, captivating audiences with her talent and beauty. Alicia Silverstone skyrocketed to fame with her unforgettable portrayal of Cher Horowitz in the cult classic film Clueless. 

Alicia Silverstone – Then.jpg?format=webp

Also, Alicia Silverstone is a passionate advocate for veganism and animal rights. She has authored books on vegan nutrition and lifestyle, including The Kind Diet, and remains dedicated to promoting a cruelty-free lifestyle through her activism and philanthropy.

Alicia Silverstone – Now

Alicia Silverstone continues to enchant audiences with her talent! However, the actress showcased herself not only in comedies. Last year, she appeared in the American crime thriller Reptile.

Alicia Silverstone – Now.jpg?format=webp

As for her personal life, the actress is divorced and recently surprised with an unexpected confession. Alicia Silverstone gave an interview to People magazine, in which she revealed that she installed the popular dating app called Bumble. According to the actress, it's a good way to meet new people and make friends. She believes it's very cute.

Will Smith – Then

Let's rewind the clock to the '90s when Will Smith burst onto the scene with his infectious charm! Before he became a Hollywood star, Smith gained fame as the Fresh Prince, starring in the hit sitcom The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

Will Smith – Then.jpg?format=webp

But Smith didn't stop there. His cult role came in 1996 with the blockbuster hit Independence Day, where he saved the world from an alien invasion.

Will Smith – Now

With a career spanning over three decades, Smith continues to dazzle audiences with his versatility. From his Oscar-nominated performances in films like Ali and The Pursuit of Happyness to his crowd-pleasing roles in blockbusters like Men in Black and Bad Boys, Smith has proven time and time again that he's a true master of his craft.

Will Smith – Now.jpg?format=webp

But perhaps Smith's greatest role is that of a devoted family man. He's been married to actress Jada Pinkett Smith since 1997, and together they have two children, Jaden and Willow. However, Jada stunned everyone last year with the news that she and Will haven't lived together for 7 years, and what's currently happening in their family is unknown.