These Amusing Signs Simply Defy Any Attempt At Seriousness

26 Apr 2024

As Long As Bacon's On The Menu, Everything's Just Fine

As long as there's bacon is all that matters to some, and this sign is a testament to that. Skip the poetic verses; the main draw here is the promise of bacon. 

01 As Long As There’s Bacon.jpg?format=webp@COLLEEN BARRY'S PORTFOLIO/

Even the sign in the background stays on theme, underscoring the restaurant's unwavering focus on what truly matters.

A Situation Where Everyone Comes Out Ahead

Everyone adores a good deal, but we're well aware that nothing comes without a catch. Still, that doesn't stop us from being drawn to anything labeled "Free" and piqued by what's being offered. 

02 Win-Win Situation.jpg?format=webp@WTF Signs, part 35/

It's a shrewd marketing tactic that lures in the thrifty shopper, only for them to discover the catch behind the enticing offer. There's a grain of truth in it: once you've paid the price, you technically get it for free... perhaps.

Cats Can Be Uncouth

If you weren't a fan of cats before coming across this sign, it's unlikely to improve your opinion afterward. The notion of cats ignoring text messages, while humorous, might not sit well with everyone. 

03 Cats Are Crude.jpg?format=webp@30 Funny Cat Jokes That Vet Clinics Put Up On Their Signs/

What's particularly questionable is that it's a veterinary clinic putting up such a sign under their own advertisement. While cats might not always be the friendliest animals, publicly criticizing them seems unnecessary.

That's The Essence Of It

The Hokey Pokey, renowned as a beloved novelty dance originating in Britain and Ireland in the mid-1940s, embodies a spirit of joy and whimsy. Despite its frequent use for entertainment, the precise message it conveys remains elusive.

04 That’s What It’s All Abou.jpg?format=webp@Brealie Holland/ 

Yet, the clever wordplay of phrases like "I was addicted to the hokey pokey but I turned myself around" adds a delightful layer of humor and irony to its legacy. Whether or not its intended purpose is clear, the song continues to captivate with its infectious charm and playful lyrics.

Join Them if You Can't Beat Them

This is a stop sign pointing at a stop sign, for those who are still not understanding. Now that we've cleared things up, why in the world would someone explain that a sign that says "stop" may actually imply something else?

05 If You Can’t Beat Them, Join Them.jpg?format=webp@'Do not breathe under the water'? 'Falling can be deadly'? You don't say! The world's most entirely pointless signs revealed/ 

Since it's likely that individuals frequently miss this intersection, the traffic control authorities in this region made the decision to ensure that no one would ever again miss the stop sign. Aggressive yet passive? Indeed! Successful? We sincerely hope so!

Don't Come In

How often do you go to push a door only to find that you have to pull it open instead? Or the other way around. This store owner was not making it any simpler for his customers to figure out which way the door should open, no matter how difficult the process may be.

06 Push pull closed.jpg?format=webp@10 SIGNS A STARTUP IS NOT FOR YOU!/ 

However, he did want to make it clear that if neither worked, the shop is obviously closed. It was becoming increasingly difficult to figure out when the store was closed, to the point where the proprietor had to explain it to customers.


Everyone enjoys a good deal. Why wouldn't you, really? It's amazing to pay for one but receive two! This blackboard so used that alluring sales gimmick, but it claimed there was no real deal.

07 Alco-Logic.jpg?format=webp@The Bear & Peacock Brewery/

Undoubtedly, it would draw attention from onlookers, and although many could be disappointed, they might also be praised for their wit and draw in business. Ultimately, they will be responsible for paying for their two drinks wherever they go.

Originally Wild

What irony, huh? Birds aren't likely to be able to read signs anytime soon, and they might not even be as good as humans at it. But how wonderful is it when a bird arrives and perches on a no-bird sign, completely disregarding any rules or regulations? 

08 Born To Be Wild.jpeg?format=webp@Founder's Blog: #bethebird/

Given that the picture's shadow form resembles the disobedient bird that has come to disregard the no-bird sign, it's possible that the bird felt it saw something familiar. In any case, he is not amused.

Strive For Greatness Or Return Home

Though it might be visible from a distance, this strong, uppercase red phrase is not very friendly. The smaller sign with the more courteous message, "smile you're on camera," will be visible if you choose to approach a little bit closer even though you are still not convinced by the message. 

09 Go Big Or Go Home.jpg?format=webp@Igya/ 

So, should we leave and grin for the camera, or should we return home? There are a lot of choices to be made, but in any case, you probably don't want this camera filming every action you take.

Ah, Ah, Ah Me

Do you recall how it felt to have your teacher tell you that you don't talk enough in class, but as soon as you did, you were in trouble? It appears that making decisions in this manner is similar to what happens when a "STOP" sign is placed next to a "no stopping at any time" sign.

10. Ah, Ah, Ah Me.jpg?format=webp@scrillymusic/ 

Which do you choose to pay attention to? The irony of these signals is that, if people don't know what to do when they reach this point, it could lead to a lot more accidents.

Take The Lead

In the current technology era, everything is made available online for global viewing. Yet, because we are so consumed with checking our phones during periods when we need to be fully engaged, our addiction to social media is also a factor of several mishaps.

11 Walk The Walk.jpg?format=webp@Quirky traffic signs urge drivers, pedestrians to pay attention/

This sign aims to draw attention to the fact that pedestrians should prioritize looking before crossing the street and then updating their followers on Facebook to confirm they made it out safely.

Using Sign Language

Signs can occasionally use wit and comedy to draw people in. Then there are other indications that are just accepted for their grammatical mistakes without any consideration or even a second check. When other people started placing their own placards underneath this "Need Drit" sign, it became even funnier.

12 Sign Language.jpg?format=webp@funny/ 

In an attempt to find solutions, these residents started using unique signs to communicate with one another. They also pointed out that punctuation is a crucial component in determining what is considered "drit."

Automobile Joking

Since everyone enjoys a good pun, when an auto repair shop in Seattle was converted into an ExtraMile convenience store, the owners decided to make people smile as they passed by. 

13 Auto Humor.jpg?format=webp@Signs of Humor/

They decided to make the most of the situation because they could no longer utilize the sign for any service or retail promotions, and what could be better than making someone smile? This sign's new mission was to achieve exactly that, and it did.

Possibilities Fields

Even though the humor in this sign isn't immediately apparent, once you see it, you probably won't be able to forget it. We have to acknowledge that the phrase "fields of opportunities" is a bit of an oxymoron, even though it's not totally false.

14 Fields of Opportunities.jpg?format=webp@You Have to Drive to Iowa to Get to This Nebraska Airport/

It appears as though Iowa combined the phrases "a field of dreams" with "a window of opportunity." Even while Iowa is undoubtedly a state rich of opportunities, its welcome sign nevertheless makes us smile.

Hello, Father

We're not sure about you guys, but this sign has us a little perplexed—not to mention laughing. Firstly, who survived? Where's the sign at? Furthermore, just who is "Big Daddy"? To be honest, the only Large Daddy we can recall is from the 1999 film Large Daddy, starring Adam Sandler as Sonny Koufax.

15 Hey, Big Daddy.jpg?format=webp@Sean Kernan/

Regardless of the circumstances, we hope that this sign was created solely for laughs. At least that is how we feel. Otherwise, this sign's creator is an obvious cannibal.

The Battle

Okay, folks. Does anyone else understand this sign? We can all relate to the struggle of working hard during the week to make it to the weekend, only for it to pass by quickly so you can begin the next week fresh. However, as they say, that's just part of life!

16 Oh, the Struggle.jpg?format=webp@Only In LB: Reflections on icon Joe Jost’s/

The fact that this sign is situated at Ryerson University, a public university in Toronto, Canada, is what makes it the greatest. We believe it goes without saying that this sentiment is relatable to all college and university students.

Do Trees Grow Money?

You would think that the YWCA, a global movement advocating for women's rights, leadership, and empowerment in over 120 countries, would be adept at marketing itself to attract donors.

17 Does Money Grow On Trees.jpg?format=webp@Funny Quotes That Make No Sense/

We would expect better than this sign, even though it might take a lot of work, money, and time to accomplish their aims. Therefore, it's unclear what the YWCA intended for this sign to say and how they anticipated success.

Blowing Your Own Horn

It is actually only permitted to blow your horn at specific hours of the day in order to prevent making too much noise and blowing your horn excessively out of rage. 

18 Toot Your Own Horn.jpg?format=webp@Benjamin Kabak/

Despite the sign's intended warning effect on other drivers, it actually says that you are free to honk your horn while driving if you become furious. Imagine being pulled over for honking your horn when you weren't supposed to, just to have your momentary outburst of rage dismissed.

A Very Important Event

Traveling to other nations and towns allows you to learn about the cultures there and the histories and natural environments that shape them. Realizing the significance of this for visitors, several cities have started putting up signage at historical sites that tell the story of the events that occurred.

19 An Event Of Great Importance.jpg?format=webp@Hilarious road signs/

Not this one, though. This town made their own joke out of the issue since they were so sick of other towns and cities posting signs everywhere to describe their history and traditions.

Steep Inclines

You would probably be really perplexed or simply avoid depression at all costs if someone told you that it was coming. After example, the word "depression" is not used to characterize a bright future; rather, it is linked to emotions of melancholy and pessimism.

20 caution-depression.jpg?format=webp@Is Economic Recovery—or Depression—Ahead? Here are Four Key Dangers/

Thus, it appears that the person in charge of this sign could not understand English fluently and that their translation attempt was unsuccessful. The only other possibility is that drivers should be aware that there is, in fact, a depression in the road surface. That does indeed make the most sense.

Pointy At The Corners

There are situations when you have to draw readers in before actually warning them. That is precisely the goal of this sign, which draws the reader in with a larger font and a comical message before revealing the crucial information in tiny print beneath. 

21 Sharp Around The Edges.jpg?format=webp@sacridshadow/

Hopefully, the sign caught your attention and you noticed the fine print if you were hoping to cross the bridge. If not, we hope you at least noticed that the sign lacked any jagged edges!

Inventiveness Is Required

This sign uses a pretty ingenious technique to prevent people from touching the barrier. Everyone has heard the well-known lies. This one is a real gem, but be careful—sit too near to the TV or your eyes may get squared off.

22 You Have To Be Inventive.jpg?format=webp@25 of the Funniest Signs You’ve Ever Seen/

Although it's highly unlikely to exist, non-drying paint would be an absurd invention if it did exist. But would you be willing to touch it and take a chance? We appreciate the inventiveness of this sign, but I'm confident your child will never walk near the fence with it.

Vital Notification

This truly makes us wonder what the sign's intent is and why it was put in this location in the first place. Indeed, judging on the image alone, it has no bearing whatsoever on anything.

23 Important Announcement.jpg?format=webp@Stop! End of the road for sign madness/

All that can be surmised is that there used to be another sign further ahead, which hopefully has more significance for passing automobiles. However, whomever created this sign made sure it wasn't disregarded, and the red background they chose gives it a frightening appearance to onlookers.

Being Honest

It's possible that this sign was created after an extremely demanding and exhausting day when the staff members had had enough. Alternatively, it's possible that they were following their boss' instructions strictly, which would have made them an excellent worker who did as instructed.

24 Keeping It Real.jpg?format=webp@Mythical/

In any case, we just wonder what their employer thought of the innovative and humorous sign that these FoodMart employees took the time to write. We also wonder if he found it to be as hilarious as anyone else who reads it.

Awkward Ice Cream Flavor

Rita’s Italian ice cream parlor offers a different take on the classic phrase, "I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream." The local manager chose to crack a short joke with his patrons, which increased the overall joy that all of his patrons felt as they left the ice cream shop.

25 Funny Flavored Ice Cream.jpg?format=webp@21 Business Signs Designed To Make You Laugh/

The manager was creative and turned a fitting quote into his own funny creation by thinking outside the box and adding it to the sign underneath the chain's logo.

A Tale Of Cinderella

This sign is certainly trying to attract female attention. You've been cautioned about the possibility of breaking your heels if you want to walk down the street in them for a dress-up or night out.

26 A Cinderella Story.jpg?format=webp@Funny Sign Boards Around The World Photos/

Yes, they are alerting everyone willing to take a chance on the risks of strolling in their elegant heels because it is evident that this location is prone to causing damage to shoes. This is a major matter, thus this is undoubtedly a significant indication.

A Sword From The Experienced

In the unlikely event that you encounter a mountain lion head-on, remember to "be large" and "shout." I apologize, what? That's the excellent advice this sign is providing in the unlikely event that you come across a harmful animal.

27 A Word From The Wise.jpg?format=webp@ringoshu/

In addition to their brief counsel, remember to take up kids "without bending" and to keep them near. Though I think I would just leave if I were in this situation, I'll make sure to take this advice into consideration.

Method Zombie-Proof

After seeing series like The Walking Dead, you know that zombies are not something to play with, so being prepared is definitely essential. This petrol station is aware of it, and fans of similar shows are also aware of it.

28 Zombie-Proof Method.jpeg?format=webp@Shell on Ogden/Farwell/

Even if you don't believe in zombies, you may still find amusement in this sign and the gas station's inventive approach to persuading you to choose them for gas tank refills.

Ready, Steady, Go Kiss

Besides being a hub for commuting or leisure travels, the train station often becomes a rendezvous spot for couples bidding each other goodbye, be it for a brief separation or a prolonged one. 

29 Ready, Steady, Kiss.jpg?format=webp@Giggle Worthy/

It's the moment for lingering kisses and heartfelt farewells, with an unspoken rule limiting them to a maximum of three minutes. Perhaps the abundance of public displays of affection prompted the authorities to post the notice, aiming to curb any excessive behavior.

All Good Under The Hood

Caring for wildlife can be quite unpredictable, especially when visiting Table Mountain National Park. With animals roaming freely, their behavior can be unexpected, and you never know where they might wander. 

30 All Good Under The Hood.jpg?format=webp@7 Odd Street Signs Meant to “Help” Travelers/

That's why this sign serves as a precaution for visitors to inspect under their vehicles for any penguins seeking refuge. To prevent further accidents, as it was unfortunately becoming a common occurrence, this sign was installed to ensure drivers are aware and avoid inadvertently harming these adorable creatures.

A Warning Against Picking Up Hitchhikers

Accepting rides from strangers always carries inherent risks. Neither the hitchhiker nor the driver can predict each other's intentions. Here, the directive to refrain from picking up hitchhikers at this junction comes with a compelling rationale. 

31 Prison Break.jpg?format=webp@Funny Road Signs/

Positioned just above the sign is a clear indication: 'Correctional Facility Area.' Hence, those attempting to hitch a ride here are likely to be fugitives.

Precaution Is Key

We often rely on the police as a symbol of security and protection, believing that nothing can go awry under their vigilant gaze. Hence, when confronted with a sign declaring police surveillance in a parking lot, we feel reassured. 

32 Better Safe Than Sorry.jpg?format=webp@Just for Fun #156/

However, this sense of security is promptly challenged by another sign underneath, cautioning against leaving valuables in vehicles. Suddenly, even the presence of law enforcement prompts us to reconsider our safety measures.

Zookeepers In The Open

At most zoos and safaris, visitors are sternly advised against feeding the animals. This precaution is taken to safeguard the animals' health and well-being, given the uncertainty of what visitors might offer or when.

33 Zookeepers Unleashed.jpg?format=webp@MariPanda/

However, a certain elephant sanctuary adopts a unique stance, citing that visitor feeding 'creates management problems.' For some, the very notion of confining elephants away from their natural habitat is unsettling enough, making management issues seem trivial in comparison.

Dietary Limitations

Animal lovers consistently prioritize the welfare of their beloved creatures. While it's a standard rule across most zoos to prohibit feeding the animals, one particular sign decided to inject some humor into reinforcing safety measures. 

34 Diet Restrictions.jpg?format=webp@tenioman/

By jokingly highlighting the ban on feeding animals, the sign aims to ensure visitor safety while also mitigating any potential risks or hazards during their zoo visit.

Kindly Don't Look At The Seat

Before hopping on the subway for your next ride, remember to leave any plans of sawing the seats behind, as such actions are strictly prohibited. While the initial instructions, such as not putting feet on the chairs, seem standard, things take a humorous turn as the list progresses. 

35 Please Don’t Saw The Seat.jpg?format=webp@mildlyinteresting/

With each picture, the instructions become increasingly obscure and even incomprehensible. So, simply find a seat, sit back, and safely reach your destination without breaking any of the rules – no saws required!

Right On Target

The government's attempt to convey a clear message through billboard signs across different platforms didn't sit well with everyone, leading to some responses in the form of graffiti.

36 On Point.jpg?format=webp@CRIMINALLY FUNNY Mischievous pranksters have made cheeky changes to public signs… and they’re bound to make you chuckle/

One famous sign, warning that men's stubbornness would lead to their demise that year, prompted a clear rebuttal from an individual: 'No we won't.' Whether it was meant in jest or defiance, the response added a touch of humor to the situation.

Uneasy Situation

If you're not prone to urinating in the pool, it's essential not to deny that it happens frequently with others. To address this issue, a public pool took a unique approach by intentionally omitting the 'P' in their sign, mirroring their desired state for the pool.

37 Sticky Situation.jpg?format=webp@The Best Funny Pictures Of Today’s Internet/

While some may perceive it as a careless spelling mistake, the deliberate error was made to emphasize a point to customers: ensuring they use designated facilities for urination.

It's An Art To Escape

At this bar, the bartenders make no promises to uphold loyalty to their customers' wives and are ready to go the extra mile to assist men in keeping their secrets from their partners. However, this service comes at a cost, and the price increases with the magnitude of the lie. 

38 Escaping Is An Art.jpg?format=webp@This Bar Must Make a Ton of Money/

Ranging from $1 for a simple 'nope, not here' to $5 for a firm 'never heard of him,' it's clear that the bar has found a way to profit from the influx of inquiries. It seems they've capitalized on the opportunity to make a few extra bucks while providing discretion to their patrons.

It's Not Very Hard Science

While a bachelor's degree might not be a requirement for kitchen staff in fast-food chains, there seems to have been a lapse in judgment regarding a straightforward sign. During a period of hiring for full-time positions, the sign mistakenly advertised "now hiring full-time losers."

39 It’s Not Rocket Science.jpg?format=webp@Wendy's Hiring/

It remains a mystery what would compel anyone to apply after encountering such a discouraging message, but it wouldn't be surprising if a new job vacancy emerged shortly thereafter.

To Be Just

Everybody has had days when they reflect on something they did and ask themselves, "What in the world were we thinking?" Sometimes we need someone else to point out the obvious before we can see our mistakes and gain a clearer perspective.

40 To Be Fair.jpg?format=webp@Notice/

A similar warning was given to cyclists by this sign, which stated that any "bicycles chained to the railing will be removed without notice." What, then, was that notice? In any case, it is obvious what will happen to the person who disregards the warning.

Food For The Brain

Experiencing Subway is an amazing experience. It's amazing to be able to select the precise sandwich type you desire. So give it a dash of fun and wit, and Subway has us hooked. We can assume that they were saying, "Let us meet all of your expectations," because of the sign that read, "Lettuce meat olive you eggspectations."

41 Brain Food.jpg?format=webp@Funny Subway sure doesn't mess around with their puns/

That they most definitely will, and when it comes to satisfying our appetites, this extra pun for laughs makes it even better.

The Spirit Is That

Customers will occasionally complain only because they enjoy hearing themselves speak. In actuality, a lot of complaints are much more than the employee can handle, and they frequently lack an appropriate response.

42 That’s The Spirit.jpg?format=webp@funny/

Therefore, this pub went out and shown its caring side by giving a sign and button to make it look like they cared, in an effort to avoid receiving yet another complaint from a customer—even if the consumer is always correct. Up close, though, you can see that the red button is actually resting atop a mouse trap!

Your Mother Is Not Me

The Natural Gardener made sure to inform parents that if they left their children alone, they would not be mistreated. Instead, they would try to make them hyperbolic by giving them an espresso. And a complimentary puppy!?

43 I’m Not Your Momma.jpg?format=webp@Hawks Nest Wines of NZ/

A gift that no parent would ever dare deny their child in the future. It was a rather cunning threat, as the parents knew the two gifts the children would receive would not benefit them in the slightest, and it was a tactic to make sure they weren't left to raise other people's children!

All Set To Go

Although some people might not believe in aliens, this bar does. The pub is welcoming extraterrestrial guests inside the bar's restrooms since there's always a chance that UFOs will visit Earth.

44 Ready To Roll.jpg?format=webp@Very Bar Trip/

We wouldn't mind going to a bar that is so accommodating of everyone, at least that's what we hope. All we can think about is what the new jokes for "an alien walks into a bar..." will be and what will come next.

Everybody's Selected

There has never been any doubt about the value of reading. We are taught from an early age to read novels, stories, and poems as a way to sharpen our minds. 

45 We’re All Booked.jpg?

In a time when a smartphone could seem more alluring, new billboards and commercials are having to come up with inventive ways to divert tech-savvy people from using their phones and persuade them to read a book instead. One way to achieve this is by looking for signs like this one outside a bookshop!

Draining The Well

We wonder what the MSU Residential and Hospitality Services anticipated receiving from this sign when they posted it. We can only hope that folks did not take this warning too seriously and that they did not use the sink as a restroom. 

46 Down The Drai.jpg?format=webp@10+ funny toilet out of order signs which are ridiculously hilarious!/

In reality, we would prefer to ignore the conclusion of this sign and draw attention to the misspelling of "visit" in the further information section at the bottom of the page.

Grande Aggravation

This little town coffee shop was very explicit when they posted their sign, stating that a venti or grande was not an option on their menu. Customers were simply to request a small, medium, or big, keeping things straightforward and direct.

47 Grande Aggravation.jpg?format=webp@Mendocino Cookie Co/

Since you could ruin your morning coffee if you said the wrong thing, it is really a little easier when you don't speak Pig Latin, Klingon, or Starbucks yourself.

Contemplative Hymn

Regarding profound and significant perspectives on life, Nietzsche and Kant held divergent views. However, Sinatra later emerged, and we still choose to listen to him.

48 Philosophical Singalong.jpg?format=webp@nothingtodouk/

Thus, even though you might like to begin your mornings with a motivational phrase, this sign served as a helpful reminder that life is meant to be enjoyed, and there are many different approaches to doing so—so choose the one that suits you best. Even if it means just doing as Sinatra says and "do be do be do."

Sign Of Caution/Welcome

It would probably not be the best idea to follow this indication if you're looking for some guidance in your life. The sign points straight forward toward chaos, warning you to proceed at your own peril and only if you so choose.

49 Warning-Welcoming Sign.jpg?format=webp@Chris Radley/

The lack of direction provided by this sign may disappoint those trying to make their way to a well-known location or even public transportation. In this case, people may decide to follow or keep searching for more helpful directions.

Last Stop

Many individuals can get puzzled if they ride the underground tube and see "The End" as the destination. Although it marks the conclusion of the tube line, everything might potentially terminate at this point!

50 Final Destination.jpg?format=webp@Sign of the Times/

Of course, it's neither, as "The End" is the name of an attraction and the tube line doesn't need to indicate the destination at the end of the trip. It is merely incredibly perplexing for those who are unaware of this, and it might cause some passengers to get off the train earlier than intended.