These Women Went To A Beauty Salon, But Regretted It Very Much

24 Apr 2024

Women always want to look beautiful, emphasizing their natural beauty in every possible way. Therefore, from time to time they visit beauty salons where they get manicures, makeup done, hair dyed, and so on. Often, ladies are satisfied with such beauty procedures, but not our heroines. Women from our selection have forever given up beauty salons.

1. French Manicure? Never Heard of it

A wedding is one of the most important events in life. Of course, the bride and groom want to look perfect on this day, so they think through everything down to the smallest details, and a nice manicure is one of them. Very often, women choose a French manicure. It is elegant and festive.

1. French manicure.jpg?format=webp@escargoxpress/

This girl also opted for it. It would seem that every master should be able to do it. But it turned out that this is not the case at all. What we see on the right in the picture is a complete horror that has nothing to do with the French manicure. So, the bride either had to wear gloves, or quickly find a new manicurist.

2. The Price of the Terrible Makeup Was 120 euros

The cousin of this girl from the photo decided to give her a gift. The girl paid for a makeup artist who promised to create beautiful makeup that would leave an unforgettable memory. And indeed, the memory was left, but not a very pleasant one.

2. The price of the terrible makeup was 120 euros.jpg?format=webp@merionization/

They gave the girl terrible makeup that visually aged her by a decade. Overly dark eyes, a black accent on the corners of the eyes that changed their shape and made her look unnaturally downturned. The girl was shocked because, for the 120 euros her sister paid, she expected a completely different effect.

3. A Futile Waste of Money

This woman's haircut cost $50. She was promised something amazing and they didn't disappoint. However, the lady confessed online that it was the worst investment she had ever made. The woman was indeed disappointed. The haircut she was promised turned out to be dreadful and far from stylish.

3. A futile waste of money.jpg?format=webp@Duckii9487/

The disappointment and frustration she felt after leaving the salon were palpable. It's disheartening to think that people pay hard-earned money for services that not only fail to meet expectations but also leave them feeling worse than before.

4. The Woman is Shocked by the Hairdresser's Work

The neatly styled Afro-American curls were precisely the dream this girl had when she went to the hairdresser. However, the stylist decided to do everything their way. After their magic touch on the client's hair, she ended up with utter chaos on her head, with the worst part being her bangs sticking out in different directions as if she had just experienced a severe fright.

4. The woman is shocked by the hairdresser's work.jpg?format=webp@itsbrianaregina/

Now she'll have to try all sorts of ways to tame her hair and pin down her bangs until they grow out. The unpleasant aftermath of such a stylist's work certainly left a bitter taste for the woman. And she'll have to deal with the consequences for some time.

5. The Woman Described Her Makeup as Gloomy

When you go to a makeup artist, you expect to leave looking beautiful and happy. However, judging from this woman's story, it doesn't always turn out that way. She found a nice beauty salon with a wonderful photo album of satisfied women. However, something went wrong for her, and her expectations didn't match reality. 

5. The woman described her makeup as gloomy.jpg?format=webp@wytte/

Instead of an elegant nude look with emphasis on the lips, she got a vulgar appearance. After the makeup artist worked on her, she ended up looking like a doll from a shop window. The makeup artist gave her overly defined dark eyebrows and lips outlined with a dark pencil and filled in with red color. The woman referred to this makeup disaster as gloomy.

6. The Old Master is Better than Two New Ones

The author of the photo moved from Canada to Europe, so she had to find a new nail technician. She was very fond of her old one, so she thought she would find someone just as good, but she was bitterly mistaken. The woman chose a new specialist online, whose photos she liked.

6. The old master is better than two new ones.jpg?format=webp@sarahtisme/

However, after the visit, she was shocked. The technician gave her messy, sticky nails covered in several layers. They didn't match the example she provided at all. Now the woman will have to master the art of manicuring herself to avoid further disappointment.

7. Is This Elegant Makeup or Makeup for Horror Movies?

When you look at the photo, it seems like the girl either has bruises or has been crying all night. It's unpleasant to think that such horror is created in beauty salons, considering it a professional approach. What's worse is that they even charge money for it.

7. Is this elegant makeup or makeup for horror movies.jpg?format=webp@kitahthekitsune/

This not only affects the client's appearance but also their confidence and self-esteem. It's a disheartening reminder of the importance of ensuring that professionals in the beauty industry are adequately trained and committed to delivering quality services.

8. This Combination of Two Lip Colors is Simply Awful

The makeup artist outlined the lips with a red gloss, filling the center with peach. If it were a monochromatic color, the makeup would have looked different, but as it is, the girl ended up looking like a wax figure with bizarre lips. Another attempt by a makeup artist to conquer fashion and makeup trends can lead to such eccentric color combinations.

8. This combination of two lip colors is simply awful.jpg?format=webp@savmemelover/

And while the idea is innovative, its execution can create an unpleasant impression. When colors do not harmonize with each other, it can make the makeup look strange and unnatural. Trying to emphasize the lips with both red and peach at the same time can only distract attention from the overall look and create an impression of carelessness in makeup.

9. Was the Hairdresser Color-Blind?

How can gray be mistaken for green? Only if the hairdresser can't distinguish colors. If such a problem exists, then they could have at least asked the client for help with this issue. But it seems there's more to it. The so-called master also carelessly trimmed the ends of the hair. Instead of a nice semi-circle, they just cut the hair from behind.

9. Was the hairdresser color-blind.jpg?format=webp@trixieroyale/

Such unsuccessful coloring can cause confusion and disappointment. The woman, who dreamed of a bright and stylish look, was left with a result that is difficult to even call acceptable. This situation serves as a good reminder of the importance of carefully choosing a stylist and considering their professional skills before visiting a beauty salon. 

10. Taped Hair

With hairstyles, you can come up with all sorts of tricks, and it will look aesthetically pleasing. However, this hairstylist decided to be original. He taped cut strands onto tape and then glued them to the forehead to create an interesting effect. One might wonder if there was a need for this.

10. Taped hair .jpg?format=webp@Livysummerx/

It's certainly a bold and unconventional approach to hairstyling. While creativity should be encouraged in the beauty industry, it's important to consider whether such techniques enhance the overall look or detract from it. In this case, the use of tape to attach hair strands to the forehead seems unnecessary and may even appear unnatural.

11. Not like J.Lo

Romantic curls like those of J.Lo are the dream of many girls. It seems like it should be easy to create such a hairstyle, especially for a professional. However, this girl was not lucky with that. What came out of her head was just an attempt to curl something, but nothing more.

11. Not like J.Lo.jpg?format=webp@stefunie101/

Instead of those elegant, luxurious curls that shimmer in the sun, her hair looks clumsy and lifeless. It turns out that creating amazing curls that adorn the face is a true art in which not every master can excel. So, if this hairstylist really wants to learn this, he needs to work on his skills.

12. Hands are a Person's Business Card

In the first photo, we see a beautiful manicure with a cute design that looks like a true work of art. However, in the photo below, we see nails with uneven coverage and a terrible design. This manicurist doesn't know how to paint. In such cases, it's better to be honest about it and offer an alternative, such as a sticker instead of a design.

12. Hands are a person's business card.jpg?format=webp@Karmas-Possession/

However, the problem is not only with the design but also with the manicure itself. It's sloppy and looks like it's done by a child or someone who has just started learning this craft. The art of manicure requires patience, creativity, and attention to detail. And every client has the right to expect high-quality work from a manicurist that meets their expectations and standards.

13. Stain-Resistant Hair Dye

The woman paid $140 for hair coloring. The color turned out even, just as she wanted. But the hairdresser said that it was impossible to wash the dye off the forehead and neck. But is that even possible? And so, she went home looking like this. The idea of having hair dye that doesn't wash off seems absurd and impractical.

13. Stain-Resistant Hair Dye.jpg?format=webp@SpringtimeMoonlightReport/

Not only does it inconvenience the customer by leaving stains on their skin, but it also reflects poorly on the professionalism of the hairstylist. Hairstylists need to use high-quality products and techniques that result in beautiful, long-lasting hair color without causing unnecessary inconvenience to their clients.

14. Better to Cut than to Walk Around Like This

Every hairstylist has their own vision of a hairstyle. Very often, a professional stylist can suggest certain corrections that will improve the style. But not this time. Instead of a beautiful coloring with an ombre effect, the client ended up with ruined hair without any hint of the desired hairstyle.

14. Better to cut than to walk around like this.jpg?format=webp@Balawesome/

The disappointment and frustration of receiving a botched haircut or color can be overwhelming. It's a stark reminder of the importance of entrusting your hair to a skilled and trusted professional. While it may be tempting to cut corners or save money by going to an inexperienced or unqualified hairstylist, the potential consequences far outweigh any short-term savings.

15. An Unsuccessful Hairstylist in the Family is a Tragedy

The husband claimed to have experience as a hairstylist and to be well-versed in haircuts. The woman believed him and decided to save some money. All she asked for was to trim her ends. What came out - you can see in the photo on the right.

15. An unsuccessful hairstylist in the family is a tragedy.jpg?format=webp@katdicko/

The husband simply unevenly hacked away at the ends of her hair. It's unlikely that this is how the woman imagined it. Conclusion: don't trust pseudo-hairstylists, you're worth more. It's better to pay a professional so you don't regret it later. If you have doubts, take another look at the photo on the right.

16. A Ruined Dream Equals a Broken Heart

Perhaps it's the hairdresser who creates such beautiful hairstyles, but people don't get it. That's the impression you get when you see the photo on the left vs the photo on the right. How else can you explain such unreal disparities? It is very sad.

16. A ruined dream equals a broken heart.jpg?format=webp@AsianVixen4U/

One woman has beautiful hair with stunning coloring, while the other has a complete mess that's even harder to name. Here, a few strands are simply dyed in a dark color, which doesn't create a stylish hairstyle at all. Whoever did the coloring can confidently be called an amateur.

17. How to Ruin Your Day

If you're a masochist and plan to ruin your mood or even your entire day, then go to a beauty salon like the one this girl visited. She dreamed of looking good and fresh and feeling comfortable at the party she was attending. But the master only wasted her precious time.

17. How to ruin your day.jpg?format=webp@helibear90/

The girl didn't envision herself like this when she looked in the mirror after the makeup was done. Her facial expression said it all: she was on the verge of tears. But there was no time to redo this disastrous makeup. The girl's day definitely didn't turn out as planned.

18. The Hairdresser Perceived the Request to Trim Differently

The woman found her dream haircut and asked the hairdresser to cut it like in the photo. However, the hairdresser went overboard and almost left her without a lock of hair. The woman's heart sank as she watched in horror as her precious locks fell to the ground, far shorter than she had intended. She couldn't believe what was happening and felt a surge of panic rising within her.

18. The hairdresser perceived the request to trim differently.jpg?format=webp@billiennnn/

When the ordeal was finally over, the woman was left with a hairstyle that bore little resemblance to the one she had envisioned, and her confidence was shattered. It was a painful lesson in the importance of clear communication and trust between a client and their stylist.

19. Manicure to Avoid

A good manicurist will not only preserve your nails but also make them well-groomed and beautiful. They will never disappoint you because they are accustomed to doing everything perfectly. However, a bad manicurist will not only ruin your mood with their rough work but also potentially damage your nail plate.

19. Manicure to Avoid.jpg?format=webp@_babypink_/

Just look at this manicure - a bumpy surface, layers of nail polish applied unnecessarily, and even bits of gel protruding near the nail base. While one might tolerate such a manicure on a model, understanding that the person is learning, paying money for such work is not worth it.

20. This Eyebrow Trend Should Be Discontinued

Everything seems off - the makeup, the lashes, which appear to be on the verge of falling off, and especially the brows, combed upwards as if they were blown by the wind. It's a look that not only appears unnatural but also detracts from the overall aesthetic.

20. This eyebrow trend should be discontinued.jpg?format=webp@canyouaskfirst/

Eyebrows play a crucial role in framing the face, and this trend does the opposite by drawing attention away from other features. Even more so - they are made horribly and unaesthetically even by modern standards. There's no beauty or even neatness visible here. The master is either still learning or simply doesn't know how to create beauty.

21. It's Makeup that's Melting

A lot of cosmetics don’t necessarily mean beauty. They clearly went overboard with it in this picture, ruining the impression. The woman who shared her photo after an unsuccessful visit to the makeup artist called this makeup "about to melt."

21. It's makeup that's melting.jpg?format=webp@Mandaks/

And indeed, it looks heavy enough that it seems like it's about to melt away. The disappointment of this woman after she looked in the mirror is hard to imagine. It's a reminder that makeup should enhance natural beauty, not overshadow it with heavy layers and unnatural effects.

22. The Combination of Light Eyebrows and the Orange Complexion was Quite Striking

For some reason, the makeup artist thought that her clients would suit pale eyebrows and an orange complexion. Additionally, she applied an overly bright blush, creating a sort of ombre effect on the face. However, it seems that this creative approach didn't sit well with the woman. 

22. The combination of light eyebrows and the orange complexion was quite striking.jpg?format=webp@Hairy_Investigator33/

The result was far from the natural and flattering look the woman had hoped for. Instead, she ended up feeling self-conscious and uncomfortable with her appearance. It's a reminder that trusting a makeup artist's judgment is crucial, as their decisions can greatly impact how you feel about yourself.

23. Haircut Gone Wrong, to Put it Mildly

The girl only wanted to neatly trim the ends of her hair. However, the hairdresser decided to create something resembling an original catastrophic haircut, which shocked the client. The results of the hairdresser's actions were posted online by the girl.

23. Haircut gone wrong, to put it mildly.jpg?format=webp@0ne_eyed_witch/

We really hope that she didn't pay for such unsuccessful services and never went back to this beauty salon. Although after this so-called beauty trip, she might have ended up hating all beauty salons altogether, and we wouldn't be surprised. It's very sad when not only your hairstyle but also your mood is ruined.

24. How to Turn a Beautiful Hairstyle into a Horror Story?

This girl will now consider the best hairstyle to be simply loose hair. And how else? When you get instead of a cute, beautiful, romantic hairstyle - a complete mess. This is clearly seen in the photo that the girl shared on social media for comparison.

24. How to turn a beautiful hairstyle into a horror story.jpg?format=webp@[deleted]/

She wanted the hairdresser to make nice curls with a few braids on top, neatly pinned with flower hairpins. As a result, she has straight hair with no hint of curls and poorly made braids that are simply twisted together. I guess this girl's mood was ruined for the whole day.

25. The Hairdresser was on a Different Wavelength

You spend time searching the internet for your dream hairstyle, plan the look, and eagerly go to the hairdresser. You show him the photo, the master assures you he'll do everything as needed, and what does the client get in the end? A strange hairstyle she definitely didn't dream of.

25. The hairdresser was on a different wavelength.jpg?format=webp@PlaidChairStyle/

In the end, the woman ended up with complete stress and frayed nerves. Now beauty salons will evoke fear in her. Services should be provided appropriately and be worthy. If a professional is not sufficiently qualified, they should either inform that they are unlikely to provide the desired service or refrain from working with clients until they improve their skills.

26. Memory of a Family Photoshoot with Terrible Makeup

The girl shared her emotions on social media about her visit to a makeup artist. According to her, that day was supposed to be a family photoshoot for which she had been preparing diligently. It was an important day in her life. She wanted to have wonderful photos with her family as a memory, as they finally gathered together.

26. Memory of a Family Photoshoot with Terrible Makeup.jpg?format=webp@Sage Shiloh/

But the makeup artist went overboard with cosmetics and darkened her face too much, especially the area around her nose. In the end, despite the stress, the girl just laughed when she saw herself in the mirror. She left everything as it was to remember for the future which beauty salon to avoid.

27. What She Requested Versus what Was Delivered

I think you noticed the difference between these two hair colorings. The one on top is what the girl ordered from the hairdresser, and the one below is what she received. She wanted the master to do a Balayage Ombre. Compared to what the girl expected, the received coloring turned out to be a complete disappointment.

27. What she requested versus what was delivered.jpg?format=webp@Smidgerening/

The master not only disregarded her wishes but also created something that can hardly be called art. As a result of the coloring, the colors are not blended but sharply divided, and the harmonious transition from one to another is absent. Such a result can evoke strong emotions of disappointment and despair, especially when such an important change in appearance is planned.

28. A Hairdresser who did not Master his Craft Well

Another stylist who failed to live up to his client's expectations. She wanted Long Layers in her hair, but he simply unevenly cut chunks of it. Now the girl will have to find another stylist who will somehow fix this unpleasant situation. Although, perhaps, she will just wait until her hair grows back and never visit beauty salons again.

28. A hairdresser who did not master his craft well.jpg?format=webp@[deleted]/

It's disheartening to walk out of a salon feeling worse about your appearance than when you walked in. These girls definitely didn't have a lucky day. She shared her story to warn people about similar situations and to carefully choose a beauty salon for themselves.

29. Dirty Makeup

An additional layer of foundation applied unevenly and without careful distribution, can even accentuate skin imperfections instead of concealing them. The black smudges of contour on the cheeks, resembling bruises, only emphasize the lack of a professional approach by the makeup artist.

29. Dirty Makeup.jpg?format=webp@Bunny_/

Blurred eyeshadows and lips that are almost merged do not add sophistication or expressiveness to the look. Instead, they create an impression of carelessness and uncertainty in the makeup artist's abilities. The client, undoubtedly, could have been disappointed with such a result and expected better from her makeup artist.

30. Makeup that Elicits a Plethora of Emotions

It can indeed be a shocking revelation when you approach the mirror in a beauty salon expecting a new look, only to receive something that looks even worse than when you attempt it yourself. Untouched foundation, poorly drawn brows, and incomprehensible lip color with a dark, uneven outline can leave you feeling disappointed.

30. Makeup that elicits a plethora of emotions.jpg?format=webp@Winter_Advance8450/

A beauty salon should be a place where you can feel comfortable and confident, trusting the professionals to create a look that you love. However, when you receive a result that seems like a timid attempt, it can undermine your trust in the salon and leave behind a feeling of disappointment. 

31. $400 for a Botched Dye Job

At first, the woman didn't notice the full extent of the situation. But when she woke up in the morning, she was shocked at how her hair looked after dyeing. According to her, she paid $400 for this, and even left a tip for this work. For such money, of course, she expected the result you see on the left. But for some reason, the woman never got it. 

31. 400 for a botched dye job.jpg?format=webp@sssopehlia/

Her hair turned yellow, although it was supposed to be light. She felt utterly disappointed and frustrated by the outcome, especially considering the significant amount of money she had invested in the salon visit. The yellowish tint to her hair was far from the desired result, and it was evident that the job was poorly executed.

32. Haircut Expectation vs. Reality

A professional hairstylist can easily recreate hairstyles from a picture. However, it's hard to call this hairdresser a professional in the true sense when it comes to handling hair. Somehow, he decided to create a long mane that even covers the nose. 

32. Haircut Expectation vs. Reality.jpg?format=webp@seattleandfrank/

It's puzzling how he came to such a decision, as this style not only seems impractical but also lacks finesse. A true professional would consider factors such as facial structure, hair texture, and personal style preferences when suggesting a haircut. Instead, this stylist seems to have overlooked these important aspects, resulting in a hairstyle that may not be flattering or functional for the client.

33. Work that's not Worth a Single Cent

A woman stumbled upon photos of manicure and makeup work posted on social media by a so-called "beauty expert" from the beauty industry. To call this manicure anything but tasteful would be putting it mildly. The work looks highly unprofessional: the gel polish is applied unevenly, and the cuticles are carelessly treated.

33. Work that's not worth a single cent.jpg?format=webp@[deleted]/

These signs indicate that the author may be far from professional and have an unrealistic idea of the quality of their work. What surprised internet users the most was the fact that they still charge money for all this at a level that one would expect from decent beauty salons. This causes disappointment and outrage among those who expect quality service for a corresponding price.

34. Never Going Back Again

When you go to your favorite beauty salon, you don't even doubt that you'll leave with a beautiful manicure and a great mood. But this time, the client was shocked by the service: her nails were amateurishly cleaned and literally flooded with a base coat. It felt like they were just laughing at her. After this experience, the woman wrote that it was the last time she went there.

34. Never Going Back Again.jpg?format=webp@exits/

The disappointment from a salon experience like this can be profound. Clients rely on beauty professionals to not only enhance their appearance but also to provide a sense of care and attention to detail. When these expectations are not met, it can erode trust and lead to a loss of loyalty.

35. The Desire was not Destined to Come True

The deep eggplant shade has the property of eliciting pleasant aesthetic satisfaction and creating an elegant image. Therefore, it is not surprising that this is exactly what the woman wanted to see on her hair. She even showed the hairdresser photos from the internet to accurately convey her wishes.

35. The desire was not destined to come true.jpg?format=webp@HairGame81/

However, the hairdresser decided that a lilac shade on gray hair would be sufficient. However, the result of the dyeing turned out to be very different from expected and caused disappointment. In the end, she realized that it's better to dye her hair herself than to entrust it to someone else.

36. The Main Thing is that it's Pink

It was supposed to be a pale pink shade with highlights, but the hairstylist couldn't achieve that. He assumed that the client would like a bright color without consulting her. As a result, it turned out far from what she expected. Instead of delicate pink hair with striking highlights, she got a bright and vibrant color that far exceeded her expectations.

36. The main thing is that it's pink.jpg?format=webp@Heather_Bea/

Appearance often becomes a crucial element of self-expression and confidence. Therefore, when expectations regarding appearance are not met, it can be deeply disappointing. It's not always easy to find the right balance between what the client wants and what the hairstylist considers appropriate. 

37. When a Trip to the Hairdresser Becomes a Disaster

If you can find beautiful photos of hairstyles or haircuts online, it means that creating something aesthetic is indeed possible. Of course, people admire someone else's work and dream of replicating a masterpiece on themselves. In the salon, their hairdresser assures them that they will make it just like in the picture, but as it turns out later, it's only words.

37. When a trip to the hairdresser becomes a disaster.jpg?format=webp@prettyshittykitty101/

The girl dreamed of getting a fancy haircut on her crown, like in the photo on the left. However, with her task, the hairdresser she went to, to put it mildly, didn't handle it. Fortunately, this strange drawing can be covered with one's own hair on top until everything grows out.

38. Makeup that's Baffling

What are those dark outlines around the eyes and lips? Someone must have told the makeup artist that outlining the lips in black and creating corners around the eyes is very stylish and beautiful. But we'll disappoint them—it looks tasteless and very vulgar.

38. Makeup that's baffling.jpg?format=webp@supernoodle41/

It's unfortunate that the makeup artist didn't understand the client's preferences and ended up creating a look that was far from flattering. Makeup should enhance natural beauty and make the wearer feel confident, but in this case, it seems to have had the opposite effect.

39. Grief in the Eyes after the Beauty Salon

The girl hoped to have a nice haircut and to look stylish and youthful. But instead of a nice hairstyle, she got something more resembling a plucked chicken. Now she can't bear to look at herself in the mirror and can't wait for her hair to finally grow back.

39. Grief in the eyes after the beauty salon.jpg?format=webp@DuOroEldrvarya/

If a hairdresser wants to lose a client and spoil the impression after their work, receiving hundreds of dissatisfied reviews, then they can boldly follow this example. Or perhaps some hairdressers should admit that this job is not their calling.

40. Does this Makeup Artist really Create Beauty? 

This makeup artist may have her own ideas about beauty, but whether she actually creates it is an open question. Where she got the idea that such makeup is stylish and beautiful remains a mystery. Perhaps she relies on trends, personal preferences, or simply experiments.

40. Does this makeup artist really create beauty.jpg?format=webp@Thatonebasicchick/

However, the result may impress more negatively than positively. Applying several thick layers of purple eye shadow can create the impression that the woman's face has fallen victim to some unfortunate accident. Adding long, false eyelashes only amplifies this effect, creating a look that does not harmonize with the model's natural beauty.

41. What Happened to the Eyebrows? 

Perhaps this girl initially had hoped for nice brows, but after the procedure, they disappeared altogether. The brows became too high, emphasized with a straight line from below. As a result, they ended up almost in the middle of the forehead, occupying a significant area. Choosing the right master for eyebrow care is also very important.

41. What happened to the eyebrows.jpg?format=webp@apefrivola/

They can highlight your natural beauty and facial expressiveness, or, as in this case, change your appearance for the worse. Therefore, before entrusting your brows to a master, it's worth carefully considering their experience and reputation. Your eyebrows frame your face, so it's important to trust their care only to experienced professionals.

42. This was Supposed to be Bridal Makeup

The woman organized her wedding at a luxurious hotel, filled with a lavish atmosphere and elegance. It was there that she was offered a makeup artist who was supposed to create her bridal makeup, which would only emphasize her festive mood and showcase her beauty in the best light.

42. This was supposed to be bridal makeup.jpg?format=webp@Awesomocity0/

However, the promise fell short of expectations. Instead of creating a unique look that would reflect the joy and importance of this special day, the makeup artist delivered primitive makeup. It didn't meet the expectations and had nothing to do with professional work.

43. Coloring? Never Heard of it.

To become a professional hairdresser, one must learn well and constantly improve their skills. You need to enjoy your work, and then clients will enjoy it too. After all, they will see the desired result. But these words are not about the master who dyed the client's hair on the right.

43. Coloring.jpg?format=webp@LemonberryTea/

What he did with her hair is just despair and tears. It doesn't look like a beautiful red color with highlights at all. It's rough and unprofessional coloring, which has nothing to do with the declared coloring. Shame on such an amateur: he still has a long way to go to become a worthy hairdresser.

44. The Woman Herself Works as a Manicurist

So, she's used to approaching it professionally and doing manicures that clients are thrilled with. Therefore, she was confident that other salons do everything similarly. So, she somehow decided not to bring her nails into order herself but to go to another manicurist. 

44. The woman herself works as a manicurist.jpg?format=webp@natalie_ck/

And what a disappointment it was for her when she saw her manicure. This French had no chance of pleasing anyone. After this incident, the woman never trusted anyone with her nails again. If you want to do something well, do it yourself. Especially when you handle the task well yourself.

45. Hair Ruined for $700

Salons can surprise, and this girl was indeed surprised, but in a negative way. She showed a photo of a silver-effect coloring that she wanted to replicate on her hair. However, she got the opposite result. When the girl expressed her protest, she was told that her hairstyle was the same as in the photo. In the end, she had to pay $700 for this work.

45. Hair ruined for 700.jpg?format=webp@YourFelonExReport/

It's truly disappointing when your expectations for a hairstyle are not met, especially if you've spent a significant amount of money. For this girl, a visit to the salon should have been a pleasant experience, but instead, she got a negative result at a high price.

46. The First Visit to the Beauty Salon Became the Last for the Girl

She decided to try something new and dye her hair. But after that, she began to regret her decision. Her hair was dyed in strange colors that absolutely did not match each other. But that's not all - the condition of the hair itself was terrible.

46. The first visit to the beauty salon became the last for the girl.jpg?format=webp@nicole-wydler/

It looked greasy and lifeless, completely devoid of its natural strength. After such an experience, the girl decided that it would be better to stay natural than to risk again and go to the beauty salon. Now she just has to wait for the color to completely wash out.

47. The Cunning Stylist Attempted to Deceive

After clumsily cutting the girl's hair, he noticed his mistake but decided not to inform the client. Instead, he skillfully styled her hair, fixed it, and sent her home. It was only there that the girl noticed this deceit. The girl felt betrayed and frustrated by the stylist's dishonesty.

47. The cunning stylist attempted to deceive.jpg?format=webp@anaxp/

She shared her experience to warn others and encourage them to be cautious when choosing a beauty salon. For this deception, she paid a whopping $85. Of course, all this is very unpleasant. Hopefully, she wrote not just one angry comment about this hairdresser and the salon where he works.

48. Dreaming of a Stylish Hairstyle? 

Remember how important it is to make the right choice of hairdresser or stylist whom you trust with your hair. Unfortunately, stories of failures after visiting beauty salons are not uncommon, and one of them can even serve as an illustration of this.

48. Dreaming of a stylish hairstyle.jpg?format=webp@Psychological-Task16/

In the photo, we can see how the woman showed the stylist the hairstyle image on the left, hoping that he would be able to reproduce it on her own hair. However, the reality turned out to be not so cheerful. Instead of a stylish hairstyle, the girl received simply plucked hair, which lost its volume and any aesthetic appearance.

49. The Hairdresser Must Compensate this Client for this Work

Uneven haircut faded color that was supposed to last long - that's what the girl got after visiting the beauty salon. If the result of the work does not meet the client's expectations and even ruins their appearance, then the hairdresser should take responsibility and reimburse the client for the unacceptable result.

49. The hairdresser must compensate this client for this work.jpg?format=webp@Undead_Mako/

Unfortunately, this will not restore confidence and mood, but at least it will somehow compensate for further expenses on hair restoration. The hairdresser needs to understand that their work affects not only the client's appearance but also their well-being and emotional state. Therefore, they must be ready to correct their mistakes and compensate for expenses if their work does not meet quality standards and client expectations.

50. Case when it's not Just an Impression

The girl posted a photo of her hair with ragged ends on social media, captioning it, "Is it just me, or does something seem off with my hair after the beauty salon?"Regrettably, in this scenario, it's more than just a mere impression. Such a situation can arise due to the improper choice of hair care method or unprofessional treatment.

50. Case when it's not just an impression.jpg?format=webp@Sensitive_Many_1061/

This serves as a reminder of how important it is to choose experienced and qualified professionals to perform procedures at the beauty salon. Hair is not just a part of appearance but also a component of self-esteem and confidence. Therefore, it's important to entrust its treatment only to professionals who know how to maintain its health and beauty.