Love and tears: amazing facts from the life of Cristiano Ronaldo

04 Apr 2023

Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the best football players in history, who has a huge number of female fans all over the world. Of course, almost every girl dreams of such a handsome and successful groom. 

But it seems that Cristiano Ronaldo is hardly a bachelor anymore. Rumor has it that his girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez will soon become the football player's wife. However, Rodriguez is not the only girl who tried to drag Cristiano under the crown. Who they are and whether Georgina will be able to do it - read in our article.

Not So Wealthy, Not So Attractive

Can you picture Cristiano Ronaldo as ugly and underprivileged? You don't really need to envision much, though. In actuality, this is how the soccer player's upbringing was. Cristiano was born in one of Madeira's poorest areas, where his family struggled to make ends meet.

The athlete shared a tiny room with his three brothers because there was no more room in the house where he resided. Fortunately, he began playing soccer as a young child, a sport that would take him quite far.

Not So Wealthy, Not So Attractive.jpg@Cristiano Ronaldo Nickname As A Kid 🤯🐐 #ronaldo #football #shorts/FC Motivate/

What His Mother Had Covered Up

If you keep up with Cristiano Ronaldo's life on social media, you've probably seen that he and his mother are rather close. However, Mrs. Maria Dolores made a confession a few years ago that astonished the entire globe.

The mother of the athlete revealed that she had planned to have the pregnancy terminated when she found out she was expecting because she was worried that having a fourth kid would only make their terrible financial position worse.

What His Mother Had Covered Up.jpg@Telmo31/

Though Young, Talented

When Cristiano Ronaldo was three years old, he made his first encounter with a soccer ball. When he was seven years old, he began participating in youth leagues. The Madeira Sports Club and the National Sports Club were both interested in signing him by the time he was nine years old due to his apparent talent, which caused him to stand out among his teammates.

Little Cristiano and his family realized that sport was his calling at that very time.

Though Young, Talented.jpg@Cristiano Ronaldo: Ascending to Greatness/balón – English/

Almost Everything Changes After a Diagnosis

Cristiano was always a reasonably healthy young man, but at the age of 15 he learned something that might have altered his life forever. During normal exams, medical professionals found that the athlete had a heart pathology that necessitated immediate surgery.

They called his mother to ask for permission to do an emergency procedure after realizing his health issue. Fortunately, a laser might be used to do the procedure, making it non-invasive.

Almost Everything Changes After a Diagnosis (1).jpg@Cristiano Ronaldo for Sporting ● Magic Skills & Goals ● How it all began/SLIZHENKOV l HD/

A Quick Success?

Cristiano clearly experienced the joy of achievement very early on. Sporting Lisbon signed him when he was just 17 years old, and he made his professional debut against Inter Milan. His skill with the ball rapidly caught the attention of the media.

He nearly signed with Juventus in 2002, also at the age of 17, all because of the potential Marcelo Salas trade. The latter, though, steadfastly declined to represent a Portuguese squad.

A Quick Success.jpg@Cristiano Ronaldo: Ascending to Greatness/balón – English/

No formality, nothing

No one claims that Cristiano Ronaldo and Karina Ferro had a formal relationship, but many claim that both were involved. Karina Ferro, a stunning Portuguese model, first met Cristiano when he was still somewhat unknown.

It appears that the two's brief relationship would have begun around 2002. Although Karina claims she dated Cristiano for two years while he was a player for Sporting, it appears their relationship was casual and short-lived because they constantly broke up and rekindled it.

No formality, nothing.jpg@Karina Ferro HOT (ex - Cristiano Ronaldo Girlfriend)/ MsCR7fans/

The First in a Series

Jordana Jardel, the sister of Cristiano's teammate Mario Jardel, caught his attention when he was still playing for Sporting Lisbon. Between 2002 and 2003, the Brazilian girl was linked to Cristiano while working as a model in Europe.

There aren't many specifics regarding the couple; all that is known about them is that they enjoyed a wholesome and innocent connection. The athlete's first acknowledged girlfriend was Jordana. It is uncertain if Cristiano had any other relationships before her.

The First in a Series.jpg@42 Girls That Cristiano Ronaldo Has "Dated" (2002 - 2019)/ Gym4u/

The Performance That Launched Him

A friendly game between Sporting Lisbon and Manchester United took place in 2003. The English were intrigued by Cristiano Ronaldo because of his performance in this game.

The move of Cristiano was set very quickly by his coach. 

The Performance That Launched Him (1).jpg@Cristiano Ronaldo 2003/04 ●Dribbling/Skills/Runs● |HD| / Teo Cri /

The Flame Disappeared

Cristiano's romance with Jordana Jardel quickly deteriorated after he was sent to Manchester. They could no longer see each other as frequently because it was clear that the player had to spend more time in England than in Portugal.

The marriage terminated in 2003 on the finest terms possible and in a very mature manner. In fact, both have met on red carpets and at social gatherings more than once, and they have always been treated with warmth.

The Flame Disappeared.jpg@Top 10 Women Cristiano Ronaldo Has Been With/Mr.TOP 10/

His most enduring love?

The athlete harbored resentment for Jordana for almost two years. The player didn't start to open up to love again until 2005. This time, Merche Romero, a Portuguese-born model and presenter who won him over in an interview, was the lucky lady.

The connection was going quite nicely. In actuality, this courtship was Cristiano Ronaldo's longest during his time with Manchester. They spent over one years in a loving relationship.


Cultural Diversity

Apparently, a Portuguese model who had moved to the United States in 2008 and was still only 23 years old would have won the soccer star's heart. At only 18 years old, she would be Mia Judaken. Mia has earned recognition for her covert musical career in which she has successfully blended rhythms from Europe, Africa, and Latin America.

Though there was little information available regarding the potential relationship the two would have had, it's probable that's what enthralled Cristiano.

Cultural Diversity.jpg@Cristiano Ronaldo Girlfriends (2003 - 2021)/ You Should Know/

A Bollywood girlfriend

After breaking up with Merche Romero in 2006, Ronaldo's subsequent relationship with Indian-born actress Bipasha Basu was publicly acknowledged. They both went to the same social event where they both presented, and as soon as they met, a spark of desire was ignited.

Although the actress was apparently seen making out with Cristiano backstage at the event they were both supporting, it should be remembered that she was seeing another actor at the time.

A Bollywood girlfriend.jpg@Cristiano Ronaldo and Bipasha Basu's old KISSING pictures go VIRAL again/ETimes/

A romantic interest

Even while the media went bonkers over the idea that Ronaldo might be involved in a love scandal, their joy was short-lived. Only a few weeks were spent by the couple together.

Bipasha Basu reportedly asked Cristiano Ronaldo to assist her in promoting her soon-to-be-released new movie as the cause of their breakup. It appears that the sportsman's refusal to accept the promotion is what enraged the actress.

A romantic interest.jpg@Cristiano Ronaldo and Bipasha Basu's old KISSING pictures go VIRAL again/ETimes/

Please, only actresses

However, it appears that Cristiano was already becoming accustomed to switching partners frequently, as his contempt for the Indian only lasted a brief time. Following the Bipasha affair, the footballer started dating model and actress Gemma Atkinson.

Given how long Cristiano Ronaldo was a Manchester United player, it's odd that Gemma is the only British woman on his list of loves. Gemma was his girlfriend for only four months.

Please, only actresses (1).jpg@Gemma Atkinson says Cristiano Ronaldo loves Only Fools And Horses/Worthy Stars/

Colombian love

Cristiano began seeing Spanish model Nereida Gallardo soon after splitting up with Mirella Grisales. They frequently appeared together enjoying intimate dinners at upscale eateries and nightclubs. Beginning in 2008, all of this took place.

Everything seemed to suggest that even though the couple was wasting their love, their relationship was doing extremely well. Although it was said that one of the primary issues in the relationship was Nereida's jealously. Cristiano, of course, never made any statements about it.

Colombian love (1).jpg@Cristiano Ronlado and Nereida/elainavel/

Hilton and CR7?

Paris Hilton and Cristiano Ronaldo dating? Yes, this did indeed occur. The incident happened in 2009 when Cristiano and Paris were seen together at a party in the US. Paris had recently broken up with her boyfriend, and Cristiano had been solo for a few months.

Paris approached Cristiano in a romantic and sly manner during this party, and the footballer, of course, reciprocated this behavior. This relationship, of course, did not last even one night.

Hilton and CR7.jpg@Paris Hilton And Cristiano Ronaldo tiktok katheholic/Celebrity Fever/

Kim Was No Lurker

And it appears that Paris informed Kim Kardashian, one of her closest pals, everything about Ronaldo. The athlete and the influencer first met at a Los Angeles event, and it appears that she was immediately drawn to him.

The attraction was so intense that Kim decided to come to Madrid a few weeks later and use the chance to get to know the footballer a little better. According to rumors, both parties wanted to begin dating. However, they had a dilemma to think about because of their schedules and the distance.

Kim Was No Lurker.jpg@Cautious-Brush4454/

A Quick and Passionate Love

Additionally in 2009, Cristiano Ronaldo was associated with Italian singer and model Raffaella Fico, with whom he had a brief romance. After meeting at a party, the two started dating to get to know one another better.

Raffaella was reportedly content with their relationship; nevertheless, neither of them was interested in continuing their long-distance romance at the time, so they agreed it would be best to end their romance amicably.

A Quick and Passionate Love.jpg@TOP 10 novias de Cristiano Ronaldo/Ozymandias/

The transfer that cost the most

Ronaldo's career made an unexpected turn in 2009. Real Madrid's offer to transfer the player to Manchester was accepted. The transfer amount was outrageously high. It was revealed that this was the most expensive transfer in soccer history a few weeks after the contract was signed.

Naturally, everything works out for the best, and Ronaldo's athletic career would flourish at Real Madrid. The athlete would rise to the top of the sport.

Depositphotos_614350434_L (1) (1).jpg

Alone parent?

Cristiano Ronaldo took a break from his career in sports to focus on his family. The soccer player unexpectedly revealed the birth of his first child, Cristiano Ronaldo Jr., in 2010. The sports and entertainment industries were horrified by this news.

Ronaldo may have had a fatherly longing at a young age, but because he lacked a committed relationship, he chose to use a surrogate to have his first child. What are your thoughts on this?

Alone parent (1).jpg@Father-Son Time: Ronaldo's Relationship With Cristiano Jr. | RONALDO (2015)/DocBusters/

Why Use Surrogacy?

It was obvious that the public would expect explanations in the wake of such news. Numerous explanations were floated, even the football player's sexual orientation was called into doubt. However, Cristiano claimed in an interview that he didn't need a girlfriend to have children; if the opportunity presented itself, why not grab it?
Numerous psychologists and other experts criticized the athlete's public activities. He chose to disregard the criticism, though, and carried on with being a father.

Why Use Surrogacy (1).jpg@Father-Son Time: Ronaldo's Relationship With Cristiano Jr. | RONALDO (2015)/DocBusters/

The Irina Moment

Cristiano made an announcement about his relationship with model Irina Shayk soon after the birth of his kid. Although it is unknown how they met, the couple rose to prominence in the world of international show business.

For a while, it was easy to see how happy they were, and the media began to speculate that they would get married shortly. In addition, the model was taking on the role of the mother in the sportsman's son's life.

The Irina Moment.jpg@Top 10 Women Cristiano Ronaldo Has Been With/Mr.TOP 10/

Calling Andressa Urach Briefly

Cristiano Ronaldo engaged in one of the most egregious affairs we can recall by sleeping with Irina Shayk. After Andressa Urach of Brazil won the Miss Bum Bum Bum title, the sportsmen dared to call her. It appears that the athlete wanted to learn more about her.

What Ronaldo failed to anticipate was that Andressa would come clean in an interview a few months down the road. Irina naturally learned about the drama.

Calling Andressa Urach Briefly.jpg@DeeplySapphic/

Christmas brought the split

Many people had already assumed that Cristiano Ronaldo and Irina were married, but things fell apart around Christmas. Since Cristiano wanted to spend these dates with his mother while the couple was on holiday in Dubai, it appears that Cristiano's mother was the root of the argument.

Irina and Cristiano's mother's indirect conflict would have continued in this way. After Christmas, Cristiano and his son celebrated the New Year together without Irina.

Christmas brought the split.jpg@The truth behind Cristiano Ronaldo and Irina Shayk's break-up | The Story Behind/Soccer Stories - Oh My Goal/

A Sudden End in the Maldives

January 6 is Irina Shayk's birthday. She had hoped to spend it with Cristiano in the Maldives, but that didn't happen. Irina and her then-boyfriend recently traveled to the Maldives after their disagreement in Dubai and separation, and he never showed there.

According to some insiders, she found it terrible to have to spend her birthday alone in such a foreign location, and that meant the two had ended their relationship for good.

A Sudden End in the Maldives.jpg@Irina Shayk Goes Topless & Gets Dirty In Tahiti | Intimates | Sports Illustrated Swimsuit/
Sports Illustrated Swimsuit/

I felt insecure and ugly

Cristiano Ronaldo and Irina Shayk's romance fully broke down in 2015. Even though the footballer made no mention of it, Irina dared to speak up in an interview a few months later, which completely changed the course of events.

The model alleged that maintaining a relationship with Ronaldo was extremely challenging and that she frequently became the victim of infidelity. Irina realized that Cristiano's remarks and attitudes were to blame for her developing feelings of inadequacy and ugliness.

I felt insecure and ugly.jpg@motivation_king/

Lucia, was she his solace?

After parting ways with Irina Shayk in 2015, Cristiano was rumored to be dating sportswriter Lucia Villalon. Everything began when Lucia shared a picture of herself with the soccer player on social media. They both appear to be very content and even in love in the picture.

She was quickly suspected by the media to be Ronaldo's newest conquest. Following this, both were observed displaying extremely "friendly" attitudes that were potentially amorous.

Lucia, was she his solace.jpg@Meet Lucia Villalon (Cristiano Ronaldo's possible new girlfriend)/ Yahoo! Sports/

Denying what is clear

Lucia was forced to make remarks about her alleged liaison with Cristiano Ronaldo after several weeks of speculation. The journalist confirmed that the relationship between the two was a lovely friendship and that neither of them desired it to develop further.

Naturally, the media didn't accept this account of events, and speculations about the purported affair persisted. Sadly, it was never verified, and Ronaldo never made any comments about it.

Denying what is clear.jpg@Meet Lucia Villalon (Cristiano Ronaldo's possible new girlfriend)/ Yahoo! Sports/

The Ballon d'Or's ruler

Cristiano Ronaldo's professional career was booming, but his personal life was a complete mess. He had made a name for himself at Real Madrid as the best player in the European League, and his talent had already earned him multiple Ballon d'Or titles.
Cristiano was already being compared to legendary soccer players like Pele and Maradona at this point. Of course, he has also had to deal with his constant "opponent," Lionel Messi, in the media.

Depositphotos_308604148_L (1).jpg

Alessia Tedeschi 

Cristiano was rumored to be dating the Italian model Alessia Tadeschi following the brief scandal he co-starred in with Lucia Villalon. The two were frequently seen together in Italy, and it was clear that their relationship went beyond simple friendship.
Once more, none of the footballer's comments were heard. Alessia acknowledged having a brief relationship with him, nevertheless. Once more, the breakup of the romance was caused by distance and divergent goals.

Alessia Tedeschi.jpg@Alessia Tedeschi: El "Nuevo Amor" de Cristiano Ronaldo/Vitoca/

Spanish Miss, Welcome

With the exception of Desiré Cordero, Cristiano Ronaldo has dated a variety of models, and his list of loves contains no misses. When she was crowned Miss Spain in 2014, several magazines said that Cristiano already had a strong bond with the woman. This doesn't seem to be the case anymore.

They would have dated for a few months, but Cristiano decided against it since he did not have faith in her. Some even contend that the reason there is so much secrecy is because everyone involved signed a quiet vow.

Spanish Miss, Welcome.jpg@Cristiano Ronaldo y Desiré Cordero, ¿juntos?/ CHANCE/

Georgina Will Remain

And everything appears to suggest that Cristiano actually found love in 2016. He ran upon Georgina Rodriguez, a model and dancer from Argentina, at a party that year, and she immediately won his heart. She made Cristiano so impressed that he had to make plans to see her again “casually.”

They developed a solid connection over time, eventually becoming one of the most stable couples in sports. Who could resist Cristiano Ronaldo, after all?

Georgina Will Remain.jpg@Ronaldo And Georgina Rodriguez VS PSG 2023 💪😈(Messi, Mbappe,Neymar,Donnarumma)/@GOAT10HDEDITS/

Mateo and Eva's Welcome

It appears that Cristiano's mum was right after along, and the athlete plans to have a sizable family. He revealed the birth of his twins, Eva and Mateo, who were both born in June of that year, in 2017, after dating Georgina for more than a year.

The revelation that the sportsman had returned to start a family as well as the fact that, despite still having a girlfriend, he had turned to surrogacy once more startled the press.

Mateo and Eva's Welcome (1).jpg@Cristiano Ronaldo first video with twins Mateo and Eva/Skifbull Channel/

The Stork Hastily Came Back

The couple announced the birth of their new baby girl in November of that same year, further confusing the public. Cristiano and Georgina had this baby girl in a typical manner. This new life, in one way or another, dispelled certain uncertainties.

Everything suggests that before beginning his relationship with the Argentine model, the soccer player had the surrogacy procedure booked. Naturally, he didn't want to postpone it, and Georgina also became pregnant while he was enjoying the lovely wait.

The Stork Hastily Came Back.jpg@andres4514/

Real Madrid, bye!

Cristiano reaffirmed his status as a man of challenges in 2018. The athlete was in the middle of contract talks with Real Madrid when he unexpectedly received an offer from Juventus. Without giving it much thought, he chose to join the Italian squad.

The sportsman claimed that he needed a challenge in his life and that leaving Real Madrid was the only way to get it. Few people anticipated such a drastic transformation, but the signed contract was only good for four years.

Depositphotos_91805130_L (1) (1).jpg

Absolute Jealousy

While it is true that Cristiano and Georgina waste their love whenever they are in the public eye, it is also true that the model's resentment has frequently surfaced at social gatherings.

The fact that Georgina dislikes other women approaching Ronaldo while she is there is well known. The Argentine has frequently been seen frowning in anger as Cristiano interacts with his admirers or snaps pictures with women.

Absolute Jealousy.jpg@groovygyal/

Retracing His History

Cristiano annunced in 2021 that he intended to quit Juventus; it seemed that three years had provided him with enough trials. The moment the club put him up for sale, bids began to pour in.

After receiving numerous approaches, it was revealed in August that Manchester and Juventus had come to terms on re-signing Cristiano Ronaldo. It was desired that Cristiano continue to play with the recognizable number 7, and that the contract be for two years with an additional year being optional.

Depositphotos_390110238_L (1) (1).jpg

Yet Another Love-Indicator?

Yes, it would appear that Cristiano Ronaldo is obsessed with growing his family. The athlete recently revealed on social media that he and his spouse are expecting their second child. They will experience twins for the first time.

Although there is currently no information available regarding the gestational method, everything seems to point to Georgina once more being in charge of delivering the infants into the world. On their Instagram profiles, she and Cristiano both appear to be content.

Yet Another Love-Indicator.jpg@Georgina Rodriguez with their children ❤👑🥰🤗 #ronaldo #georginarodriguez #viral/Hope/

How is Cristiano doing?

Social networks and magazines are created to create rumors. However, it's also true that there are some situations where it's impossible to resist thinking too much. This is one: Cristiano and Georgina's daughter Alana Martina celebrated her fourth birthday with her siblings and her mother, but not with her father.

Large celebration with food and attendees, but no CR7. The fact that Cristiano had been invited by the Portuguese national team, despite some claims to the contrary, attracted attention.

How is Cristiano doing.jpg@Cristiano Ronaldo's Daughter 'Alana Martina' Celebrate 4th Birthday With Family – 2021/CELEBRITY STARS/

Pregnant Looking

In spite of the claims that Cristiano wasn't there, Georgina persisted and is now openly displaying her pregnancy. Already expecting twins, the lovely wait is passing by quickly. It's also true that this is her first pregnancy that has been made public, so everyone is watching her.

Although Cristiano Ronaldo has expressed his excitement about having two children on numerous occasions, he hasn't had time due to his relocation to the UK and national team call-ups.

Pregnant Looking.jpg@Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodriguez #cristianoronaldo #georginarodriguez/Movie_Max1/

At this point, jealous?

No matter if you have to take those guns in the middle of the red carpet, Georgina Rodriguez is a woman of weaponry. So she did when she accompanied Cristiano to the MTV EMA 2019, where Rita Pereira, a well-known Portuguese actress, was also there. Some have suggested that Rita and CR7 were dating in 2012.

Georgina was seen in the scene gazing cross-eyed at Rita while showing Cristiano some images while irritated. All of this just serves to confirm that CR7 and Rita were more than just pals.

At this point, jealous.jpg@Cristiano Ronaldo CR7 Star des MTV EMA Music Awards 2019/TheBestOf CR7/

Natacha raises her voice

It's also true that after Natacha Rodriguez's comments, there are further speculations of a separation or quarrel between Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodriguez. She is a curvaceous Portuguese model who described in great detail how she would have messaged Cristiano on Instagram, received a response, and spent the night with him.

The serious aspect of it is that Cristiano had requested Georgina to keep the relationship a secret because this would have happened while they were already dating. Can it be done?

Natacha raises her voice.jpg
@Natacha Rodriguez claims to have spent a night with Cristiano Ronaldo/AS Channel/

Red Hearts

In actuality, not even Georgina pays much attention to reports of extramarital affairs. There is nothing concrete that leads us to believe that they are apart, despite the fact that they have not been observed in such close proximity. In fact, many people exhaled a sigh of relief when they saw Georgina's numerous red heart responses to Cristiano's Instagram stories. Is it a love sign?

Let's hope that those hearts remain full of life, especially for the two upcoming children and the four members of the family who are already there.

Red Hearts.jpg@Natacha Rodriguez claims to have spent a night with Cristiano Ronaldo/AS Channel/

Are there going to be just six?

Unbelievably, with the addition of the twins, Cristiano Ronaldo now has six children total. Currently, the media is speculating as to whether the player intends to keep growing his family or if six kids would be sufficient for him.

What matters is that we can see how much love Cristiano and Georgina have for their kids. Undoubtedly, we are looking at a happy, strong family. Every appearance they make reflects this.

Are there going to be just six.jpg@Cristiano Ronaldo Brings Baby Daughter Home After Her Twin Brother’s Death/Entertainment Tonight/

Pregnant again

In October 2021, Cristiano Ronaldo published a post on his Instagram page in which he shared a joyful event in his life. The football player posted a photo with his girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez. The happy couple held in their hands pictures of the ultrasound scan, which shows a picture of the twin that the couple is expecting.

"I am glad to announce that we are expecting twins. Our hearts are full of love - we can't wait to meet you," the footballer left a short caption under the photo.

Pregnant again (1).jpg@Cristiano Ronaldo and girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez expecting twins/KA'S CHANNEL/

Loss of a son

The famous Portuguese football player Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodriguez reported the loss of their child. Their newborn son died.

It became known in October 2021 that the couple is expecting twins. In December, the football player announced that he and Georgina will have a boy and a girl. As a result, the girl was born healthy, but the son of stellar parents did not survive the birth.

Loss of a son (1).jpg@Cristiano Ronaldo's Girlfriend Breaks Down in Tears Over Infant Son's Death/Entertainment Tonight/

Soy Georgina

At the end of 2022, a series about the life of the girl who was able to conquer the heart of the handsome Ronaldo, "I am Georgina", was released on Netflix. Filming took place last year in the spring and summer: there was the Monaco Grand Prix, two Euro matches, and the Cannes Festival. For which Georgina chooses a dress very long and painfully. Ronaldo appears in the frame only a couple of times - in one of the series he joked that this is a film about Gio, and a documentary about him will follow. 

In 2016, the girl worked in the Gucci boutique in Madrid, and then met her alter ego - Cristiano Ronaldo. Now she does not sell expensive bags, but buys them, while simultaneously having advertising contracts and conducting several Ronaldo business projects.

Soy Georgina (1).jpg@Cristiano Ronaldo's Girlfriend Breaks Down in Tears Over Infant Son's Death/Entertainment Tonight/

The end of love?

37-year-old Cristiano Ronaldo and 28-year-old Georgina Rodriguez may soon break up. Judging by reports from Spain, the star couple only publicly demonstrates love and tenderness for each other, but in reality, their relationship is not in the best condition. 

Journalist Gonzalo Vasquez said that Cristiano Ronaldo is depressed because of the latest failures. His career is on the decline, as a result, the football player left the English Manchester United and could not help the Portuguese national team at the World Cup in Qatar.


Al-Nasr club

At the end of December 2022, 37-year-old Cristiano Ronaldo signed a contract with the Al-Nasr club. It belongs to Saudi Arabia. The agreement is valid until 2025.

The total amount of the employment agreement is estimated at approximately €100 million. According to the publication, Ronaldo will receive another €100 million in advertising contracts, which will make him the highest-paid athlete in the world.

Al-Nasr club (1).jpg@Cristiano Ronaldo Signs With Saudi Arabian Soccer Club Al Nassr | E! News/E! News/

Will they change the law for Ronaldo sake?

After signing a contract with the Al-Nasr club, Ronaldo`s supporters were excited. After all, according to royal laws, couples are forbidden to live together if they are not officially married.

And as you know, Ronaldo came to Riyadh with his beloved Georgina Rodriguez, who is not his wife. Although she bore him two children.

Will they change the law for Ronaldo sake (1).jpg@This is how CRISTIANO RONALDO lives in SAUDI ARABIA | AL NASSR - HOUSE - LUXURY - MONEY - CONTRACT/INSIDE FOOTBALL/

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Firefox Focus

  1. Click on the menu button to the right of the address bar
  2. Click on the "Trackers blocked" toggle

CM Browser

  1. Click on the green shield on the left side of the address bar
  2. Click on the toggle that says "Disable adblocker for this website"

Free Adblocker Browser

  1. Click on the shield button in the bottom right hand corner of the browser
  2. Click on the toggle that says "Adblocking on ..."

UC Browser

  1. Click on the menu button at the bottom center of the browser
  2. Click on the "Tools" button in the menu that pops up
  3. Click on the "Ad Block" button in the "Tools" menu
  4. Click on the "Ad Blocker" toggle button


  1. Click on the menu button at the bottom center of the browser
  2. Click on the "Tools" button in the menu that pops up
  3. Click on the "Ad Block" button in the "Tools" menu
  4. Click on the "Ad Blocker" toggle button