These 50 Brilliant Duct Tape Tricks Only A Genius Invented!

24 Mar 2023

Life hacks greatly simplify our lives, and sometimes even save us money. Duct tape can become our best friend and help us with many tasks. It can work wonders and solve the small problems that have caused inconvenience for you. It seems that the power of duct tape has finally been appreciated, and people have started to use it for household chores. Here are 30 incredible life hacks with duct tape that you may not have even thought of.

1. Hand-made cup

You arrived at the picnic, started laying out food from the basket, and noticed that you forgot the cups. But if you brought duct tape with you, there is a solution. Wrap duct tape around the bottom of a bottle, making sure to cover the entire surface. Then, fold the excess tape up and over the edge of the bottle, creating a lip that will make it easier to drink from. Once you've created your duct tape cup, you can fill it up with your favorite drink and enjoy your picnic.

Hand-made cup.jpg?format=webp@Simple Duct Tape Life Hacks/ Household Hacker/

2. Taped roses

With a bit of creativity and some patience, you can use duct tape to create beautiful and colorful flowers that will brighten up any space. You'll need duct tape in various colors, green floral wire, and wire cutters. To get started, cut a piece of floral wire to your desired length for the stem of the flower. Then, take a piece of duct tape and fold it over on itself, sticky side to sticky side. This will create a double-sided strip of duct tape that you can use for the petals of your flower. Cut out a petal shape from the duct tape strip, making sure to leave a small bit of tape at the bottom that will be used to attach the petal to the wire stem.

Taped roses.jpg?format=webp@8 Awesome Duct Tape Life Hacks/WEAREX/

3. Cleaning is easier with duct tape

There's a simple life hack to struggle with dust much easier: using duct tape. To use this life hack, you'll need a scoop and a roll of duct tape. Simply tear off a strip of duct tape that's long enough to cover the width of the dustpan. Then, stick the duct tape onto the bottom of the scoop, making sure that it's completely covered. Once you're finished sweeping, simply peel the duct tape off the dustpan and discard it with the debris. You can then repeat the process as needed for future cleaning tasks.

Cleaning is easier with duct tape .jpg?format=webp@8 Awesome Duct Tape Life Hacks/WEAREX/

4. Like at the movies

To create a cupholder with duct tape, you'll need a roll of duct tape, a pair of scissors, and a chair with armrests. Start by tearing off a strip of duct tape that's long enough to wrap around the armrest of the chair. Stick one end of the duct tape to the top of the armrest and wrap it around until you reach the bottom. Make sure to pull the duct tape tightly to ensure that it adheres to the armrest securely. Once you've finished creating your duct tape cupholder, you can place your drink inside the loop and enjoy a hands-free experience.

Like at the movies .jpg?format=webp@25 HACKS WITH SCOTCH TAPES/5-Minute Crafts FAMILY/

5. Holder for toothbrush

With just a few strips of duct tape, you can easily make a toothbrush holder that can attach to a wall or any smooth surface. You'll need a roll of duct tape, a pair of scissors, and your toothbrush. Start by cutting a strip of duct tape that's about 8-10 inches long. Fold the duct tape in half lengthwise, sticky sides together. Next, place your toothbrush against the sticky side of the duct tape. Wrap the ends of the duct tape around the toothbrush handle and fix it to a wall.

Holder for toothbrush .jpg?format=webp@35 COOL HACKS WITH SCOTCH TAPE/5-Minute Crafts/

6. Mix up your suitcase

How do not mix up your suitcase at the airport if there may be several similar bags? Duct tape will come in handy. Cut a few strips and stick them on your suitcase. Choose a bright tape and apply, for example, the letter T. This allows you to easily spot your luggage from a distance and not confuse it with someone else's.

Mix up your suitcase.jpg?format=webp@Top 10 Duct Tape Hacks/Top 10 Archive/Top 10 Archive/

7. Cleaning the clothes

Duct tape can be a simple and effective solution to remove lint and hair quickly and easily. Tear off a strip of duct tape that's several inches long. Make sure to choose a tape that's sticky enough to pick up lint, but not so sticky that it will leave residue on your clothes. Next, wrap the tape around your hand with the sticky side facing outwards. Use your hand to press the tape onto the area with lint or hair, and then gently pull the tape away. The tape should pick up any loose fibers, leaving the surface clean and lint-free.

Cleaning the clothes .jpg?format=webp@Top 10 Duct Tape Hacks/Top 10 Archive/Top 10 Archive/

8. Ideal makeup with glitter

Do you like glitter but do not know how to remove its residue on your face? Duct tape can be a quick and easy solution to remove any sparkles that have showered onto your face. Tear off a small piece of duct tape that's about an inch long. Make sure to select a tape that's sticky enough to pick up glitter, but not so sticky that it will irritate your skin. Next, press the sticky side of the tape onto the area with sparkles and gently rub it back and forth. The tape should pick up any loose glitter or sparkles, leaving your face clear.

Ideal makeup with glitter .jpg?format=webp
@16 Funny Duct Tape Pranks and Hacks/Troom Troom/

9. Comfortable boots

If you need to make your boots not slip down and fit tightly to your legs, take duct tape. It's best to apply the tape on the back of the calf or the inside of the ankle. Cut a strip of duct tape that's long enough to wrap around your leg at the chosen spot. Wrap the strip of duct tape around your leg, making sure it's snug but not too tight. Smooth out any wrinkles or air bubbles to ensure a smooth fit. Repeat this process with additional strips of duct tape, as needed, until your boots feel secure and comfortable.

Comfortable boots .jpg?format=webp@31 BEST LIFE HACKS FOR STICKY TAPE/5-Minute Crafts TEENS/

10. Magic spoon

At times, we encounter a common dilemma of having trouble retrieving something from the bottom of a jar. Typically, using a regular spoon can be a challenge due to the depth of the container. However, with the availability of duct tape at home, this issue can be effortlessly resolved. Simply cut a piece of tape and fasten the handles of two spoons together to create a long spoon. This improvised utensil will enable you to extract the desired contents from the jar with ease.

Magic spoon .jpg?format=webp@35 COOL HACKS WITH SCOTCH TAPE/5-Minute Crafts/

11. Dream eyeliner

Do you dream of drawing even eyeliner wings, but just can't seem to get it right? Of course, you can buy a special stencil, but it can be expensive. Take some regular tape and you can make a perfect winged eyeliner. How does it work? The tape has the correct curve for the wing, so you apply it to your eye and trace along the edge to create the wing. It's that simple, and your eyeliner wings will be perfect.

Dream eyeliner.jpg?format=webp@8 Easy Eyeliner Tutorials For Beginners/Four Nine Looks/

12. Fixing the clothes

Fixing a shirt with tape is a useful life hack that can help you avoid embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions. Cut a small piece of tape that's just big enough to cover the hole in your shirt. Place the tape on the inside of the shirt, with the sticky side facing away from your skin. This will ensure that the tape does not stick to your body or cause discomfort. Smooth out the tape to make sure it's flat and even, covering the entire hole.  

Fixing the clothes .jpg?format=webp@35 COOL HACKS WITH SCOTCH TAPE/5-Minute Crafts/

13. Protect the windows of a car

There's heavy rain outside and water is leaking into the interior of your car through the side windows. This is causing discomfort and requires an urgent solution. To get rid of the problem, take some tape, tightly close the windows, and stick the adhesive tape on top of the glass. The tape is very dense and will not let rainwater into the car. Now you can be calm and not afraid of the rain.

Protect the windows of car .jpg?format=webp@5 Life Hacks That Will Fix Your Car With Duct Tape/Scotty Kilmer/

14. No slippery shoes

Slippery shoes can be a safety hazard and can also make walking or running difficult. Fortunately, you can use tape to make your shoes less slippery. To do this, take a piece of tape and place it on the bottom of your shoe. Make sure the tape is flat and covers the entire sole of the shoe. Use scissors or a knife to cut off any excess tape. The tape will provide additional traction, which will help prevent slips and falls.

No slippery shoes.jpg?format=webp@18 SUPERB HACKS WITH SCOTCH TAPE/5-MINUTE REPAIR/

15. Hand-made brand

 If you need to stick a new design or label on a glass surface, you can use tape to do so easily and effectively. Clean the surface of the glass with a damp cloth to remove any dirt. Cut a piece of double-sided tape to the desired size. Peel off one side of the tape and stick it onto the back of the label or brand. Carefully place the label or some figures for example stars onto the glass surface. Press it firmly onto the glass. Make sure the tape adheres well to the glass surface. Your label is ready. 

Hand-made brand .jpg?format=webp@35 COOL HACKS WITH SCOTCH TAPE/5-Minute Crafts/

16. Budget protective film

With the help of simple materials such as clear tape and a pair of scissors, you can create a custom-fit protective film for your mobile phone. Clean your mobile phone screen thoroughly to remove any dirt. Cut a piece of clear tape slightly larger than your mobile phone screen. Carefully place the tape on your phone screen, ensuring that there are no air bubbles or wrinkles. Smooth out any remaining air bubbles or wrinkles by gently rubbing the tape with your fingers.

Budget protective film.jpg?format=webp@44 GENIUS HACKS FOR YOUR PHONE/5-Minute Crafts/

17. Picture is taped

Do you not want to damage the wall by nailing a picture to it? You can use duct tape. It will hold your picture nicely and not damage the wall. Cut a piece of duct tape. Fold the duct tape in half lengthwise, with the sticky sides facing each other. Cut the folded duct tape into two smaller pieces and attach it to the back of the picture, making sure that it's centered and level. Press the picture onto the wall, using duct tape strips to hold it in place.

Picture is taped .jpg?format=webp@How to Hang Pictures/Lowe's Home Improvement/

18. Personalized mug

Crafting your own personalized mug with a favorite photo is a simple process that can be done in just 15 minutes. First, select a photo that is small enough to fit on the mug. Then, wrap the photo with clear tape and submerge it in hot water for 10 minutes. After removing it from the water, ensure that all bubbles and air pockets are smoothed out by rubbing the image thoroughly. Finally, apply the photo to your chosen mug and admire your new, one-of-a-kind creation!

Personalized mug.jpg?format=webp@35 COOL HACKS WITH SCOTCH TAPE/5-Minute Crafts/

19. Bag of sugar

If you've ever accidentally ripped open a bag of sugar, you know how messy it can be to store it afterward. However, with a simple life hack involving tape, you can easily seal up the bag and avoid any further spills. Start by carefully gathering the edges of the torn part of the bag together. Then, take a piece of clear tape and wrap it around the gathered area, making sure to cover the hole completely. If the tear is particularly large, you may need to use multiple pieces of tape to ensure a secure seal.

Bag of sugar.jpg?format=webp@31 BEST LIFE HACKS FOR STICKY TAPE/5-Minute Crafts TEENS/

20. Secured shoes

When it comes to rainy weather, keeping your feet dry can be a real challenge. However, with a simple life hack using duct tape, you can protect your shoes and avoid the discomfort of wet socks and shoes. To use this life hack, start by wrapping duct tape around the base of your shoes where they meet the ground. Make sure the tape is tightly secured and covers the entire area. You can also add extra layers of tape for additional protection. Next, use another piece of duct tape to secure the tongue of your shoes to the top of your foot, which will help prevent water from seeping in from the top.

Secured shoes .jpg?format=webp@40 Duct Tape Hacks You Didn't Know About (Try #28 Now!)/Facts Verse/

21. Tent is safe

Even the most well-prepared camper can face unexpected challenges, such as a small hole in their tent. Luckily, with a simple life hack using duct tape, you can easily patch up the hole and keep the bugs out. Cut a piece of duct tape that is large enough to cover the hole, with a little extra on all sides. Next, place the tape over the hole and smooth it out to make sure it adheres securely to the tent. It's important to note that while duct tape is a great temporary fix, it may not hold up in heavy rain or wind.

Tent is safe .jpg?format=webp@10 Genius Uses For Duct Tape In a Survival Situation/Survival Know How/

22. Bucket with your own hands

This life hack can be especially useful when you're in the great outdoors. To make a duct tape bucket, you'll need a roll of duct tape, a flat surface to work on, and a cylindrical object to use as a base, such as a large can or a plastic container. Start by turning the cylinder upside down and covering the entire bottom with duct tape, making sure to cover all the edges and corners. Then, turn the cylinder right side up and start wrapping duct tape around it, overlapping each strip slightly to create a sturdy structure. Finally, make a handle out of tape – the bucket is ready.

Bucket with your own hands .jpg?format=webp@DIY Duct Tape Bucket - Survival Hack/CrazyRussianHacker/

23. The first aid of your mattress

Repairing an air mattress using duct tape is a straightforward process. Begin by inflating the air mattress to locate any leaks. Next, ensure the damaged area is clean and thoroughly dry. Apply a neatly cut piece of duct tape, firmly securing it in place. Optionally, you may use super glue before applying the duct tape for enhanced adhesion. Duct tape is effective at addressing small holes, and if you observe sagging in your mattress, it can provide substantial support. While this method is both simple and cost-effective, it should be noted that it offers only a temporary fix. 

23. The first aid of your mattress.jpg?format=webp@How to Fix a Hole in an Air Mattress/Family Handyman/

24. Safe umbrella

We've all experienced the frustration of a collapsing umbrella on a windy day. Using duct tape, you can easily prevent your umbrella from collapsing and keep yourself dry and protected. Take a small piece of duct tape and wrap it tightly around the area that is damaged, making sure to cover both sides of the joint or rib. If the collapsing area is particularly large, you may need to use multiple pieces of duct tape to fully reinforce it. Simply overlap the pieces of tape slightly to create a strong, continuous layer.

24. Safe umbrella.jpg?format=webp@babyin1996/

25. Swimsuit of duct tape

Making a swimsuit out of duct tape is an alternative to traditional swimwear. To make a duct tape swimsuit, start by choosing a swimsuit that fits well and can serve as a template for your design. Then, use duct tape to cover the swimsuit completely, layering the tape smoothly and evenly to create a sturdy base. Once the base is complete, you can start to get creative with your design. You can add additional layers of duct tape in different colors or patterns to create a unique look or use scissors to cut out shapes and designs to add visual interest.

25. Swimsuit of duct tape.jpg?format=webp@MAKING A BIKINI OUT OF DUCT TAPE!/Amber Scholl/

26. Smart Life hack

We've come up with a great idea for using decorative tape to create attractive bookmarks that can be useful for studying or working. You'll need a piece of tape with various patterns and some large paper clips to get started. Attach the tape to the paper clip and repeat the process to create multiple bookmarks. Write down the page numbers on each bookmark, and clip them onto different levels of the paper clip. This will help you quickly find the right page when you require it. With these pretty and functional bookmarks, studying or working can be both efficient and enjoyable.

Smart life hack .jpg?format=webp
@11 Crafting Life Hacks / Washi Tape Hacks/Troom Troom/

27. Renew your phone

Is your phone looking less appealing than before? We can quickly transform it using a silicon case pattern and attaching silver glitter tape strips. Simply fold the ends inside and ensure they are securely in place, and then add a bit of glitter to each strip. Keep taping until you have a sparkling border, then put the case on your phone. Combining the strips in various ways allows you to create different designs each time. You can also use tapes of different colors to cover the entire case and create a new and trendy accessory.

Renew your phone .jpg?format=webp@DIY Phone Card Holder From Duct Tape/AliSaysPeace/

28. Makeshift bandage

When you have a broken arm and need to use it in daily life, it's important to make it as comfortable as possible. One solution is to secure the arm using duct tape. Although a cast is typically used to immobilize the arm, duct tape can be helpful in securing it for daily activities. To create a makeshift bandage, cut a piece of tape and wrap it around the arm. Fold the cast arm and then wrap it with the tape, securing it to the neck. This bandage can help immobilize the injured arm and reduce the pressure put on it.

Makeshift bandage.jpg?format=webp@Duct tape life hacks/Karmas a beep/

29. New bag handle

Do you dream of a new handbag? You can easily update your old one. First of all, find colorful tape in shades that you like. The yellow-blue tape looks vibrant and energetic, but you can choose any color combination that you prefer. Make sure the tape is long enough to cover the handle of your bag. Start by measuring the required length of tape that will cover the bag's handle from one end to the other. Fold the tape in half across its width to create a loop. This loop will be the starting point of your braid. Begin braiding the tape until you reach the desired length. Secure the ends of the tape to prevent them from unraveling. You can do this by tying a knot or using sturdy fasteners. Now, attach the finished braid to the handle of your bag. Place it along the length of the handle and securely fasten it. You can use small clips, pins, or even durable rubber bands for this purpose. That's it! Now you have a new, original handbag.

New bag handle.jpg?format=webp@35 COOL HACKS WITH SCOTCH TAPE/5-Minute Crafts/

30. Don’t worry about your shoelaces

If you're tired of constantly retying your shoelaces throughout the day, use a life hack with duct tape. Cut a strip of duct tape that is approximately 2–3 inches long.  Fold the strip of duct tape in half, the sticky side facing out. Place the folded strip of duct tape over the top of your shoelaces where they cross, making sure the tape is centered and covers the area where the laces tend to come undone. Press the duct tape down firmly onto the shoelaces, making sure it adheres well. Your shoelaces are fixed.

Don’t worry about your shoelaces.jpg?format=webp@Brilliant Uses and Hacks for Duct or Duck Tape/Natural Health Remedies/

31. Prevent wood scuffs

You are not alone in wanting to keep your wood floors spotless for as long as possible if you have moved into a home with wood flooring or installed brand-new wood floors in your existing home.

Consider covering your wood floor with some duct tape if you frequently move furniture that has wheels or legs. Simply duct tape the area where it contacts the wood floor and carry on enjoying.

Prevent Wood Scuffs (1).jpg?format=webp

32. Boat made with duct tape

We're not advocating that you attempt to sail a duct tape boat to a new sailing world record. But we're here to inform you that it's possible to build a duct tape boat that will keep you and your buddies afloat and is seaworthy.

You have as good an opportunity as any to test your new canoe in an open pool or pond if you can make your watercraft watertight and leak-free.

32. Boat made with duct tape.jpg?format=webp@doublex12/

33. Blister buster for hiking

To actually determine whether your new hiking boots are broken in properly, you must go out on the trail. Too frequently, they're not, and you have to deal with a brand-new blister. If at all possible, try to prevent having an avoidable incident derail your hiking trip.

You should make it a practice to always bring a roll of duct tape along with your first aid kit. Duct tape can assist preserve delicate skin in cases where bandaids just won't do, ensuring you reach your next location without limping.

33. Blister buster for hiking.jpg?format=webp@Heel Blister Duct Tape Hack/Bushcraft North of 60/

34. Staying in step with the charge

It can be challenging to choose a good location for you to recharge your smartphone, particularly in older homes and apartment buildings. Consider using duct tape to create a charging port rather than stretching and maybe injuring your cord or leaving your phone on the ground for someone to trip or walk on.

All you have to do is use duct tape to make a hasty pocket the same size as your smartphone. You can then fasten the pocket to the wall next to the outlet using tape or a few pushpins.

34. Staying in step with the charge.jpg?format=webp@DIY Phone Charger Holder - Duct Tape DIY/Sofia/

35. Jar-Opening support

If you're a single person, you know how challenging it may be at times to open jars. Use duct tape to open those stiff lids rather than waiting for someone stronger than you to arrive and open all of the jars in question.

All you have to do is secure the jar lid in question by wrapping duct tape around it. The glue and folding of the duct tape are ideal for using as leverage to pry up the jar lid from there.

35. Jar-Opening support.jpg?format=webp@How To Open A Jar With Duct Tape/Patokaz Magazin/

36. Original helmet

A lot of people dislike wearing helmets since they restrict their fashion sense. What if they were aware that you could personalize your helmet to showcase your interests and exude style while riding, skating, or engaging in other activities? You can customize your safety equipment by using duct tape.

You can customize a plain helmet to match your interests and passions, such as by turning a standard white protective shell into an R2D2 helmet with colorful duct tape. Incorporate different character combinations into your sentences.

Original Helmet (1).jpg?format=webp@kevhash3/

37. Repair a plane

Before flight, no one wants to learn that their plane has damage. However, the fact remains that things break, and airplanes are no different from other objects in this regard.

Duct tape can help when you're in a crisis situation. Use some duct tape to quickly repair any damage to the door of your miniature plane. But don't wait too long to start the repairs. You can only stay safe using duct tape for a little period of time.

37. Repair a plane.jpg?format=webp@ilovesneezinggg/

38. Storage for snacks for foodies

Do you dislike using single-use plastics for our food, such as zip-top bags? You are not by yourself. There is a huge drive right now to get rid of these plastics, which accumulate in our waterways and landfills as non-biodegradable waste.

But when it comes to reusable food storage, duct tape is a good option. Duct tape may be readily used to create sandwich and snack pouches, personalizing them with eye-catching designs and patterns.

38. Storage for snacks for foodies.jpg?format=webp@DIY Duct Tape Lunch Bag! - Do It, Gurl/

39. Furniture as needed

Repairing a chair with duct tape is a quick and temporary solution for minor damage or loose parts. To do so, follow these steps.  You'll need a roll of strong duct tape in a color that matches the chair's upholstery or finish. For torn fabric or upholstery, cut a piece of duct tape slightly larger than the tear and press it firmly over the damaged area. Make sure to smooth out any wrinkles or air bubbles for a neat appearance. To secure loose armrests or backrests, wrap several layers of duct tape around the joint connecting to the chair frame. This will provide extra support and stability. While duct tape can serve as a quick fix for minor chair repairs, it's important to note that this is not a permanent solution.

39. Furniture as needed.jpg?format=webp@annabellynn/

40. Wrap Christmas presents

No wrapping paper left? Do not fret. Just as effective as traditional wrapping paper, duct tape also gives your gift recipients an incentive to work hard to reveal the surprise inside.

By contrasting colors, adding original tags, or using additional embellishments to your wrapping style, you may make your Christmas presents stand out from the crowd. Your presents will stand out above the rest.

40. Wrap Christmas presents.jpg?format=webp@How to Craft a Duct Tape Christmas Gift Bow/Duck Brand/

41. Doll`s toys

Doll accessories can be quite pricey. When you consider how rapidly kids outgrow their toys, it can be particularly challenging to justify spending money on such items.

What better gift to give your child than additional doll accessories than duct tape? Duct tape is inexpensive and widely available, and you can use it to make a variety of doll home furnishings without having to spend money on the real thing.

41. Doll`s toys.jpg?format=webp@DIY Barbie Chair Out of Duct Tape/School of Duct Tape/

42. Use all of the toothpaste

Have you ever watched one of those frustrating films when they tear up a tube of toothpaste to demonstrate how much we waste by throwing away a tube we believed was empty?

Make sure you extract every last drop of toothpaste from the tube by taping it shut using duct tape. Roll from the bottom up, keeping all the paste in place using a piece of duct tape put carefully at the top of the tube. Your savings may even grow over time!

42. Use all of the toothpaste.jpg?format=webp@How to make a Duct tape travel toothbrush/Ducttapestuff/

43. Getting rid of bugs

Do you think there are pests within your home that you'd much rather see outside? Duct tape is useful! Simply spread out a couple of strips with the sticky side up to capture any potential problems in your area.

You can relax knowing that the aforementioned insects will be captured. You can examine your duct tape traps in the morning and determine what steps, if any, you'll need to take moving forward to keep more bugs out of your space.

43. Getting rid of bugs.jpg?format=webp@Crusadera/

44. Seals for products for home repair

Nobody ever really completes a home repair project using an entire tube of caulk or adhesive. But with a little bit of duct tape positioned just so, you can keep what's left of those priceless artifacts instead of throwing them away.

We waste too many household items because we believe we have used them up and won't need them again. However, you may keep these things safe in your house by covering the nozzle with some duct tape. Both oxidation and drying will be prevented for the materials inside.

44. Seals for products for home repair.jpg?format=webp@23 Garage Storage & Organization Hacks.../Live Smarter/

45. Patch to cover glass breaks

It would be a nightmare to shatter your glasses if you depend on them to see, read, and carry on with your day as usual. If you do have a break, you do not have to bid your entire day farewell.

Use duct tape to simply patch up the damage. Duct tape can hold your glasses together and get you through the remainder of the day until you can visit your optometrist for a new pair of spectacles, even if the appearance isn't to your liking.

45. Patch to cover glass breaks.jpg?format=webp@AnimusFoxx/

46. Removal of pet hair

Regardless of the season, everyone who owns a dog or cat as a pet will attest to how much hair they both can shed.

Use duct tape to relieve some of the stress associated with cleaning your home instead of vacuuming every time you see a hair. The removal of pet hair from couches, chairs, bedspreads, clothing, carpets, and many other surfaces is simple and uncomplicated when using duct tape. Use duct tape if you only have a few seconds to make things seem good!

46. Removal of pet hair.jpg?format=webp@Removing Pet Hair from Car & Clothing. My favorite techniques/Danny Johnson’s Garage/

47. Simple wart removal

Did you know that warts can be removed using duct tape? All you have to do is cover the troublesome area with duct tape for a few days. The wart will eventually diminish and soften.

All you have to do to remove the duct tape is moisten the wart and then scrub it with an abrasive substance, like a pumice stone that you may use for pedicures on your feet. The wart ought to disappear instantly!

47. Simple wart removal.jpg?format=webp@beech2000/

48. Expert gardener repair

Some gardeners treat their plants nearly like pets or kids. When you have spent a lot of time nurturing and caring for one, you never want to see them fail.

You might assume that you must accept the fact that a tree branch will break and be written off as a loss. But other gardeners have found that using duct tape to keep a branch together while it heals. Try it out and wish for the best results!

48. Expert gardener repair.jpg?format=webp@FenFawnix/

49. Funny shoes

In your formal shoes, are your feet aching? Or perhaps you are in severe need of shoes but don't have any. In these dire circumstances, duct tape comes in handy and offers readily available footwear patterns for any requirement.

Make some lovely sandals or slides right away to spare your feet from having to walk on the ground. As long as you have a roll of duct tape on hand, there are numerous footwear trends you can follow.

49. Funny shoes.jpg?format=webp@gobucks_76/

50. Simple and sturdy wallets

Your wallet rarely comes to your attention until it is about to break. Don't worry about spending a lot of money on anything brand-new. Using simply duct tape, it's simple to build a unique wallet.

Simply decide on your preferred design and color scheme, then get started. Create pockets and folds in your own duct tape wallet by matching sticky sides to sticky sides. Your new wallet will keep your credit cards and cash safe, and many others will be curious to learn how you constructed it.

50. Simple and sturdy wallets.jpg?format=webp@maland16/