These 50 funny entries in the yearbook of these high school students will make you cry with laughter

04 Apr 2023

Most high school students think carefully about which quote to choose for the yearbook. Most often, students choose a line from a poem or song that has special meaning for them. But there are those who really surprised us with their quotes. We're sure you'll laugh so hard at these outrageous high school yearbook photos that you'll cry.

1. Pure truth!

Sometimes, to write something funny, it is not necessary to come up with a joke. For this, you can just write the truth about your life. For example, Medina walks every day with a head headdress, so she never has to worry about her hair! This is both true and funny! While most of Medina's classmates spent an hour a day in front of a mirror to make beautiful styling, Medina just put a hijab on her head and looked great! That's why girls if you do not want to do styling for a long time, you can buy a beautiful headdress.

Pure truth.jpg©100 Times Students Had The Best Yearbook Quotes/ FunnyPig/

2. He decided to say hi to the teachers!

We suspect that this guy's teachers were not thrilled when they saw his entry in the graduation album. But it was already too late to blame Roshan for something since all the marks for the exams had already been set. And judging by the smile of the guy, he finished the school year very well! However, if he still has to deal with one of the teachers who saw Roshan's confession, he will not be able to cheat in the exams next year. So you should be careful with humor in school albums because sometimes jokes can harm the future.

He decided to say hi to the teachers.jpg©Funniest Yearbook Quotes of All Time/Tooco/

3. And again an example of cool self-irony!

Sometimes classmates can be cruel and make fun of someone's appearance, name, or other characteristics. However, when a person is doing well with self-irony, then it makes no sense for others to make fun of him. Moreover, we think that the ability to laugh at yourself is a sign of confidence. So the guy you see in the photo knows exactly how to joke and draw attention to himself. Instead of complexing because of the lop-earedness, the lad presents his peculiarity with humor! And this is cool! Doubtlessly, this guy can be a role model!

And again an example of cool self-irony.jpg©Funniest Yearbook Quotes of All Time/Tooco/

4. Do you agree with Adam?

Although Adam looks more like a party-goer than a nerd in the photo, he warns - you won't always be able to survive the party! But for some reason, we think that Adam likes to party. And this is not strange, because many high school students like spending time at parties with friends more than sitting in not interesting lessons. But on the other hand, if there is a desire to earn good money in the future and be able to go to the most expensive party, then you cannot do without studying.

Do you agree with Adam.jpg©The Funniest Yearbook Quotes/VaazkL/

5. Very cute guy!

If someone has narrow ey es, then you can humor them and make them even narrower! Why not? At least no one else will have such an original photo and signature in the yearbook! Most likely, something like this decided on a guy called Edward. And by the way, despite his small eyes, he has a dazzling smile that emphasizes the guy's charisma and self-confidence. At least from the outside, he seems to be a confident and humorous lad. We think that you can go to a party with this - a dose of good mood will be guaranteed!

Very cute guy.jpg©Funniest Yearbook Quotes of All Time/Tooco/

6. Carlos Carlos

Seeing the name and surname of this guy, some may decide that his parents did not have enough imagination. However, if you look at this situation from the other side, then on the contrary, we can conclude that his parents are very original people because the likelihood that their son will meet the namesake is very small! Tell me, have you ever met a guy named Carlos Carlos? We don't, and we suspect we won't. Therefore, dear Carlos Carlos, you should not love your name in vain, because this is your peculiarity. As they say, you are one in a million!

Carlos Carlos.jpg©Funniest Yearbook Quotes of All Time/Tooco/

7. Who thought school was easy?

And again jokes about how difficult it is sometimes to study at school! But humor is always good because, thanks to it, you can look at any situation with a positive attitude. Even studying or difficult work is perceived as easier if you look at them with a positive attitude. But be that as it may, many still have good memories of the school. For many, this time is associated with carelessness, friends, first love, and other pleasant things, memories of which remain for life.

 8. Good joke!

Reading the beginning of the inscription about abs, you might think that this girl leads a healthy lifestyle and loves sports! However, after reading the inscription, it becomes clear that she loves to eat, and also has a good sense of humor! Hopefully, after what she saw, some nice guy invited her to dinner at an Italian restaurant. And why not spend the evening in the company of a cheerful girl and delicious pasta? However, we think that sooner or later pasta lovers still have to go to the hall because the abs are no less pleasant than Italian cuisine!

Good joke.jpg©Funniest Yearbook Quotes of All Time/Tooco/

9. Another makeup bonus

Some teachers make remarks to schoolgirls with bright make-up. And if schoolgirls are often forced to go to wash, then graduates can already boldly answer. For example, googling about the fact that their makeup can remain on the shirt of someone else's husband. Now, this is not school humor! However, sometimes it's better not to play with high school girls if you don't want their makeup to end up on your husband's shirt! Of course, we are joking! But yes, there can be some truth in every joke!

10. This girl decided that you need to promote yourself everywhere!

Perhaps this girl decided to advertise her Instagram in her yearbook because she wants to become a PR person in the future. And as they say, the sooner you start developing in your specialty, the better! Although on the other hand, why write your nickname in the school album? After all, classmates are already subscribed to this girl. Maybe she decided to expand the audience and replenish her list of subscribers with lecturers. Good idea! And at the same time, good connections will remain, what if they will be needed in the future?

This girl decided that you need to promote yourself everywhere.jpg©Funniest Yearbook Quotes of All Time/Tooco/

11. Bad boy

Of course, the guy in the photo does not look like a typical "bad boy", rather, he looks more like an honors student. Something tells us that he is one of those children whom his parents are very proud of. But the fact that this guy has a sense of humor is undeniable! We think that the fact that he is bad at everything was said as a joke. After all, firstly - he is good at humor, secondly - he has a good style, thirdly - he looks like a gallant gentleman. And if you talk to him, then most likely you can discover many more good qualities. So this "bad boy" is worth a closer look!

Bad boy.jpg©100 Times Students Had The Best Yearbook Quotes/FunnyPig/

12. Frank confession

Of course, teachers are aware that students often cheat, but such confessions in yearbooks are still funny! As the saying goes, it's never too late to make a sincere confession. This is exactly what Kevin decided, after which he came up with a playful inscription for the graduation album. And really, thanks to Google for the fact that he will never let you down. With him, you can always feel confident - at the exam, before a date, or during an interview. If you do not know the answer to the right question, almost everything can be found on the Internet, and that's great!

13. This sounds cheeky!

While some graduates write cute jokes in their yearbooks, this girl decided to show her wit and courage! Markie thought a school scrapbook would be the perfect place to talk about a daddy to pick. Well, we think some girls will agree with Markie and go for a walk in the hope of meeting their sugar daddy. As they say, everyone in this world pursues their own goals. I wonder if the parents of this girl will like such ideas!

This sounds cheeky.jpg©100 Times Students Had The Best Yearbook Quotes/FunnyPig/

14. It's important to apologize!

What a mannerly guy! He decided to apologize to all the guys from whom he could steal the girlfriend. And what a witty and funny inscription! And the guy is very cute, it's really easy to fall in love with him. But still, no one canceled male solidarity, so we think that this is just a joke, and all the girls in the school stayed with their boyfriends and did not go to Cesar. I wonder if he has a girlfriend and what she thinks about this inscription in the school album.

It's important to apologize.jpg©100 Times Students Had The Best Yearbook Quotes/FunnyPig/

15. So cute gangster!

What do students usually want to be when they grow up? Often, many dreams of a career as a superstar, doctor, or astronaut! But not everyone admits to the dream of becoming a gangster! It is especially unexpected to hear such statements from, at first glance, a sweet schoolboy. But for some reason, we think that this is just a joke, although, as they say, there's a grain of truth in every joke. I wonder what the future fate of this guy is. Who do you think he is now? A teacher, a sportsman, or is it a gangster?

16. And jokers again!

While Vincent decided to demonstrate his education with beautiful phrases in the school album, Amanda decided to show her sarcasm! We think that Vincent didn't take it personally and was not offended, because he looks great and he has nothing to worry about! But with such an inscription, as Amanda came up with, you should be careful because someone may not understand such humor and be offended. It is better to show your wit by writing something funny, but at the same time, pleasant for others. And what do you think about this situation?

And jokers again.jpg©Funniest Yearbook Quotes/Dumbas/

17. The secret of happy people is revealed!

We thought that the happier people are, the more they have a good mood, inspiration, and desire to share their joy with others. And according to this guy, it turns out that the happier people are, the less they see! How do you like this opinion? Of course, this is a joke, but there is some truth in it. We invite you to turn on the inner philosopher for a second and think about what is, the happier a person is, the less he notices evil, negativity, gossip, and other unpleasant things around him.

The secret of happy people is revealed.jpg©Funniest Yearbook Quotes/Dumbas/

18. Comedy duo

Joking on your own is good, but when you do it with a friend, everything can turn out even better! These guys came up with a great joke, although in fact, this is not even humor but a real fact! Indeed, life is the longest thing we will ever do. And at the same time, time flies very quickly, so it is important to take the maximum from each day! It is so important to enjoy life, to notice the beauty around and at the same time to know that life is finite, so you need to hurry to enjoy it.

Comedy duo.jpg©Funniest Yearbook Quotes/Dumbas/

19. So glamorous!

We want to say that this guy is not only glamorous but also inventive! James decided not only to stand out with his glamorous and spectacular appearance but also by his entry into the yearbook. We can assume that he will also earn on this! After all, while others using James' promo code will receive a discount, the guy himself, most likely, will also receive a percentage of sales. These are the tricks sometimes used by graduates! Well done, because entrepreneurship is cool quality!

20. Interesting life plan

We don't know how true Amanda's entry in the yearbook is, but it all sounds very frank! Moreover, it is quite possible that there is more than one girl in the world with a similar life plan, but not every one of them frankly admits this. Often, many people want to please others and not cause condemnation in their direction. Therefore, when you read Amanda's inscription that she plans to find an old man and take all his money after he dies, it is immediately hard to understand whether this is a joke or a real plan. And what do you think?

Interesting life plan.jpg©Funniest Yearbook Quotes/Dumbas/

21. How to make sure that they pay attention to you

You don't have to have a twin brother to get into the graduation album twice. You can just come up with two different images for yourself, as the man you see in the photo did. He changed his suit and put on glasses to appear in the yearbook for the second time. However, even so, you can see that this is the same person! So we can safely conclude that to become the most famous and original graduate, it is not necessary to come up with witty captions, you can simply take pictures several times.

How to make sure that they pay attention to you.jpg©The Funniest Yearbook Quotes/VaazkL/

22. Sakes alive!

Kevin looks like a nice guy, but after reading the caption under his photo, you can understand that first impressions can be deceiving. This guy wants to be successful and wants other people to become losers! It sounds strange! I wonder why he does this. We want to believe this is just such black humor, not Kevin's real desires. After all, self-confident people will only be happy with the success of others. What's more, wanting to look cooler because other people have failed is toxic, to say the least. Do you agree with this?

Sakes alive.jpg©The Funniest Yearbook Quotes/VaazkL/

23. This guy knows a lot about math

Travis was not too lazy to come up with an original signature in the yearbook, moreover, he was not too lazy to count how many hours his training lasted! We imagine what a desire he had to stand out from the background of his classmates. After all, not everyone will come up with such an original move! So we can conclude that Travis is doing well not only with mathematics but also with imagination! And for all this, he will receive a piece of paper and a handshake! Of course, this is a joke. After all, knowledge is the most important thing that years spent in college can give.

This guy knows a lot about math.jpg©The Funniest Yearbook Quotes/VaazkL/

24. The main thing is to tell everyone the truth sooner or later!

While this girl's classmates thought she was a cute and funny girl, she played cruel jokes on them! And they didn't even know! However, graduating from college is a great chance to show your true face! That's exactly what this girl did. Now everyone she joked about will understand that it was not humor, but the truth, spoken to the eye. However, jokes aside, we can assume that this girl just has such a sense of humor and that the inscription in her yearbook is just sarcasm! What do you think about this?

The main thing is to tell everyone the truth sooner or later.jpg©Funniest Yearbook Quotes of All Time/Tooco/

25. Laughter through tears

Well, a guy named Ingler can only sympathize! If you believe his signature in the graduation album, then he had a hard time. Ingler crossed the border and graduated from college! Wow! But seriously speaking, this guy is doing well with self-irony and a sense of humor in general. And yes, some college years are really hard. However, we all know that to achieve success in life, you need to make a lot of effort. Therefore, we suspect that Ingler will still have difficult trials ahead, for example, studying at the university! Ha-ha!

Laughter through tears.jpg©The Funniest Yearbook Quotes/VaazkL/

26. Motivation from Antonio!

As you can see, while some graduates write humorous captions in their graduation albums, Antonio decided to stand out from the crowd and demonstrated his wisdom. And, by the way, in his words, there is a huge sense! There is indeed no point in staying where you do not like, you are not a tree or a stone that cannot move. It's cool to realize that people have every chance to change their lives for the better, but for this, you need to overcome laziness and start taking action!

Motivation from Antonio.jpg©The Funniest Yearbook Quotes/VaazkL/

27. Looks like this guy has a problem with girls

While some guys are trying to conquer the girls with their compliments, Dashaun decided to go against the grain and, on the contrary, ridiculed the girls. Well, for some reason it seems to us that he was not popular among the girls, so he decided to take revenge on them in the graduation album. But we think that girls will not pay attention to this, because they have more important things to do - for example, go on a date with a well-mannered and smart guy who does not say unpleasant words to others.

Looks like this guy has a problem with girls.jpg©The Funniest Yearbook Quotes/VaazkL/

28. Self-irony is great!

Let's not argue, in this bandage, a girl can remind Voldemort of something, at least in the shape of her head. Perhaps Manar specially wore this accessory to make a humorous entry in the yearbook. Agree - not everyone can be so boldly ironic about himself. However, this is a good quality, which shows that a person is all right with a sense of humor and will not be bored with him! And if we discard the jokes, then in this headband the girl looks more like an oriental princess than a villain from Harry Potter.

Self-irony is great.jpg©Funniest Yearbook Quotes of All Time/Tooco/

29. Briefly and to the point

If you don’t want to come up with an entry in the yearbook, then you can take an example from Alex. He, apparently, did not want to strain himself and turn on the fantasy, but in the end, his recording in the release album came out original and not like the others. Therefore, sometimes simple solutions are better than complex designs! And this guy didn’t care about his appearance and instead of a glamorous suit, he wore a simple T-shirt. Note that at the same time, Alex looked very stylish and cute!

Briefly and to the point.jpg©100 Times Students Had The Best Yearbook Quotes/ FunnyPig/

30. She’s really beautiful!

Who usually looks at graduation albums? Of course, the graduates themselves, their parents, and relatives. And, of course, in the future, the yearbooks of graduates will be seen by their children and even grandchildren! After all, it is very interesting! We think that almost every family has such a nice tradition. Note that Isabella approached the entry in the yearbook with all seriousness (she also did not forget about humor). The girl left her children a fun, and most importantly, truthful message. Isabella is really a beautiful girl! We think the children will be proud of their mother!

31. There's A Reason There Is A Spellcheck

Gucci Mane is a well-known character in the hip-hop community who first gained notoriety in the middle of the 2000s, for those of you who may not be familiar with popular rap music. Gucci Mane has undoubtedly established a name for himself in the rap and hip-hop music genres.

We're not so sure, though, that he's the finest source for a quote for the yearbook. Jared chose this incorrectly written remark from his favorite rapper, while other pupils chose quotations from Steve Jobs or Albert Einstein.

There's A Reason There Is A Spellcheck (1).jpg

32. Just So You Know…

For Alice, Kim, Theresa, and Vivian Nguyen, high school was challenging. Without even considering it, every single student and even the majority of the staff just thought they were quadruplets.
Nobody listened no matter how many times they tried to make the point that they weren't sisters. After the Pledge of Allegiance, they even went so far as to make a statement over the loudspeaker. Hopefully this will be the turning point where their classmates realize they aren't quadruplets.

Just So You Know.jpg

33. Words Affect

This student is tired of being referred to as a "stupid blonde," and she wants her high school to know it. She must have misspoke because she ended up turning in this yearbook entry, which probably did not help her cause.

She probably received a dictionary as part of her graduation gift so she can look up the proper usage of "pet peeves." She might one day be able to chuckle at this amazing blunder.

Words Affect (1).jpg

34. Citing an Expert

Kim Kardashian is back at it, demonstrating to the world why she has a $175 million net worth. If you believed that her celebrity and fortune today were a result of her television program, fashion empire, or partnership with the artist Kanye West, you need to reevaluate your assumptions.

Before being famous for her reality television shows, business ventures, or overly publicized love life, the very intelligent Kim Kardashian first gained recognition as one of the top linguists in the world.

Citing an Expert (1).jpg

35. The Shared Over

Tyler Bentley's uncontrollable laughter during her first class after lunch, sixth period, was always a surprise. The riddle has now been identified, so that's good.

Tyler needs to understand that some things are best kept private, or at the very least, should not be included in her high school yearbook for the benefit of her fellow students. Less is always more when it comes to discussing body processes. Now I see why she was laughing so much harder on pizza day.

The Shared Over (1).jpg

36. Twinning

Yearbook twin jokes are always funny. Twins never cease to astonish us because there is nearly limitless material available and two photos are almost certain to appear next to one another.

Katherine and Rebecca Henderson came up with this humorous side-by-side illustration of why being a twin is such a great thing this time. We're not so sure that their parents felt the same way when they saw their daughters' page in the yearbook, despite the fact that most of their classmates presumably laughed and enjoyed the twins' humor.

Twinning (1) (1).jpg

37. Syked!

It's crucial to have a positive view of oneself, especially for high school kids. Garrett Syke is the ideal illustration of what it means to be self-assured.

We're just going to go ahead and label it a sign of self-admiration even though getting butterflies is normally a sign of love or attraction, and some might even say it's a little unusual to get them when thinking about oneself. Congrats, Garrett Syke! Stay true to yourself!

Syked (1).jpg

38. An All-Time Legend

We're not sure if these exact words actually came out of Martin Luther King Jr.'s mouth, but we have no doubt that he most likely did consume some incredibly excellent tacos at some point in his life.

Sure, he could have said it if the tacos had been truly excellent, but we can't help but wonder whether this recent high school graduate could not have perhaps selected a better, more fitting quotation from the most significant civil rights activist of all time.

An All-Time Legend (1).jpg

39. Giving Credit Is What You Wear

This man thanked all the English teachers that helped shape him into the capable and intellectual young man he is today in his yearbook quotation.

His WHS professors must be incredibly proud of how far he has gone from his freshman year, when his writing was, to put it mildly, lacking. He has learned so much more since being a graduating senior than can be taught in a classroom. His old instructors have faith in his ability to consistently write.

Giving Credit Is What You Wear (1).jpg

40. Sincere vegetarian

Nowadays, it seems like everyone is discussing the newest dieting fads. Whether we practice a vegan, vegetarian, paleo, or carb-free diet, food has evolved to be much more than just fuel.

Some people have a preoccupation with going plant-based. Every vegan has that one friend who, despite blatant social cues to the contrary, will never stop promoting their lifestyle. Ankit Jain is the first sincere vegetarian, which is extremely refreshing.

Sincere vegetarian (1).jpg

41. Dropping Some Information

James Curtin chose to quote a man with wisdom well beyond his years with one of the more insightful and inspirational statements on our list. Of course, we're talking about none other than Sisqo, a late-'90s R&B legend.

Sisqo's subject matter may be considered by some to be simply too complex for a high school senior to understand. James Curtin, though, would dare to object. James thinks that reading seriously philosophical literature and quotations is never too young.

Dropping Some Information (1) (1).jpg

42. It's Spelling, Though

John Wayne, who is eloquent at all times, has left us with some wise comments. This man believed that Wayne's words of wisdom on how to live a happy, healthy, and successful life belonged in his high school yearbook since they are so inspirational.

The two senior pictures that accompanied this potent remark were also potent. A fast spell check would be the only thing that could potentially make this quote stronger. Thanks, yearbook editors.

It's Spelling, Though (1).jpg

43. She Referenced That

We have a suspicion that this young person enjoys The Office. A play on words from one of Michael Scott's favorite one-liners inspired Raunak Manandhar's creative yearbook quote.

Anyone who has watched the show will undoubtedly appreciate Raunak's subtle and dry sense of humor, despite the fact that it may be initially confusing or challenging to understand. We're just glad Raunak chose something a little more fun rather than utilizing a dry inspirational message like most of his contemporaries.

She Referenced That (1).jpg

44. Lies, Lies

Both Tasha and Brandon appear to have a distorted perception of what "everyone" is thinking.

While Tasha doesn't seem to be the most trustworthy source, she also makes the absurd claim on behalf of "everyone" that Brandon Dawson is a serial liar. Brandon is obviously a bit crazy in thinking that everyone he has ever met thinks he is the nicest guy ever. These two will just have to come to an understanding after senior year is through.

Lies, Lies.jpg

45. The single life chose her, not the other way around

High school can be among the cruelest and loneliest years of a person's life for many. Many teenagers have overwhelming and helpless feelings as a result of the awkward difficulties of love.

These students hold onto the dream that they will meet someone special in their 20s. Even though Morgan's four years of high school were undoubtedly challenging, she at least has a sense of humor about it and will always be able to giggle at her amusing yearbook quote.

The single life chose her, not the other way around.jpg

46. The Father`s Joke

Bumb Avkit was a natural at making his teachers laugh. His particular brand of puns, meanwhile, didn't fly as well with his classmates.

They found his comedy slightly amusing at first, but the novelty wore off quickly, and Avkit's comments were eventually met with sighs and scoffs rather than laughing and applause. Avkit, however, might well have a long and prosperous career as a dad joke comedian in his near future based on his pun game.

The Fathers Joke (1).jpg

47. Make Use of Emojis

James Royel is a senior in high school who has the ability to think creatively. James chose to be original and express himself in a different way when writing his senior yearbook quotes, unlike the majority of his peers who chose to use dull words.

There are instances when a point can't be made with words alone. Emoticons, commonly referred to as emoticons, are sometimes necessary to enhance emphasis and elicit a reaction from the reader.

Make Use of Emojis (1).jpg

48. A Simple Yearbook Joke

Abbigail and Tory were fortunate enough to have seats assigned in alphabetical order, and since they had the same last name, they sat next to each other in first period throughout their senior year.

They considered their alternatives for months before settling on these stirring lyrics by the motivational singer Lil' Jon. Even though not everyone agreed with their choice of yearbook statements, they could still remain friends in college and afterwards.

A Simple Yearbook Joke (1).jpg

49. A national past time

We'll attempt to be clear because these two senior baseball players just can't seem to recall their roles. Makenzie plays catcher, and Will pitches the ball. Or is Will the pitcher and Makenzie the catcher? Or do they alternate between the two locations by turning off?

Evidently, we also have trouble remembering who plays what. In either event, Will and Makenzie triumphed because the baseball team won the state championship in their last high school campaign.

A national past time (1).jpg

50. Mix and Bake

Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby, a well-known Will Ferrel comedy, served as some inspiration for these yearbook neighbors. Anthony and William, both avid Ferrel fans, made the brilliant decision to pair their yearbook images with one another.

This fantastic yearbook idea was born from the shake and bake team of Cal Naughton Jr. and Ricky Bobby. It was totally worth it to persuade the yearbook photographer to take the infamous fist bump picture.

Mix and Bake (1).jpg

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