These people had a truly terrible day

22 Mar 2023

Everyone has a bad day from time to time, but not everyone needs to carry that memory with them forever. But these people will definitely remember one day of their life as the worst.

We hope that a guy's hair will grow quickly

This guy's unsuccessful day began with his visit to the barbershop. However, there, apparently, he decided to experiment. He picked up a haircut machine and began to cut his hair. It all started well until the boy accidentally shaved his hair in the middle of his head. As you can see, in his facial expression, he was not at all ready for this. But a barber was very fun! Well, a little bit strange situation. The main thing is that hair, unlike teeth, can grow. But we think that for some time the guy will have to not remove a baseball cap.

We hope that a guy's hair will grow quickly.jpg
©People Having A *VERY* Bad Day! (UNLUCKY)/ MoreAliA/


It's not for nothing that many in childhood, parents said that you need to eat only at the dinner table! As you can see, a girl in a photo decided to have lunch in a living room or a bedroom, but on the way there, she knocked over a plate and all the food spilled out! Moreover, if the food was just on the floor, then half the trouble. And so the girl's bag and her laptop suffered. It is not the most pleasant situation, however, and not the worst. Of the minuses, the girl was left without lunch and she will have to carry her bag to the dry cleaners. Well, we hope that the laptop remained in working order.

Oops.jpg©People Having A *VERY* Bad Day! (UNLUCKY)/ MoreAliA/

“Super” tattoo

Perhaps this is one of the most terrible situations that can happen to tattoo lovers. For this man, a bad day (or a bad tattoo artist) turned into a failure for life! As you can see, the tattoo that the man was given has nothing to do with the image he wanted to get. Instead of the beautiful Angelina Jolie, we got a portrait of some tipsy guy. We wouldn't even wish this on our enemy! I wonder what this man did after he saw the tattoo. The master who made this "masterpiece" is still alive or not?

“Super” tattoo.jpg©People Having A *VERY* Bad Day! (UNLUCKY)/ MoreAliA/

Flying donuts

At the beginning of this video, you can see a happy man presenting a box of delicious donuts. However, the wind made its adjustments, and as a result, all the donuts were scattered along the street. But the man was not upset. This situation, on the contrary, made him laugh. And in the end, it is desirable to look for the positive in everything. The fewer donuts you eat, the better for your figure! So if you ever have a high-calorie meal fly away in the wind, maybe pizza or cakes, then you can find a positive in this! At a minimum, you will have to spend less time in a gym to drive off the calories you eat. 

Flying donuts.jpg©PEOPLE HAVING A REALLY BAD DAY!/ SidemenReacts/

No-cost car wash

It's bad that you left your automobile parked here during a snowfall. It appears that the parking garage has developed a leak during a very windy season. Although it must have been extremely cold for the cascade to have frozen that way, it is nevertheless a wonder to behold.

We doubt that a frozen waterfall can be scraped off with an ordinary ice scraper. If his auto insurance pays out, he will be fortunate; otherwise, spring will arrive much sooner.

His new car is in danger!

Purchasing a new car is a thrilling and joyful experience for many people. To put it gently, however, the situation in this picture did not go as planned. After unloading, the man's brand-new, high-end car nearly crashed! When the man saw this, he sprinted to grab the car. We genuinely hope he was successful and there was no harm to his car. But, for some reason, the law of meanness frequently applies, and people destroy and damage brand-new items on the day they are purchased. Hence, it’s better to use extreme caution.

His new car is in danger.jpg©PEOPLE HAVING A REALLY BAD DAY!/ SidemenReacts/

Housework didn't go according to plan!

This often happens - you want to do everything as best as possible, but the result is a complete failure! Doubtlessly, this man was cleaning up the yard. Nothing boded trouble until he tripped over a wheelbarrow he was driving. After this unpleasant incident, the man flew head down, and straight into the mud! We suspect that the sensations are not the most pleasant, but some mud baths are very beneficial for the skin! Ha-ha! Well, speaking seriously, we hope that the man did not hit hard, and dirt is nothing to worry about - clothes will be cleaned!

Housework didn't go according to plan.jpg©PEOPLE HAVING A REALLY BAD DAY!/ SidemenReacts/

Taking a soapy swim

After a hard day, cleaning your kitchen is never the most enjoyable task. However, when your dishwasher starts blowing bubbles at you out of the blue, the situation gets a lot worse. He sits, despondent, head in hands, watching as foam covers the floor of his tiny kitchen.

Taking a Soapy Swim (1).jpg

Dangerous sport

This beautiful girl decided to film her sports training, but an incident happened! During doing hand exercises, she accidentally hit a chandelier with her dumbbells. As a result, the lamp broke, and sparks went from it to the girl's head! Dangerous case! At a minimum, in addition to taking exercises, the girl could also get a burn. But fortunately, everything ended well, and no one, except the chandelier, was injured. So during home fitness, we advise you to carefully choose a place for training to avoid dangerous situations.

Dangerous sport.jpg©PEOPLE HAVING A REALLY BAD DAY!/ SidemenReacts/

A seagull said hello to this guy!

It all started with the fact that this guy decided to feed the seagulls originally. According to his idea, the bird was supposed to take a piece of chips from the guy's mouth. However, there was an incident! Instead of eating, the seagull ruined the guy's appetite! If you want to know what happened, we advise you to take a closer look at the image. See the white spots on the guy's face? So, this is the excrement of a seagull, which, flying past the boy, decided to shit on his face. Well, we suspect that the lad regretted his idea.

A seagull said hello to this guy.jpg©PEOPLE HAVING A REALLY BAD DAY!/ SidemenReacts/

Take a seat

Whatever the circumstances, high school is a challenging time because it forces constantly evolving teens to change in front of their peers. Given the shifting nature of society, a minor incident can have long-lasting effects.

This poor guy is probably more afraid of falling off his chair and getting laughed at for a while. Given his advanced age and the fact that shame isn't the strongest defense he could offer, he probably won't rush out to get a lawyer.

Take a seat (1).jpg

Fail in the office

Looking at this photo, you can once again be convinced that office chairs with wheels are very insidious! It happens that you get up from it for a second, and the chair has already rolled back, and as a result, you can easily fall. Approximately such an unpleasant situation happened with the woman you see in the photo. Yes, we can assume that she was just tired from work and decided to rest on the floor. However, in reality, she just fell off her chair. I wonder if someone helped her up or not.

Fail in the office.jpg©PEOPLE HAVING A REALLY BAD DAY!/ SidemenReacts/

We sincerely feel sorry for this bride

For many, a wedding is one of the happiest days of their lives! However, for this bride, everything happened the other way around. We do not know all the details of her personal drama, but we are very sorry for her! It’s also sad that the people who were traveling with her on public transport, instead of comforting the girl, began taking pictures of her. At the very least, this is a violation of personal space. And it's always better to support the person rather than do other weird things.

That hairstyle is burning up!

People frequently overlook the inherent risk of getting their hair styled at a hair salon. Some people view it as a need, while others see it more as a luxury. In actuality, everything is up to your hairstylist.

This failing hairdresser was eager to attempt a brand-new technique for getting rid of split ends. He never considered the possibility that her hair could catch fire. The hairstylist seemed unconcerned despite the blazing inferno on her head.

That hairstyle is burning up (1).jpg

As you can see, it is better not to carry a lot of drinks in the car!

Judging by the reaction of the girl, her mood is definitely ruined! But what happened? The fact is that she was transporting a large number of cups filled with soda, and at the beginning, it seemed that everything was fine. However, in the end, the car made a sharp maneuver, and all the cups fell, and the girl had a dip on her face and clothes. The saddest thing is that, apparently, the girl was going to a party or to visit, and now she will have to return home to put herself in order.

As you can see, it is better not to carry a lot of drinks in the car.jpg©Worst Day Ever - Fails Of The Week | Funny Videos/ Razy Clips/

This cat showed its character

Most likely, this girl wanted to take a cute photo or video with her cat, but the pet had other plans! And a cute photo shoot was not included in them! We suspect that large scratches appeared on the girl’s face from the cat's claws. But you can expect unpredictable behavior from animals, so you need to be extremely careful. By the way, photos with animals can become very popular. For example, Walter Chandoha took over 90,000 photos of cats. His furry models have appeared on the covers of over 300 magazines and thousands of advertisements!

This cat showed its character.jpg

The mission to make a spectacular jump failed!

Sometimes people come up with absolutely unpredictable and slightly strange actions. For example, in a photo, you can see how a guy decided to jump over the iron post. However, the jump failed, and the lad was injured! We suspect that it was painful and unpleasant! We hope the guy eventually quickly ran home and put ice on the place of the injury. By the way, I wonder why the video and photos of how people fall or stumble about anything become so popular on the network. What are your thoughts about this?

The mission to make a spectacular jump failed.jpg

Icicles are very unpredictable!

The unsuccessful part of the day began for this man with the fact that he decided to remove the icicles from the roof of a garage. However, after the man touched one icicle, the rest fell on his head! After that, the man continued to smile and was seriously not injured, thank God. However, it is better not to joke about such things! When falling on the head from a height, icicles can even kill a person! Therefore, in the cold season, it is better not to walk under the roofs.

Icicles are very unpredictable.jpg

Spectacular fall

Riding an electric scooter is an exciting but at the same time dangerous pastime! We are sure that after the man’s fall in the photo, his mood was no longer as good as at the beginning of the trip. By the way, did you know that the electric scooter could even explode? Its battery can explode with any change in the electric circuit of the vehicle, as well as due to improper storage. Moreover, the batteries of electric scooters do not tolerate moisture, contact with water, and temperature changes.

Spectacular fall.jpg©PEOPLE HAVING A REALLY BAD DAY!/ Cat Tuber/

Would you dare to take a photo shoot with an elephant?

It all started well - a girl took glamorous photos, sitting on a trunk of an elephant. However, then the animal decided to show its character - and the elephant threw the girl into the water! Perhaps this situation looked very epic and funny! But we think that the girl at that moment was seriously frightened. This situation once again brings that it is better not to joke with animals. By the way, elephants are not only strong but also very smart animals. According to some reports, the average IQ of elephants corresponds to the average IQ of a seven-year-old child.

Would you dare to take a photo shoot with an elephant.jpg©People Having A *VERY* Bad Day! (UNLUCKY)/ MoreAliA/

The girl suddenly washed her face with soda

Many drivers have a habit of placing a glass of coffee or soda on the roof of their cars. However, some people forget to remove the glass and start riding with it on the roof. As you already understood, a similar situation happened with the girl in the photo. The guy was just filming her when she was leaving and saying goodbye to him from the car. He told her that there was soda on the roof of her car. As a result, the girl slowed down, and this soda spilled onto her face! Well, not the most pleasant situation, but it's better than a glass of drink unexpectedly spilling onto the windshield while driving on a busy road. Then the driver could be frightened and could even reach an accident.

The girl suddenly washed her face with soda.jpg©People Having A Bad Day | Funny Fails Compilation/ FailArmy/

He lost his phone in a second!

This story began with the fact that a man with a phone in his hands left the building, got scared of his friend, and abruptly dropped the phone from his hands. As you can see, there are holes in the floor, and the phone fell into one of them. In the photo, you can notice the smartphone for a second before it disappears completely! This is a sad story. Therefore, it is better not to scare your friends because everything can end sadly. It is interesting, of course, whether the man was able to rescue his phone in the end. We hope so, but it's unlikely.

He lost his phone in a second.jpg©People Having A Bad Day | Funny Fails Compilation/ FailArmy/

Dude, where is my vehicle?

This unfortunate woman appears to have fallen victim to an unplanned sinkhole. It's fortunate that she was able to exit her car quickly enough, at the very least.

On the other hand, the list of terrifying events that can occur is probably not much longer than watching your automobile slowly being swallowed by muddy water. Since the city is plainly to blame for this accident and not the driver, she had better call her auto insurance right now.

Dude, Where is My Vehicle (1).jpg

A game with a dog ended in injury!

It all started when a guy decided to play with his dog and threw a stick. The pet was in such a playful mood that it immediately ran after the stick, knocking the guy down. As a result, the dog itself hit the car door, but this did not stop it from continuing the game. But the guy himself remained to lie on the ground and, judging by his facial expression, he was very hurt. We suspect that after this incident he had to call a doctor.

A game with a dog ended in injury.jpg©People Having A Bad Day | Funny Fails Compilation/ FailArmy/

The guy had bought paint but never brought it home

Most likely, this guy started a home renovation and wanted to paint the walls yellow. But fate decreed otherwise. The lad spilled all the paint as soon as he left the store. Moreover, then he also slipped on spilled paint and almost fell. Epic situation! The man also contaminated his clothes and shoes with paint. Yeah, this is one of the most unfortunate trips to the hardware store! I wonder if the guy ended up returning for a new can of paint or if he has already changed his mind about doing repairs.

The guy had bought paint but never brought it home.jpg©People Having A Bad Day | Funny Fails Compilation/ FailArmy/

Halloween prom

It's only natural to want everything to be ideal on prom night. If you have a date, that's even better. You want to look well, have fun with your pals. These girls were therefore prepared to be the life of the party when they gathered together for a pre-prom get-together.

They had no idea, however, that they would later review their images and discover one in which a spirit had penetrated. After all, it was most likely one of their sisters.

Halloween Prom.jpg

Crisis existential

The loss of what appears to be half or more of his egg cargo has this man acting somewhat casually. We don't know what went wrong because a skilled "eggs"-porter would know how to move a pallet of loaded egg cartons without losing most of them.

It's doubtful that this man was able to keep his job after making such a terrible mistake, unless he had an extremely strong defense prepared. Too bad the company's auto insurance probably won't pay for this accident.

Crisis Eggsistential (1).jpg

Parking master

Most drivers have had many epic situations in their lives while driving, as well as while parking. However, the driver of this car has broken all records of epic driving situations! We did not understand how it was possible to call in a car standing next to us.

A real mystery! Although, perhaps this is her ex's car, and she decided to take revenge on him like that. Of course, we are joking, although everything happens in life. The most interesting thing is that the woman driving the car did not seem to be particularly injured, but the vehicle of the driver of the red car was seriously damaged.

Parking master.jpg©Best Fails Of The Year 2022 | FailArmy/ FailArmy/


They say that no matter what your baby does, nothing can cause disgust. Apparently, people who think so did not take into account that the baby can burp straight into someone's mouth! Oh, we certainly wouldn't want to be in that man's shoes. He was definitely unlucky in this situation! However, you can see that the child's mother even laughed at all this! Although it is possible, at the time of the photo, she had not yet noticed what had happened. And what would you do in this man's place? Would you laugh or decide that this is the worst day of your life?

OMG.jpg©People Having A *VERY* Bad Day! (UNLUCKY)/ MoreAliA/

How to ruin a masterpiece of art in an instant

It all started well - a guy in an orange T-shirt presented an art object to those gathered in the hall, which, apparently, was made of clay. And everything was fine until this masterpiece began to fall! Naturally, everyone tried to catch him, but all in vain - the statue was broken! Yes, we don't wish that on anyone. We can only imagine how upset the person who made this statue was. It took a lot of time to create it but only one second was enough to destroy it!

How to ruin a masterpiece of art in an instant.jpg©Best Fails Of The Year 2022 | FailArmy/ FailArmy/

A golf game ended unexpectedly

While playing golf, various incidents can happen. A stick flies out of someone’s hands, someone knocks out windows with a ball, and someone drives a golf cart into a river... We can’t even imagine how such a strange situation could happen. However, as you can see, this happens. Perhaps golf balls flew into the river, and the guys went to look for them. Of course, we are joking, and no one would intentionally drive a golf cart into a body of water. We hope that all the guys in the photo can swim.

A golf game ended unexpectedly.jpg©Best Fails Of The Year 2022 | FailArmy/ FailArmy/

This dog confused a guy with the bush! 

And this happens - you sit quietly, do not touch anyone, and then a dog pisses on you! Horror! The guy did not immediately understand what had happened, but when he understood everything, he tried to catch up with the dog, but he did not succeed. Yes, the guy’s mood after such a “shower” was spoiled.

We suspect that he had to cancel his plans and go home to take a shower and wash his T-shirt. Although, perhaps, he even threw away his clothes, because not everyone would dare to walk in them after such an unpleasant incident.

This dog confused a guy with the bush.jpg©Best Fails Of The Year 2022 | FailArmy/ FailArmy/

Instant Karma!

This person apparently wanted to steal items from the donation box. However, in this case, instant karma worked, and he fell into this box upside down. Naturally, it is very difficult to get out of such a box without someone else's help, probably even unrealistic! We think that there were kind people nearby who helped the guy to save. And we hope that this situation has become a good lesson for him and he realized that there is no need to steal because it can end badly.

Instant Karma.jpg©Best Fails Of The Year 2022 | FailArmy/ FailArmy/

The frying pan flew into the girl's face!

We suspect that the girl on the left wanted to show the loader a trick by flipping a pancake in a frying pan, but everything did not go according to plan, and the frying pan flew into her friend's face! OMG! Of course, this is not funny at all, since a frying pan can cause serious injury! So if you are also a fan of doing magic tricks in the kitchen, then it is better to do them without using frying pans and other heavy objects. The home fire show is also better not to arrange!

The frying pan flew into the girl's face.jpg©Best Fails Of The Year 2022 | FailArmy/ FailArmy/

Coffee first, albeit

Spilling your coffee while slipping and landing awkwardly on your bum is the worst possible scenario. For that matter, fracturing a limb. Anyone who slipped on a patch of icy pavement should probably phone their lawyer.

The good news is that it doesn't appear like much of this injured man's coffee spilled out as he fell. But to make matters worse, it appears like he is headed straight for a personal injury lawsuit and a sizable slush puddle.

Coffee first, albeit (1).jpg

Fire, baby, fire

Even while summertime sunbathing can be enjoyable, it is crucial to preserve your skin. This woman appeared to have lost track of time as she passed the hours roasting in the heat.

She stayed in its intense rays despite the fact that her fair skin didn't exactly encourage tanning, and her skin turned a crisp, beet red as a result. We're hoping she was able to find some aloe vera at that upscale soap shop.

Fire, Baby, Fire (1) (1).jpg

Hippo pursuit

You've heard the expression, "Never poke a sleeping hippo." Although it's unclear what the man did to anger the hippo so much, it's obvious the wild animal is pursuing him.

Although hippos might seem like lazy aquatic creatures, their reputation is more akin to that of the well-known kid's game. This hippo is ravenous and undoubtedly prepared to battle. We hope that soon after this picture was shot, this man made it to safety.

Hippo pursuit.jpg

Sorry, Dad

Given that he has a large arrow lodged in his shoulder, the father seems to be in very good spirits. He was pleased when his son chose to pursue an active activity like archery, but he only realized too late that he probably should have first purchased lessons for him with a qualified instructor.

Thank god for modern medicine, however, we're sure many knights in the Middle Ages endured much worse bow and arrow wounds. The child appears to be very concerned about his father's health, at the very least.

Sorry, Dad (1).jpg

New painting

To get this car back into driving condition, a team of experts is required. Additionally, whatever project these individuals were about to begin now needs to be delayed. Whatever transpired allowed the paint to get to the front seats as well.

New painting (1).jpg

With her head off

There is always the worry that a body part will become stuck in the doors when rushing to catch a bus or train. Even though the automated glass is lined with rubber, the way it holds your limbs is not particularly nice. As the doors closed around her, the woman found herself in an even more dramatic scenario.

It appears to be a position that would make breathing difficult, so we can only hope that the driver was soon informed. However, it's unclear how she came to be that way.

With Her Head Off (1).jpg

Monkey steals license plates

Have you ever seen a thief monkey? If not, then we advise you to take a look at the photo to be on the alert! As the saying goes, forewarned is forearmed. It turns out that monkeys can steal from people not only bananas or other food but also car signs! And then try to prove to the police where your car sign went. Well, we think that when the owner of this car saw what happened, then his day was definitely ruined. After all, hardly anyone wants to be engaged in restoring car numbers.

Monkey steals license plates.jpg©People Having A Bad Day | Funny Fails Compilation Pt.3/ FailArmy/

A broken pool slide upset everyone!

Looking at this photo, which shows a man lying on a broken slide a second after it fell under his weight, only one question arises. Why do adults do such rash things? It was obvious that under the weight of this man, the children's slide would break, but he still wanted to have fun. But in the end, he ruined the mood of the children, who will no longer be able to ride the slide. Well, he has to quickly go to the store and buy a new one to make amends.

A broken pool slide upset everyone.jpg©Worst Day Ever - Fails Of The Week | Funny Videos/ Razy Clips/

Super embarrassment!

That's what happens sometimes when people let their guard down and don't look where they're going. It can be assumed that the mood of this girl was spoiled because she spilled drinks on her clothes, and also hit the glass door hard. However, we suspect that the people who passed by and saw this picture had fun because this incident looks really funny. We hope that the cafe made free drinks for the girl to somehow cheer her up. Have you ever been in similar situations? Was your mood spoiled, or did you, on the contrary, find it funny?

Woman in Red

Sadly, granny. She just needed a moment to sit down while out for her daily walk. As intended by the bright red paint, the freshly painted bench was beckoning to her.

Unfortunately, this worn-out woman missed the taped-to-the-ground notices indicating that the paint was wet. Given that it's normally advised to keep your head up, we can't really blame her. Sadly, she might not even be able to file a lawsuit to recover her damaged apparel.

Woman in Red (1).jpg

Take a shower!

Evidently, boot camp is far more difficult than any of us could have anticipated. It is, at least, for this person. You know, the unfortunate guy who is standing exactly in front of the sprinkler and is being doused with water from head to toe.

However, he doesn't seem to be making much of an attempt to move out of the way, so perhaps he's just trying to cool off because it's a hot day. Or perhaps it's a punishment since their sergeant doesn't appear to be happy about it at all...

Take a shower (1).jpg

The Deadly Walking

When this vehicle stopped abruptly in the middle of the street, the staff were in for a great surprise because one would assume a funeral company would have the necessary equipment to fasten caskets inside a hearse.

The bereaved family was likely witnessing the entire procedure because the hearse marks the start of the funeral procession that travels from the home to the cemetery. If the deceased's life insurance covers casket accidents, the funeral home should contact their attorney right away.

The Deadly Walking (1).jpg

Clean up on 4th Avenue!

According to Andy Slot of Imgur, "After years in retail, this is the worst-case situation." It's unclear if he's trying to see the silver lining, but cleaning up this oil leak is going to be a major undertaking.

Although it's difficult to tell from this picture what happened, we think the consumer who was looking directly into the camera is to blame. She even appears a little guilty. In any case, she is not the one who must tidy up this mess.

Clean Up On 4th Avenue (1).jpg

Lion vs. Man

Well, it appears that this was a situation that could have fatally escalated very fast. Although it's not apparent from the snapshot what set this kitten off, it appears that there were several animal handlers present to rapidly calm the cat down.

We hope that this man survived the altercation with no more than a few scrapes and all of his limbs. Although we are unsure, most insurance policies presumably do not cover leopard attacks.

Lion vs. Man (1).jpg

Making a statement

When it comes to writing instruments, parents who have introduced their kids to the joys of coloring know just how carefully supervision is required. The majority of the time, kids draw on the walls with crayons, making cleanup work more laborious than most parents would like to do.

However, most people would undoubtedly find it better than finding a pricey Mac computer that has permanent marker writing on it. They need to have done a better job of securing those.

Making a Statement (1).jpg


It makes sense that children could be scared of large canines with loud barking or savage predators like foxes or bears. Although it's unclear how fast the peacock is traveling, the girl undoubtedly felt the need to flee for her life.

Despite the bird's lovely plume of feathers, the unfortunate toddler may have easily been startled by the bird simply by revealing its tail. Hopefully, her parents took the opportunity to explain to her why peacocks are actually not all that scary.

Bird-Fear (1).jpg

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  1. Click on the menu button at the bottom center of the browser
  2. Click on the "Tools" button in the menu that pops up
  3. Click on the "Ad Block" button in the "Tools" menu
  4. Click on the "Ad Blocker" toggle button