Items We've Been Using Everyday Wrong

28 Mar 2023

It happens that we get so used to some ordinary benefits that we hardly think about them. We form habits and continue to use things the same way for a long time, but what if our use of these common products was wrong all along? Here are common items we've misidentified all the time.

Looping Shopping Carts

Shopping carts include hooks that you may use to hold your bags of goods, keep them upright if they contain fragile products, or store additional bags if you have a lot of groceries.

Looping Shopping Carts.jpg?format=webp@citizenempire/

Clothing Pocket

Let's get started by saying that, surprisingly, the small extra piece of fabric in your underwear has a name! It's called a gusset, and its main purpose is to increase the comfort and toughness of your underwear.

However, it appears that the pocket it occasionally generates is primarily the result of sloppy production. The extra lining is closed on both ends in high-end underwear, while it is only closed on one side in inexpensive clothing, leading to the infamous pocket. If you really want to, you may use it as a clever little trick to conceal an extra hygiene pad.

Clothing pocket.jpg?format=webp@This Is Why Underwear Has A "Pocket" Inside!/Andrea Jean Cleaning/

Beverage cartons

It is simpler to hold milk steady and there is less milk splashing around if you pour it from the opposite side of the carton. Try it out to see how it works even if it might look strange.

Beverage cartons.jpg?format=webp@You've been pouring milk wrong/AmazingStuff/

Peeled vegetables

To slice onions, try using your veggie peeler. While cutting onions with a knife works fine, there are occasions when you'd prefer thinner strips and lack the patience to do so.

Peeled vegetables.jpg?format=webp@How to Cut an Onion 6 Different Ways/Chef Billy Parisi/ 

Containers for takeout

Who hasn't enjoyed a quiet evening at home with a box of Chinese food while watching Netflix? Evidently, there are other approaches of accomplishing this.

You can open these containers and use them as a plate rather than digging around in the bottom of the box for the rest of your noodles. You can simply eat off the provided plate without using any other dishes. That makes things much simpler and reduces the amount of cleanup required.

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Cooking Pan Handles

This practical tip will come in handy if you've ever made a mess by dipping a spoon in a pot of food and then leaving the spoon out on the counter. You may utilize the hole in the handle of almost every pot to balance the spoon and avoid having to clean it afterward.

Cooking Pan Handles.jpg?format=webp@chestertravis/

Jars of peanut butter

Do you want to protect your belongings both accident and theft-proof? Here, a plastic peanut butter jar will come in very handy. Use it to keep your keys, phone, and wallet dry and clean it out before bringing it along in your luggage. It keeps them dry and allows you to keep an eye on things.

Jars of peanut butter.jpg?format=webp@Saltycook/

Tea bags

We often misuse tea bags, which can result in a mess. Additionally, when we simply remove the tea bag from the cup, it can splash water onto the table. Take the tea bags and wrap their strings around them while squeezing out the tea. This way, your beverage will be delicious, and you can avoid splashes.

Tea bags.jpg?format=webp@33 Everyday Things You’ve Been Doing All Wrong/BRIGHT SIDE/

Juice Box

On a hot summer day, a juice box can quench your thirst. However, the juice can get everywhere and leave a sticky mess. Therefore, to prevent this from happening, we suggest that you carefully open the box from its sides as in this photo.

Juice Box.jpg?format=webp@90210Rager/

Service plate

Aluminum containers are very convenient to use. They store food nicely before consumption. However, there's an interesting life hack: for convenience, you can unfold the container and turn it into a plate from which you can eat later. Take a look at the picture - it's a great idea that you can use when porcelain plates are not available nearby.

Service plate.jpg?format=webp@How Use an Aluminum Foil Container as Serving Plate/Tech Argon/

Drink Can Tabs

A small hole in the tab from under the When can be used so that you do not drop the straw in the jar or lose it there. It holds everything in place and is much easier to manage when you insert the straw.

Drink Can Tabs.jpg?format=webp@Life Hack #8 | Stop Straw From Rising Out Of A Soda Can/TheWebExplorer/

Diamond measuring tape

You can use the tiny marks on tape measures to locate the ideal location for wall studs. These black diamonds are referred to as "stud finders," and they can aid in identifying the intersection of two studs.

Diamond measuring tape.jpg?format=webp@Diamond Truss Marks on Tape Measures/Ask Jon Eakes/

Box tissues

Put your plastic bags in used tissue boxes, as an idea. It keeps them small and makes them simple to access when needed. That is a fantastic technique to recycle both your used tissue boxes and plastic bags.

Box tissues.jpg?format=webp@Cupieqt/

Drapery rings

There is a limited amount of closet space, particularly if you have a large wardrobe and not enough room for everything. How many hangers can a garment rack hold? How many items can fit on a single hanger?

The answer is a lot if you reuse your old curtain rings. To save space and make things easier to see through, you may hang the rings from a hanger and place your scarves or anything else that will fit through them.

Drapery rings.jpg?format=webp@RalphiesBoogers/


There must be a mistake here because eating a banana is not a trick, right? The task at hand is the easiest thing in the world. You take hold of the stem, tug, the skin comes off, and you eat it. It does not always peel as easily, though. In fact, it can occasionally be a real pain.

Another approach is to grip the banana's bottom and peel from there. Skin removal is much simpler. 

Bananas.jpg?format=webp@How to peel bananas/Insider Tech/

Roadway Symbols

Numerous things can go wrong on the way to your destination, including problems with your car, traffic, and finding out how to get there. You must pay great attention to the numerous signs that are posted along the roads.

There is a handy guideline that will make things simpler when you need to make an exit: if the sign for your destination is on the left, then your exit will be on the left. Your exit will be on the right if it is on the right. Simple!

Roadway Symbols.jpg?format=webp@Los Angeles to San Francisco - California Road Trip, Part 1/Phil Swallow/

Tooth floss

In order not to lie to the dentist anymore, we will tell you how to make flossing easier.

Make a knot from the thread. Its tension will increase in this way. Also, it reduces your chance of slipping out of retention. You will never have to let your dentist down again.

Tooth floss.jpg?format=webp@Flossing your teeth/Bupa Health UK/

How to Eat a Toblerone with Precision

There is definitely a simpler method to break off those delectable triangles of Toblerone, despite the fact that we may have previously believed there is no incorrect way to consume the chocolate bar. at least in accordance with the experts. Most likely, you've been cutting off bits and pulling them outside.

This frequently results in disorganized pieces and can be difficult. Get a flawless, delicious chocolate chunk by pushing the piece toward the bar.

How to Eat a Toblerone with Precision.jpg?format=webp@Draconos_2/

Sandwich with cupcake

Who would have guessed that cupcakes would make excellent sandwiches? A cupcake can occasionally be an imbalanced treat because of the thick icing on top and the dry batter underneath. So why not have a cupcake as a sandwich? Cut the cupcake in half through the centre to begin, or you can simply twist the top half from the bottom half with your hands.

In order to sandwich the icing, flip the bottom half of the cupcake over and set it on top.

Sandwich with cupcake.jpg?format=webp@PresidentMcCheese/

How to correctly slice bread

When you cut bread from the top, it's not always easy to slice it. Flip the bread upside down, and you'll see how easily you can now slice it.

How to correctly slice bread.jpg?format=webp@33 Everyday Things You’ve Been Doing All Wrong/BRIGHT SIDE/

Free up your hands

Lacking hands to hold your fast food and enjoy snacks? Take a box and place it on your cup holder. The key is to make sure it stays in place by fitting the box onto the straw, as shown in the photo. This way, you'll secure your snacks and free up your hands.

Free up your hands.jpg?format=webp@Things You Never Realized You're Doing Wrong/BE AMAZED/

Staple remover

When you need to remove keys from a keychain, we often end up breaking our nails, and sometimes even resort to using our teeth, which can be dangerous. Take a staple remover and open the ring - voilà, you can easily retrieve the keys without much effort or hassle.

Staple remover.jpg?format=webp@33 Everyday Things You’ve Been Doing All Wrong/BRIGHT SIDE/


Getting chips out of a round box can be tricky, as your hand always seems to get stuck. Take a piece of paper, fold it in half, and carefully place it in the box so that the chips are on the paper. Pull out the paper, and the chips will be easily accessible.

Chips.jpg?format=webp@Things You Never Realized You're Doing Wrong/BE AMAZED/


Mascara can become clumpy when it dries out, so be careful - not to leave it out to dry and avoid exerting pressure on the bottle when using it. Additionally, that may dry it out, resulting in clumpier mascara and frustration.

pexels-karolina-grabowska-4938457 (1).jpg?format=webp

Ketchup Heinz

Sometimes life is difficult. You've had a difficult day at work, you and your partner have fought, and your pals are too busy to discuss it. You simply want to unwind, have a calm evening, and enjoy a meal alone. Then, the icing on the cake: the bottle of ketchup won't open.

It can be alluring (and therapeutic) to slam the ketchup bottle bottom as hard as you can, but that might not be the best strategy for success. The circular "57" sticker is the right size and placement on a Heinz ketchup bottle. Enjoy it after a few good taps.

Depositphotos_174659556_L (1).jpg?format=webp


Oranges make a great snack because they're tasty, healthy, and entertaining to consume. However, when you're through, there's juice all over, and you're sticky. There is a more effective method that minimizes mess and makes the entire process simpler.

The orange can then be easily pulled open after being cut at the top and bottom. The orange will be easy to unwrap, and the skin can be used to keep everything together. 

Oranges.jpg?format=webp@HOW to PEEL an ORANGE - You've been doing it wrong/Steve Owens/


Dishwashers can save you a lot of time, but only if you know how to use them properly. It may seem simple to stack everything in the dishwasher, but doing it correctly may make life much simpler and ensure that everything is as clean as possible.

Keep an eye on the direction the spray is coming from and make sure nothing is blocking the detergent dispenser. To obtain the greatest wash, direct the spray onto the dirtier items.

pexels-castorly-stock-3829549 (1).jpg?format=webp


Simple to use, just put everything in the blender and turn it on. You'll have a smoothie after letting it run for a few minutes. Simple, yes? There isn't much else to say.

However, if you put the liquids in first, you may prevent your blender from getting stuck and ensure that your smoothie is as smooth as it can be. In this manner, the solid will be pulled down by the motion of the blades, distributing everything more evenly.

pexels-yaroslav-shuraev-8845103 (1).jpg?format=webp

Clothing Hooks

Moving can be a significant inconvenience, so anyone who is moving will appreciate any tip that helps make the process even a little bit simpler. Your clothing hangers can be useful when moving your garments in a number of different ways. 

Take a plastic chain, hook it onto the hook of a hanger, and then confidently attach another hanger to the chain, and so on, several times. You can easily move your wardrobe that way.

Clothing Hooks.jpg?format=webp@What To Do With Hangers: Easy Tips, Hacks, and Tricks with Video/Chas' Crazy Creations/

The Coca-Cola Company

Coca-Cola is widely available and undeniably wonderful. It is among the most widely consumed sodas in the world for a reason. However, there are numerous more applications for the beverage. Some people drink it to calm an upset stomach, although Coca-acidity Cola's also makes it good for other purposes.

Some people use it to clean porcelain, tiles, and to get rid of rust. Although it may sound unusual, many individuals really believe in it.

The Coca-Cola Company.jpg?format=webp@POUR Coke in Your Toilet and WATCH WHAT HAPPENS!!/Clean With Confidence/

Restroom seat covers

When you're out in the real world, necessity can strike. If the only alternative is a filthy public restroom, it might not be convenient, but sometimes you really have to go.

The difference that toilet seat covers can make is significant, but what should you do with the handle once you've removed them for use? Consider leaving the handle near the front of the toilet, which will make it simpler to flush. Some people try to fit it in the back of the toilet or even take it off completely.

Restroom seat covers.jpg?format=webp@LloydChristmas1/

Tic Tac

Tic Tac has the disadvantage of spilling out when you need one or two.

But we spied on the Internet one trick how to avoid it. One Tic Tac can be dispensed from the lid of the pack by turning it over.

Bic Tacs.jpg?format=webp@[deleted]/

Сrock pots

Although it requires patience, a slow cooker is a terrific way to make a dinner with the least amount of work. There's a good reason it's called a slow cooker.

A slow cooker works by trapping the heat, so checking it regularly is a terrific method to let it all out. Your dish will cook more evenly if more heat is trapped and if it is trapped over a longer period of time. 

Depositphotos_26138441_L (1) (1).jpg?format=webp

Bobby pins

Some things in life appear so basic that we can learn them on our own. One such thing is using a hairpin. How difficult can it be? So we just dive in without bothering to learn how it's done.

Sadly, that means that some of us are performing even the most basic tasks improperly. Many people face the bumpy side of hairpins downward, but it is the incorrect way to do it. Your hair pins will stay in much more easily if you face the bumpy side up.

Depositphotos_191552060_L (1).jpg?format=webp


It can be difficult to keep your food cold and your cold dinners cold. But you can always grab a common object like a sponge and make an instant ice pack whenever you need one. Simply place a clean sponge in a plastic bag, fill it with water, and freeze it.

The iced sponge will endure for a very long period. All you need to do is make sure the sponge you use is new and clean, and that the bag you use is watertight.

Sponges.jpg?format=webp@10 Sponge Tricks Life Hacks/Easy Tricks & Hacks/

Lifesaving Lollipop Stick

Many people would have seen the tiny hole in the lollipop stick at the end. If you haven't already, look at the end of the stick the next time you have a lollipop (any sort, as they all share this feature). That's not a whistle, either. It's a hole that can save lives and is necessary for manufacturing.

The candy sticks to the stick and fills the hole when the liquid candy is poured, preventing it from falling off and becoming caught in your throat.

Lifesaving Lollipop Stick.jpg?format=webp@Why Lollipop Sticks Have Holes + 20 Sweet Facts/BRIGHT SIDE/


The ultimate test will be whether or not you can move the food from high-heat to low-heat areas of the grill. Yes, not all of the grill's components are the same. In actuality, different places experience varying degrees of heat, so you should arrange your meals properly.

In order to prevent burning, it is also worth holding your meal over some of the hot regions on the grill rather than placing it there directly.

Depositphotos_147850269_L (1) (1).jpg?format=webp


Blocking the vents or overcrowding your freezer will cause the dreaded freezer burn. Food won't freeze at the optimum temperature if you place it in front of the freezer vents since the airflow won't be as efficient.

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Machine For Washing

Always choose a cold water cycle when choosing a washing cycle because it is least likely to damage your garments.

You want to give the garments room to soak, so don't fill your machine more than two-thirds of the way. Finally, to prevent mold growth in the washing machine after you've finished using it, leave the door open.

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Everyone is aware that wearing sunscreen is a good idea, especially if going to the beach. But incredibly little of this necessary substance is used! Simply putting on sunscreen before going to the beach is insufficient. Every two hours, doctors advise reapplying sunscreen.

Additionally, they advise applying sunscreen with a minimum SPF of 30, as anything less just won't offer sufficient protection. 

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Vacuum robot

Robotic vacuums are not meant to completely replace regular vacuuming. Rather, they are intended to maintain a home in between thorough cleanings. Bear in mind that your robot vacuum is still a robot and will likely overlook some areas.

pexels-cottonbro-studio-4107248 (1).jpg?format=webp

Paper Towels

The long-running argument about how to position the toilet paper roll has been settled. The proper way to use toilet paper is "over," not "under." The rationale is that it is more hygienic and farther away from the wall when the toilet paper is "over" the roll.

Paper Towels.jpg?format=webp@SonictheManhog/ 


A lot of individuals store their toothbrushes in their medical cabinets or cover them with a piece of plastic after using them.

Unfortunately, what they're actually doing is putting moist material in a sealed, dark environment, which can breed some terrible bacteria. Instead, let your toothbrush outside so it may dry naturally. 

pexels-castorly-stock-3654607 (1).jpg?format=webp

Athletic Shoes

One of the first skills you pick up as a child is tying your shoes, and after you get the hang of it, most people don't bother with it again. But there are some extra steps you may take to achieve better results when it comes to running shoes.

Running shoes have additional holes that can be utilized to tighten the laces. Although you can tie the shoes without them, blisters are less likely to develop if your running shoes fit snugly.

Athletic Shoes .jpg?format=webp@How to lace up sneakers/Highsnobiety/

Vehicle Headrests

If you've ever been a restless passenger waiting for your driver to calm down in a car, you may have fiddled with the headrests and learned an odd fact: if you pull them up, they come right off. It seems somewhat pointless. Why would one take the headrest out?

There is one specific reason why you might want to do this: if you ever get stuck in a car, these detachable headrests can be used to shatter a window in an emergency. Be cautious, and I hope you never need this information, but keep it in mind!

Vehicle Headrests.jpg?format=webp@Breaking out of a car with the headrest/Mike Stanek/

Bag appliques

There are small elements all around us that we regularly disregard because we assume they are merely aesthetic or because we have grown accustomed to them to the point where we are unaware of their true purpose. Perhaps you have already observed a similar element on certain backpacks: the diagonal leather patch.

No more enigmas! You may attach your hiking gear, your running shoes, and any other equipment you might need while you're out and about to these, which are typically on backpacks designed for use in the great outdoors.

Bag appliques.jpg?format=webp@What that square patch on your backpack is actually used for/Insider Business/

Pasta Spoons

Everyone who has ever cooked pasta has experienced this: after selecting the ideal serving size, you discover you have too much spaghetti. When you prepare pasta, it always expands, and you risk having way too much or, worse, just a little bit more but not enough to freeze.

A spaghetti ladle's tiny hole can come to your rescue. It gives you the precise amount for a supper for one and can be used to calculate how much pasta you should make.

Pasta Spoons.jpg?format=webp@doyoubleednow/

Condition Initial

The experts advise against putting your conditioner on your scalp first. When using conditioner correctly, you should start at the bottom of your hair, where it is the driest, most damaged, and has split ends, and work your way up. You run the risk of getting your scalp and roots greasy if you start at the top.

Depositphotos_115429932_L (1) (1).jpg?format=webp

Using a Wooden Spoon for Pasta

A wooden spoon balanced across a pot of pasta cooking can stop the water from boiling over and making a messy, unattractive mess all over our stovetop. It's so simple that it nearly seems miraculous.

When a dry wooden spoon touches a surface that repels water, the bubbles become unstable, and the boiling water retreats. As a result, the wooden spoon's temperature, which is significantly lower than 100°C, helps to pop the bubbles and cause the foam to retreat.

Using a Wooden Spoon for Pasta.jpg?format=webp@slokotkov/

Tissue Paper

Packing wrinkle-prone clothing for a vacation can be made easier by sandwiching it between sheets of tissue paper.

Any wrinkles won't become permanent on the clothing thanks to the tissue paper. If you haven't recently received any gifts, you can accomplish the same task with dry cleaning bags and obtain the same outcome.

Tissue Paper.jpg?format=webp@How to package items you sell online / Selling clothing Etsy, Ebay Poshmark/Rockabilly Raven Vintage/